[Movie]The Other Guys

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Movie rank of 2011 Rank 87in 192 titles
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Adam McKay Mark Wahlberg Eva Mendes Michael Keaton
Japan Released:2011/08/20(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2010
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2015/10/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21953 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
At first glance I was surprised to see that Samuel.L. Jackson was appearing as though it was a B class movie, but a so-called bad criminal combination involved the financial community and the police, It was a comedy work with content like raising.

Samuel. L. Jackson's high-smith and his companion Danson's criminal combination plays in a Hollywood action film nice gesture with a flashy car chase and a gun battle chasing the criminal Although he was praised by being called a hero from the citizen of New York in the way he went to, he eventually misunderstood as an American comic hero and jumped from the 20th floor on the roof of the building , Joe jumping from the battle, but the presence of Samuel L. Jackson was as lively as it was, but it was feeling unsatisfactory that there was not such a big position as much You did it.

Nonetheless, I think that it was finished in such a fine work overall.

Finally, although it will be an evaluation of this work, I will make it saying "Good".

2015/08/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2585 Host:2616 Browser: 8844
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Buddy thing comedy action movie If you have seen it until now you are similar to the title hot fuzz like us super polisen

Because it took more time than I thought until I got honest I was watching while watching as if I should see it seriously or laughed like a hot fuzz while watching

I never felt that I could not laugh It is skipping from the beginning Especially the hero detective scene will die I wonder if it will die in there! Laughing I thought that I would jump off the building and take a cool action Jump off my own coolly and die normally

However, this movie I was late for laughter Somehow after the scene was over ... There was a gap ... I felt it was boring, but the investigation of the incident was firmly dealing with criminal justice Action scene is not as refreshing as compared with other action movies ... It was not fun as much as the other action movie ... Although it was still a funny thing that was still blown away by an explosion with an explosion and a movie blew up at a close distance I love the scene shouting though it is fine!

What I should say is that the ratio is not beautiful as this movie comedy action thing There is no gag that penetrated as much as comedy and the manly scenes like the action were not felt as much as actions But the criminal drama comedy I got caught in the package!

I never thought it was bad so I would like to compliment you more, but since I will only listen to gag scenes when I try to praise it, I stop chucking it and I am the first Mark Well Bark in this movie

Will. Ferrel is also my first time but when I look at my career it seems like a comedy actor so there seems to be a chance to see it again Acting like this person 's multiple personality It was funny I was scared at a scene to interrogate especially Watching while suddenly falling apart It was

It will be an introduction that is somewhat unbalanced, but it was interesting, but I guess I would not recommend trying to increase expectations