[Movie]Third Star

G(For all ages)
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Hattie Dalton
Kelly Broad Vaughan Sivell
Margaret Matheson Nigel Thomas Pauline Burt Kate Crowther Charlotte Walls
Paul Higgins
Kate Dain Adam Robertson
Carlos Catalán
Richard Campling Johnny Campling
Peter Christelis
Stephen Hilton
Marianne Agertoft
Tom Burke Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Benedict Cumberbatch Satoshi Mikami
J. J. Feild Miyamoto takahiro
Hugh Bonneville
Rupert Frazer
Helen Griffin
Karl Johnson
Nia Roberts
Eros Vlahos
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Japan Released:2013/10/26(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2010
Official sites
1. https://eiga.com/movie/78962/ (Translation)
2. https://www.star-ch.jp/channel/detail.php?movie_id=28397 (Translation)
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