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Stephen Daldry
Kate Winslet Ralph Fiennes Bruno Ganz
Japan Released:2009/06/19(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2009/01/02
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2015/11/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21953 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Kate, famous for that "Titanic", was a love affair that starred the winterslet.

Michael. Berg was a very ordinary 15-year-old boy, although the main character was Germany in 1958, nearly half a century ago from now, the condition was somewhere in the middle of school from the school I am 21 years older Hannah who helped me get worse. I am in love with Schmidz.

Three months later, Michael who has recovered from illness safely does not want to visit Hannah 's house with a bouquet with a thank you then, but I will certainly like to thank him every time. As Michael was not supposed to be in McAlways, I thought that Hannah was a Shotakon, as I was supposed to be holding a bath after having helped with carrying coal and the body was full of soot, but in reality In the past, he kept the Nazi camp and kept secrets hidden. He was charged in prison for being imprisoned for imprisonment. In the meantime, the hero proceeded to law school and became a lawyer Having experienced marriage and divorce, there was something that made us feel the passage of time by drawing the difference between both. Although it was a different love affair, I think that it was a good work.

Although it is an evaluation, I will assume it is "good".

2014/01/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
It was a strange romance talk of a mature woman who had a hidden past with Michael, a 15 - year - old boy (Michael in German reading), but the performance of the casting person was good either way.

The former was not a handsome but I felt somewhat clumsiness somewhere was stinky,
Fierce acting, when the latter was approaching the core and eroticism shown in the love scene,
I think it was exquisite that the playfulness of seriousness and painfully transmitted seriousness were exceptional.

Its core is actually a mature woman Hanna is a guardsman of the Nazis, seven years since the first encounter,
It was somewhat abounding that it was a memory of youth while fighting but it was a memorable experience of youth but the latter half turned around and became a form of a heavy trial drama. In fact it was illiteracy, it was supposed to have been sentenced to a lighter prison sentence than to prison, but she was imprisoned indefinitely from pride, but not only from Hannah but also from her attendance at her attendance she was abused as "Nazi" etc. Other defendants, including perpetrators, who tried to impose responsibilities to her, and the perpetrators, I can understand how both the victims were desperately deeply wounded, such as World War II and the Holocaust, how to scratch the wounds quickly.

In the end Hannah had chosen such "ending", and it seemed that his way of life was somewhat unlikely to be superior to the main character of Japan's "I want to be a shellfish". However, the listeners and the other defendants also said, "It is nothing to think only of their own self"
It may be easy to abuse, but even if it fulfills the "purpose" of "accusing Hannah"
That wound will never be completely healed forever. Hannah also asked the judge questions like "What if you were in a position like me?"
You should think about thinking that each of us is also a question for ourselves.

Although their love eventually ended up being unrequited, Michael (Michael)
For those of you who had someone to talk about "irreplaceable memories" with Hannah, there were things saved still ... ... It was a conclusion that I thought. Although it could be said that it is a contemporary German subject,
I think that it was a masterpiece of a human drama such as "the" unnecessaryness of face-to-face ".
Evaluation is "very good".

2013/12/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23204 Host:23027 Browser: 7861
Kate Winslet 's acting skill was very high, I felt a pressing thing.
The story goes frantically and is a story of her and the youth Michael's flesh and love.
Michael is overwhelmed by the facts revealed in the late stages, but Hannah 's life was painful and painful beyond that.
It is not just a love story but a heavy content including a heavy theme.

2013/01/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20874 Host:20645 Browser: 5345
The first half where a 15-year-old boy adores to a woman who is older and becomes a prisoner of lust.
Michael who became a law student after eight years passed by accidently listened to Hannah 's trial, and in the latter half of anguish that he could not decide his actions.
And lastly, the expectations and conflicts until the two people who have taken so much a year reunite.

It is a young drama of a young boys' line of sight often until Hannah dazzles me, but I change my mind at the moment when the word Nazi comes out.
Mikael can not catch Hannah after all, watching Hannah whose color has declined at age 43 from far away, surprisingly surprised in the past knowing for the first time, suffering from the facts emerging from the relationship with him, after all.

There are many developments that have trauma without being able to build a position of equality in romance with older women and healing boys without having sufficient capacity to comprehend, but unexpected elements of Auschwitz-related crime It is rare to draw plus.
Michael is totally overwhelmed with out of this unexpected case that it is no longer wondering how to end the relationship, and originally heavily loaded. It is interesting to describe various reactions of people in court over the case with conclusion and unilaterally proceeding. And, as a result, good memories of a boyhood who was soiled. If you meet Hanna over there and exchange words, that memory will no longer die. The tears Michael has shed are tingeless.

Michael, who is divorced from his wife and distance from her daughter, blows a reading into the tape, and in response to that, Hannah memorizes letters and writes letters. The climax is wonderful. Pinpoint and carefully stretched hints are collected, such as Hanna's commitment to the fact that reward with a reward and "Boy" with the first half, illiteracy of the second half.

