[Movie]The Lovely Bones

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Peter Jackson
Mark Wallberg Rachel Weisz Susan Sarandon
Paramount Pictures Japan
Japan Released:2010/01/29(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2010/01/15
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1. http://www.lovelyb.jp/ (Translation)
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2011/12/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5379
Alice 's making Sebold' s original novel a movie. I draw the reproduction of the soul of those who are left behind.
A story till the salmon (Siaiah. Ronan) goes to heaven though the girl who was killed, it is an impression like the story of searching for a criminal from the strength of existence of the culprit, George. Hervey (Stanley. Tucci) by all means To the last minute. After the criminal is caught, she will be able to go to heaven only after the dead body of Susie is found, I will see a shoulder watching as watching with the viewer's common values.
Since Susie died, her family became disjointed from being unable to accept her death, and her father Jack. Salmon (Mark Wahlberg) became morbidly searching for the criminal. As a result, evidence of the criminal will be found by Susie's sister, Lindsay. Salmon (Rose Mc Iver), but it does not lead to the place where you catch the criminal. Many others also appeared and acted variously in various ways, but basically it only plays a role as each daily life to accept that Susie died, a big impact on the development of the story itself It does not give.
Susie himself is not convinced in various ways, but is concerned about living people and makes choices that give priority over what he left behind.
Perhaps a person who has seen the outcome can not be made clear. Regardless of its consequences, as well as Suzy and his family, you will be able to sense that you must take her "death" itself and proceed. This work places emphasis on accepting such "death". On the contrary, because of that, the episodes of the characters have spread thinly, so it has become a work without a strong impression and lingering overall.

2010/12/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15254
It was wonderful.
Personally I love these works.
It is a work that can not be convinced for those who wish to have such a predefined deployment, scheduled harmony, or refreshing way of doing things like that.
However, if you do it from yourself, that kind of work is boring, and even if you agree with that moment it will be a work that will never remain in memory.

It is a little different from what I also thought, and although it will come out somewhat of anxious things if I look forward to anticipating suspense, puzzle, revenge, etc., I wanted to say the center of this work That which I wanted is not there so I do not care about that.
It was a bit of astonishment for America to make such a work, and after all, it has a unique world view that is unexpected personally, the individual expression method and the work to convey what you want to say is great Favorite.

First of all, if you mention the things that you wanted to do with this work and the wonderful thing, it is a happy thing for a family to start with the fact that a girl of a hero decides to be watching by a family member or a baby of first love and watching near you I assume that the audience is convinced.
So I also sympathized with myself and it seemed to be convinced but I am teaching that it is not the case.
I will tie down my family left to be near me and lead my family to collapse.
So there are lines of speech to make it free in girls' speech.

In other words, what I would like to say is to accept that the leftover family walks forward and accepts the world where I am no longer dead.
If the family is happy it can be said that it is okay, the main character is dropped in the hole and it can not be found (meaning walking forward in the world where things never existed) and the punch which the culprit is not caught Even if the victim is meaningful, even if the victims do not defile their hands or do not struggle, those who do bad things are subject to punitive punishment without permission.
Well, some people say that it is beautiful or the real victim's feelings, but also depicts the feelings of the family and the hatred of the girls who were killed, and then notices them and gets over it.
It is a work and it is reported that it is only possible to do movies.

The girls who were killed in the scene of the boundary of the world boundaries where the victim's feelings are not ignored are gathered in the trees.
It is supposed to be a painful event, but it draws beautifully and pleasantly.
I guess the message that girls are having happiness with their friends in the other world without girls.
The mother who was not able to enter the daughter's room until now also came back and girls of the hero accepted the world where they were no longer, and at the same time they tried to accept their mother for the first time and that step was the room To enter.

