[Movie]The Square

G(For all ages)

Christian is the curator of the X-Royal art museum in Stockholm, formerly the Royal Palace. He is interviewed by the journalist Anne, struggling to explain museum jargon. Later, he is pulled into a confrontation in a pedestrian zone, after which Christian notices that his smartphone and wallet are missing, presumably stolen in a confidence trick. He is able to track the position of his phone on his computer, which he and his assistant Michael trace to a large apartment block. They write a threatening anonymous letter demanding the return of the phone and wallet by depositing them at a nearby 7-Eleven. Christian throws a copy of the letter in each apartment mailbox at night. Several days later, a package for Christian is actually deposited at the store, containing the phone and the completely untouched wallet.
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Ruben Östlund
Erik Hemmendorff Philippe Bober
Tomas Eskilsson Agneta Perman Dan Friedkin Bradley Thomas
Fredrik Wenzel
Josefin Asberg
Sofie Krunegård Jacob Secher Schulsinger
Claes Bang
Elisabeth Moss
Dominic West
Terry Notary
Japan Released:2018/04/28(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2017/08/25
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1. http://www.transformer.co.jp/m/thesquare/ (Translation)
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