[Movie]The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Movie rank of 1975 Rank 3in 30 titles
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Jay Parsley
Tobe Hooper Lou Peraino
Kim Henkel)
Wayne Bell
Daniel Pearl
Robert A. Burns
J. Larry Carroll Salli Richardson
Bryanston Pictures Nihon Helarud Eiga
Marilyn Burns Akiko Izumi Sakai Kyoko
Allen Danziger Hiroya Ishimaru
Paul A. Partain Yousuke Akimoto Masao Komaya
William Vail Hideyuki Tanaka Huminori Komatsu
Teri McMinn Hiroko Takahashi NATSUKI MORI
Edwin Neal Takeshi Aono Yutaka Aoyama
Jim Siedow Yoshisada Sakaguchi
Gunnar Hansen Hideki Fukushi Toshifumi Nakabayashi
John Dugan Takeo Ono
Jerry Green Daisuke Gori
John Bernard Larroquette
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Japan Released:1975/02/01(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1974/10/04
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2016/07/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
From the part that I think was good before.
I think that the attitude of expressing fear without showing the grotesque description as much as possible is good.
Especially the bird's feathers and the scene of the room where the bones fell, I think that the eerie feeling has come out well.

It's a part I felt bad from here and there ...
Persistently clinging to the uninhabited house and getting on the door or the like is an unavoidable part as an introduction to the horror world but it is still divisible but it is only possible to scream a bit in the place running away in the dark but keep on shouting loudly and last The driver who passed by accident happened to run the car as it was and did not escape or the clan who crazy crazy in the last stage was falling down in a way that they were falling down in a pitiful way and there were quite a few parts to worry about.

After that I could not keep up with the end of the story. I can not smile to appear as a gag ....

I thought that I am a little like the sensibility of Heisei. Evaluation is "bad".

2016/04/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4837 Host:5104 Browser: 5171
Toby which continues to keep on the "horror" genre still now but still keeps on the "horror" genre Although it is a commercial film debut work by Director Hooper ... Oddly, it has been over 40 years old "classic existence", influenced by this work Even a lot of epigoneens have been seen to the point of rotting, but it is overwhelmingly more scary than those subsequent works, it is interesting though it is a hooper work which is registered as an individual blacklist as a "director with many hits" from anything more than anything.
Having a horror movie that even remembers certain "emotion" after watching, is not this work unique?

"The young people who came back to the country goes on to the victims of the murderer one by one" - But, it is a simple plot with no drama nature alone, but the eye of the user is displayed on the screen for 83 minutes It is because the whole movie is dominated by the "primitive insanity", exactly because it has the power enough to make it nailed. Not only the character setting of the characters but also everything from the actor's high-tension high-level play acting, to the staff's sense sense seen in camera work and art set etc., is intensely "crazy" ... As for the horror movies that brought the energetic feeling up to here, I can only imagine around HG Lewis' s "2000 madman".

In addition, because of poor know-how of commercial movies, a number of video expressions that can not be caught by existing methodologies, which is possible because it is a new coach who is not out of the "movie youth" area, sublimates directly to the directing that arouses the fear of the audience I could not help feeling the extraordinary talent of Hoover director. I feel that Sally 's screaming up that is about to be presented as a sacrifice of a daughter is overwhelmed with countless cuts and shoots it like a crazy scene. I will be creepy at the bottom of my heart.
In terms of 'strange energies derived from amateur spirit', Sam took 'Sorrow of the Dead Spirit' Sam. There is a thing that goes with the director Raimi, but the "evil spirit" encompassed the humorist spirit, while the "devil Because those of you are colored "Yaba Sasa" from beginning to end.

Of course, there is no reason not to have a neck. It feels redundant in the scene where abducts Sally who crawls the crawl father rushed and feels redundant, and it is all right to leave the trailer's lucky car, which appeared as a "savior" at the climax, to start as it is, with Sally Sequences that escape from the pursuit of leather face together looks like a snake feat anyway. Despite having such a difficult point, although there is also a tremendousness of this work around "Ki 〓〓〓Guy Frequency" which does not cause a slight blur.