Reading has physical strength. And it is a huge amount. I wonder what it is not warm love for people. A tape that regularly arrives will be a hope to support Hannah who is subject to imprisonment penal servitude. However, Michael has no margin to consider Hannah's feelings as a single woman in his unfailing feelings of his own love and sympathy.
Michael's footsteps towards Hannah's visit are heavy. And Hannah 's intercession was a desperation beyond disappointment.

What did you learn from the past?
It is too cruel and insensitive.
One of Michael's attitudes, gestures, and serifs brutally outruns her and confronts the reality that he can never accept her.

Michael could not have forgiven Hannah.
Perhaps Hannah may have been refracted beyond pride.
Hannah may have held up because he got hope by reading the tape.
But if Michael did not read it, Hannah would not have been hurt like that.

Two people who started only from a relationship that can not be publicized and could only hurt.
A sad work depicting the mistakes of those two people.

2012/04/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 4895
Just licking it with just a love affair came out.
It was wonderful and I thought that it would be such a movie except for works like images, actions, entertainment, and so on.
Content, there is a story, there is depictions of emotions and it makes me think variously after I have finished watching.
There is no proper answer, 10 people coming back if there are 10 people.

In the first half and latter half the work style changes with lala, the first one is romance centered, there are many sensual scenes and erotic scenes but not all the erotic scenes but the first half part is all hints .
Why you made a sudden etch Why why you read the book Why you were crying, etc. It will be understood there for the first time only after it is connected in the second half.
There is also a sense of pull for the second half, but there may be some mysterious mysterious girls attracted to her, and there is a thought that the boy became an adult and knew about it for the first time and did not know anything about her is there.

Erotic scene of the first half was also well done and it got erotic, but at first it is thought whether middle-aged woman with frustration with frustration only relationship with boy, difference of values 〓〓〓〓〓f middle-aged woman and boy or erotic scene Even if it makes the contents of it, even if the lady leads and the eyes are from the top even if it passes, the boy is rapidly coming out with young and full of energy, but such is unpleasant and painful It was sweet though I thought that it is better to be with the girls of generation and the viewpoint of people and opinion disagree on the fact that the boy and the woman are not sure well but all come from the difference of the year.
Because the woman had troubles and problems, in a good sense I went beyond my ideas with a series of betrayal in stages or development.

I think that various impressions will come out, but although I personally thought of the pure love of these two people, it is clumsy in a sense, it does not go well at all, eventually it has resulted in the worst result It was real, realistic and painful, and it felt in my heart.
Some people say they come back to the prison but do not meet and return home on the way, watching over silently tears without trying to protect her during the trial, this is betrayed by her But, I do not think so, it may be because I did not say it during the trial I will be humiliated her, because she does not change her sins somehow, so the words of a boy who was taking the same lecture There was a hint, too, because I had the same thought at the bottom of my heart I could not protect. (Admitting her deeds as shelter)
When finally met in prison, what did you learn with the line of the hero? She says that she learned a character.
There was also a difference in the way of thinking, she was also attracted by the hero with pure love, so that line will be, but the hero was expecting something like an apology to killing 300 people May.

Something that I came back without seeing at the time of visiting has complicated thought that it does not understand even if there is not explanation painfully.
There will also be weakness of the hero, and there will be some more now, I wonder if she is being hated because she went out from her, I wonder if she remembers her or whether that kind of fear or help at the time of the trial There are also some self-responses.
The appearance of her waiting for an opportunity and the appearance of the hero who came home without meeting her was pretty fucking.

Although I could not meet but there was a desire to do something and I was happy to listen to the tape I read aloud but it was already too late already took too old or too old and passionate love also cooled down as a boy I think that there was only something like Tsunaga that was gone.
I could not say anything about closing the drawer with my feet or not writing a reply of a letter.

Although I had a chance to see it all the while I could not meet, the scene that I finally met at the end finally got numb and it seemed like I was old though it looked old but I thought it was not a look but it was my first time to see pure love.

However, her person tries to grab the hero's hand, but the hero gently releases his hand.
Things like a position of love were replaced with those when he was a boy, and the hero had only a sympathy.
I've painted her with a high pride so far, which she could not accept at all.
And inviting the worst result, visiting her prison, the hero also notices.
In the past I loved so much and that there was love.
So at the end, I tell my daughter the first time for her love affair.

I might have gone well if my mind is incorrect or somewhere obediently being able to train, leave, to forgive or forgive somewhere, but there is a realistic content and a wall there conveniently It was not.

When love comes to the center, the other depictions tend to be thin, but there was no persistence because there was not a single one and the scene of the trial was also good.
For example, it is not a reason why the murder had an intention or whether there was a reason for not opening the key properly, because there is a thought of her position in complex at that time, it is real, I can convince the judge Although it was not, the viewer knows.

After that Kate, Branchett's performance is outstanding, not to mention it, from the scene that helps the first boy, the boy is peeping in and watching this scene, the erotic scene, the scene that admits the crime, the scene that becomes the grandma one by one One is appealing, there is a presence, facial expression appeals.
Looking at me is communicated as a lily, so I can understand the feelings of the boy and it was just the best cast.
I definitely started up a person in this script and brought a weight to make the speech meaningful.

I often say pure love, but I thought that it is true pure love that it is not pure love just to make love, but I can not confess such a thing like this.