[Movie]The Water Horse

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Movie rank of 2008 Rank 152in 171 titles
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Robert Nelson Jacobs
James Newton Howard
Pete Anthony Brad Dechter
Oliver Stapleton
Barrie.M.Osborne Charles Newirth
WETA Digital
John Bloomfield
Mark Warner
Emily Watson
Ben Chaplin
David Morrissey
Brian Cox
Japan Released:2008/02/01(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2007/12/25
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2015/04/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10497 Host:10505 Browser: 4721
Well ... it was a boring work. Better yet it might have been enjoyable if you dress up like an exaggeratingly fantasy, but reluctant halfway reality leads to a somber impression.

The hero accidentally picks up the egg of a mysterious beast called Water Horse and exchanges with a mysterious creature will influence the boy 's heart - what is heartwarming content.
But why? If you read only the synopsis, it seems to be fantasy and exciting, but if you actually look at it, it looks similar to such an image but it does not resemble a somewhat modest picture.

Neither is a dramatic scene when the large stone picked up at the lake is found to be an egg or when the water hose Crusoe was born.
That's not all.
Put water in the trash box at the beginning, and Crusoe who should have kept there will be missing. As soon as Crusoe had moved freely to the mansion, it will become apparent, but until this scene the audience should have impressed the hero's anxiety by [absence of Crusoe].
Nevertheless, I will tilt my head to reflect the Crusoe without leaving a lot of time.

Moreover, the body of Crusoe that appeared in that way was rapidly growing.
Usually, I think that it is effective as attraction of grown-up Crusoe, after pulling the absence of Crusoe and emotionally introducing viewers to the anxiety of the hero. You can bring relief and surprise at the same time.

Indeed, I feel that the directing of the work is overly indifferent to the theme of Water Horse.
Of course, because I am an amateur with respect to directing, I do not say that the director I mentioned is correct, but as for me, the production of this work is boring.
Even just a hero is introverted, I wonder if it can do that much.

2010/02/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2969 Host:2613 Browser: 10169
It was quite a while ago but the boy who saw it on DVD picked up the egg and the egg was a dinosaur egg and it was a terrible setting Well the story was good, but what was that egg? Without knowing why the eggs were falling, the story went on its own way and was really meaningless. The picture was clear and it was good, but the lack of explanation would not do anything.
Well it was a movie to watch when I wanted to impress, I regret absolutely when I expect a story (lol)
As other people say, this is an oversea version of "Nobita's Dinosaur", but "Nobita's dinosaurs" is more touched. Waterhorse was not seen with much emotion.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If you have time, you can see it but you did not see it again.

2009/06/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31926 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Everything is common and everything is incomplete and everything smells lies.
It does not matter how this is a lie or a real story.
If it was a real story I had to draw a little more in reality.
Everything got stupid because of entertainment.
The relationship with the most crucial Nessie has not been conveyed so much and the last development is unconditional because it is universal and there is no touching even if it is a parting scene.
The end has come back and I'm trying too many aims so I can understand the lie.
The first one was funny and the scene chased by the dog was still good, but in the end I was thin with just the feeling.
There was no cohesion just by putting out the development and saving opportunistic settings I saw somewhere.