It also scattered the artistic design everywhere, such as the monument of a carcass decorated as if it is a "work of art" or the strange "beauty" of a leather face wielding a chainsaw in the dawn, It is functioning effectively as one of the factors to push up to masterpiece.
However, having made "the best masterpiece" in the debut work may be Director Tobey's "greatest unhappiness".

2016/03/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7828 Host:7725 Browser: 5171
A movie like this, nobody can create anymore.
This is a word that passed the mind when I watched this work.

The story starts with a case where an object of corpse is created by revealing the tomb in Texas, where the tomb and the sheriff gather in the cemetery.

In fact, when you look through, you leather face to lower the hammer to the man who entered the house, leather face stab the stomach to the dying prey,
A victim carried to the back of the door, a room with chickens scattered human bones, a woman hanging on the leather face scratched by claws,
Leather face to dismantle prey killed by chainsaw, woman who jumps out of rattling box, woman restrained by chair made of corpse,
A leather face family chatting in front of a lady, etc., a negative aura oozing out from a door closed by a leather face and a scream of a woman who does not stop by continuous unpleasant images is also outrageous.

In addition, the woman who escaped from the house was struck by one of the family on the track which passed the place where the leather face was being chased, the leather face chasing a woman and a driver cut his own leg with a chainsaw and bomb suicide Catharsis who succeeded in escape The last 0 was also dyed in a negative aura.

Although the degree of completion of the work is high, the evaluation sounds "very good" as it sounded that it is not a work that can be recommended to others.

2012/08/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7299
"This is a horrible drive of the nightmare, this is the most unusual thing in US crime history ... Texas automatic saw massacre"
Director of Rappa Pants is Tobey of "Poltergeist", Hoover.
The original theme is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
It's been 4 years more open to the public than "Halloween". I wonder if it is a work that can be described as a splatter horror's stupidity. "Psycho" is 60 years, but it does not feel so much splatter.

The cut of the line of sight, the fast cut of the tempo effectively produces the sense of urgency and fear.
I guess it affected de Palma as well.

2012/07/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5738 Host:5643 Browser: 4894
A miracle horror movie that Tobee.Hooper produced from a bad environment. If five male and female gangs pretend to be slaying, if it says, the scenario of class C horror is completed to this terrible and artistic work so far, the director, the staff who was amateur at that time, the total mobilization of casting is about the tears of the sparrow It is because it produced a frenzy of death in the hand of the budget of.
Mr. Berns (who was a running actor at the time) was chased after the leather face in the form of a doggy, jumped off from the second floor and injured without a stunt , Hooper's instructions really hit him with a brush and the clothes that were falling somewhere were bitten instead of gags and were caught for hours on the shooting scene where intense stench drifts ... What a punishment game It is a wonderful actress who played a dirty role like the last to the end. Although there is a scene that goes mad with the dazzling leather face in the last, it seems that shooting ended at that, and it is needless to say that the facial expression at that time was nothing even in acting, it was a gossip crazy.
Although the work itself is an unmistakable masterpiece, after watching the work, watching an audio commentary attached in the DVD or a documentary sold in the market (especially recommended for The Shocking New Truth) creates a movie I can understand how hard it is to do, and I will remember a kind of excitement. I love movies, I recommend you watch it even if you do not like horror.

2010/05/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10654 Host:10778 Browser: 10712
It was a badly horror movie that seemed to be a theme of leather face,
I think that it was a scary movie as usual, apart from whether the 1957 Ed Gain incident was a model.

The story began as a result of the hero's singing out to the drive using the summer vacation, but the appearance of Hitchhiker.Slim released the strong impact first, which implied the tragedy that will arise from now.
That madness that cuts not only his own hand but also Franklin was fresh and fresh in a certain sense. (Bitter smile)
Tomoo Aono's Japanese voiceover voice actor who expressed such a character was also exactly the "God" level. That was wonderful.

And the deployment progressed and finally survived was only Sally, Sally which was stolen by the brothers Hitchhiker mentioned above and his grandfather, and Mr. Akiko Izumi of the cast also said such a serpent The fear of more than a frog was well expressed. If you did not do it, you might have been more scared than the Hitachi Hiker family's assault. (Lol)

Somehow only she could escape and the laughter at that time was also manifested as being an expression of losing the equilibrium of the spirit due to the fear that reached the limit, or there was a distinctive lingering finish, but a hitchie hiker It was honest "?" That my brother 's brother died so much, so what happened to the lucky truck who killed him as a result?
I could not have been murdered by my older brother who was still alive, and I think that it would not be easy to imagine negligent lethal work in business even if she was able to escape, but in a form that got involved It seemed pretty somewhat cute. (Bitter smile)

Although there was a place where the development of the last stage was somewhat caught, although it was nervous that I was nodded specially, I was scared of normal, and I can not ignore the performance of the voice dubbing voice actor's team, even if I deduct that point, it is enough "Ryosaku" I think that it is safe to say.
Evaluation is "good".

2010/02/11 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 10070
[Bad point]

I think that comparing the original with the remake edition is a haphazard but still it is unavoidable that this work seems obsolete because I saw "Texas. Chainsaw" first.
(I also dislike "Texas. Chainsaw" personally)

I was excited about .R designation, but it is certainly a shocking content, but in fact it is a direct bloody or grotesque depiction is fresh.
I got a shoulder watermark on this.

I wrapped my tongue on the impact of the leather face and unexpected agility, but the horrible feeling ruined because of that terrible mask (props of props).
A little inside, you can see it ... w

Last thing is really brief and it is boring.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Just a movie whose woman is gloomy gagging (I admire the superb performances of actors).
Far from being scary it was a very boring movie.

2009/02/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29438 Host:29275 Browser: 3876
From the conclusion it is good to say that this work has no "splatter movie fear".
I am really scared of human beings, "spaces" where mad people who lack social common sense and ethics are present, and I think that it represents that it is an "atmosphere" that it creates.

The "golden pattern of a horror movie" such as leather face, why the crazy family reaches the doomsday, the process until the victims are killed, the catharsis where the victim who was chased up to the last minute reverses is not true in this work.
The man who came to see the state where the woman who crawled into the boro house is hanged by the leather face, hung from the hook, beginning with the absence of the hit hiker that was squid in the early stage is killed by the hammer, the wheelchair man rarely cuts with the chainsaw A woman escaping is caught ... as if he / she is shooting "the whole thing" indifferently (although the depiction should not be egg at all) I am fueling the fears that are no more.

The most iconic scene is a scene where a caught woman is a crazy family and receives 'Hospitality of dinner.'
I ridicule the feeling of fear of a woman, I think that the family that "excites" without permission without being involved symbolizes "the real fear of this work".

After that I think that it is a serpent with a feeling that "I forced it to finish", but I felt leather face dancing with a chainsaw in the last scene is a very beautiful picture unscrupulously.

2008/11/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29416 Browser: 6791(Mobile)
spoiler alert!

When the hero picks up a man with a head hit, I guess he guides this guy to the scuffle but I guess this guy is doing something too dangerous in the car and confused inside the car I let go of the car and got off the car.

And finally here in the exploration of the hero's Horror Horror Hole! This scene in the scene where a couple goes to Ogawa unlike this again.

Then I felt that this men and women saw to receive petrol When they arrived at the yabi house and a man entered, a dangerous person wearing an apron and wearing a mask got caught out and predicted that he would kill him with a hammer It was the beginning of a shocking nightmare that killed as much as possible.

After that it was a continuous nightmare and a young woman pierced from the back into a hook hanging meat. A scene where a woman suffered from a severe pain 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓It is quite exciting I can understand even I am quite excited.

When a woman is forcibly invited to dinner made mainly of sausage made with friends' meat it will be the biggest showroom of this movie, it will be the best black comedy movie at a stroke.

After that, I got the impression that it turned into a comedy movie and the last scene was a smile when I finished watching with the electric no-con dance of the leather face which imitates it by occasionally holding an umbrella, I absolutely saw a person interested It is better to be a cult movie.

The best words of this movie cried Hitchhiker to a 137-year-old wheelchair grandpa, pointing to a tied heroine.

"Grandpa !! I will give this woman !!"

2008/03/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26326 Host:26308 Browser: 5234
[good point]
"Blair Witch" is a peculi of Kore?
It is thought, uncalculated reality. Hand shake which can also be said to be childish.
On the screen full of coarse composition, the development which is abruptly to the contrary, there is reality and the sense of reality.
The first roller coaster to knock out the live impact to the audience is Natural Director Tobey, the top of Hooper (the final destination).

[Bad point]
There will be spectators who do not have a distinctive style.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"very good". Mark full mark, Horror Live style chooses spectators.
However, if you like it, the impact is preeminent. Just horror's live attraction.
Toby is an extinction else, but if you have kore you can forgive.
A monumental shrine in the history of horror movies.

2008/03/18 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4749 Host:4768 Browser: 5234
I listened and heard it was a famous horror, but the screen was too dark, my eyes got tired before fear,
I can not distinguish the slaughter scene well.
It was amazing to play horror with the splatter brothers who joined together, with the eye power of the heroine (?) Su ~ (> _ <) 〓〓〓
It is now a road show prohibition to get cramped with a blunt instrument.
However, in this movie, the impact power of the broom by Osassh is more impact than the chain saw.
Miya thought that Miya was a member of a proper family,
As members who came to the camp, except for brothers and sisters, because there are few dismantling scenes, they can not distinguish clearly as death,
Ma also made a glimpse of the complicated side of the composition of the movie, such as where the convoy driver came over abruptly.
That person, how did it end up in the end?
Anyway, my eyes got tired (-_-)

2007/10/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48218 Host:48138 Browser: 8090
The viewer's eyes always have to be the same as the victim because the mysterious part of what is the staple of homicide demons, why he (she) started to commit a murderer has been cleared all the time. Also, because the murder depiction is taking pictures indoors from a distant landscape, the fear that has come back like a documentary picture and does not say absence does not hurt the murderous demon movie of all places.
Splatter depiction is also unexpectedly modest, and above all, it is overwhelmed by the incomprehensible madness of leather face.
Coming so far, it can be said that the rough screenshots peculiar to low-budget movies are the longest unachievable points of murderer movies that every element has engaged well up to a miraculous degree to the extent that it seems to be a result of advanced calculations.
It proves that the completion of the sequel and remake edition is not far from this first one.
I myself dislike murderers, but this work is exceptional.

Rating: Very good

2006/04/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5792 Host:5704 Browser: 5237
It was more interesting than I expected. It was truly been touched to the end, I was made to watch and be excited without being hesitant.
Is not it a work that draws a clear line with today's horror movies that makes it easy to flatter out splatterly depictions or to surprise the audience with ease by forcefully raising and lowering the volume of music?

An easy setting like a horror 's promise that characters who are going to fear of tragedy tend to narrow their heads by themselves, such as foolish things, is certainly a negative point of a thing feels like a chot Even if I deducted it was full of charm.

As I thought, the madman swing of the leather face had already jumped.
It seems to work indiscriminately against humans as if slaughtered livestock.
By always wearing a mask of leather, I think that it is excellant to set it as an expressionless character that does not feel emotion.
Furthermore, not having to talk a single word till the end increased the dreadfulness of the madman even more.
Leather face which does not treat a person as a person and kills without expressing silently without saying ... This is really scary.

The woman's ability to be aimed at last was also excellent. I think that I was expressing things called fear well.

It is truly amazing that such a masterpiece horror was made in the 70's. Does the movie industry have degenerated in the genre of horror? At least, I think that it is almost the best possible in the horror that I have seen.

2004/06/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37404 Host:37189 Browser: 3875
Fear ... no, crazy movies.
I am modeling a certain case or somehow ...
It is awesome to break through the group among horror movies I have seen.
Although there are few grotesque scenes, it is said that the feeling of fear coming near ...
Come if you like horror.

Incidentally, there are several sequels, but none of them was far reaching 1.