If I thought that it would not be meaningful like cutting out a moment in a photo or like a fish or narration or anything else, I came living.
There may be a message that every moment is important though there may be a message, but I think that the dialogue that I lived for a moment and died in the moment is deeper than I thought, and the narration is not only the work It is objectively looking at things of it and it keeps to the audience for the long-awaited happiness of the last serif.
Meaning that I lived in this world, I felt like I was appealing to myself directly feeling that I jumped over the work and over the whole world, and it was enveloped in a warm lingering finish.
It is no longer a 14 - year - old girl, but as a living representative on a single earth, the lines spoken to everyone on Earth who is still alive.

It is awesome to draw such message nature and feeling depiction from the viewpoint of the dead, establishing the place which can reproduce the world view with image beauty and music as one work and to get into the feelings of the dead I can do it and I can make it feel familiar as if there really is such a world.
If it was impressive, the scene where the bottle flows and breaks and the scene where the girls gather in the beautiful world and the tree after all. It was fantastic.
As the younger brother 's deathbed is pretending, the girls understand gradually and story is made properly with hints and stages, such as falling back when opening the door.

The scene that the girl who can see the spirit understands death by the poetry of the boy was also good.
Death is not to become cold but to leave.
If the time to tell love is only one hour ... the speech is working as well as the letter which wrote the boy 's poem.

She was also good at acting Ronan but Stanley as a criminal, Tucci was the best.
Stanley. When speaking of Tucci, there are many third characters which act like baldness of Charwie dance and the role of a bad guy of the devil wearing Prada, such as harmony of the battleground and skipping laughter and exciting the work I played a suspicious transformationist on.
It was real that was found upset by his father.
Afterwards mark Wallberg's long hair does not suit.
When it was Mac Spain, I thought that it was Matt Damon for a moment and it was as uncomfortable as Matt Damon did not look like a long hair.

What I want to say with a single theme is solidly drawn, not dirty with revenge or the like (because vengeance is bad as well, it is in the unfortunate eyes just like a criminal), old bones are just being buried now Living beautiful bones grow.
The theme, the title and the world view are perfectly compiled works.
The place where the criminal falls down and director's direction was also good, and it can accept the position by changing viewpoint as it is also in the main character 's dialogue, and the world spreads as well. (This is the essence of making a work)
Although it tends to be invisible usually only one point, this work seems to be wonderful with objective broad eyes, and the human nature of the author is also visible.
There was a lingering finish and it was a good work.

2010/10/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14213 Host:14112 Browser: 3020(Mobile)
I wanted to cry out with a dummy voice unexpectedly "What's this?"
Clearly, Susie takes a picture of a crime scene with a camera and it gets destroyed 〓〓〓Transmit my body's place with magical power to my family 〓〓〓Bones and crime are both gorgeous and refreshing and a little strange END ... or such I was just thinking it was a movie.
I can not stare at all. The halfway hypothesis is so bad. As others said, the bad aftertaste was sinking like a soddle and it came to an end.
At the very least, I wanted the criminal's wrongdoing to be revealed after being revealed. Well, at least I wanted Susie and his victim 's bones to return to their families. Incidentally, it is not both.
There is certain evidence that my sister got, and although the culprit is clear, "Suzy remains missing, but my family lived happily like that," Chang Chang, I can not accept it. Why does not my family chase the criminal?
Although it involved a violent crime of continuous pedophilic murder, I was irritated to the situation where the contents were somewhere somewhere in the state of an atma flower garden.
"Otome's first kiss" or "My mother came to my room! I wish her a happy family quietly", the focus is too shifted. If you want to get out there, you'd better detach the hero from the violent crime at the very least as it was missing due to an accident or disaster.

The good thing is that the starring girls were pretty, with a fantastic graphic (which is also irritated, including extraordinary girls' chickiness) and a directing (but irreplaceable, since it is not rewarded) and so on. That's all.
No matter how much fantasy it is, if you seriously dealt with a violent crime, I want you to divide it somewhere properly. I wanted you to clean thoroughly clean it if it is fueled by unreasonableness or there is a thrilling production. I lost hara.
I will evaluate it as "very bad" than the worst.

2010/01/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25559 Host:25443 Browser: 12499
I watched it on the first public release.
Honestly I am expecting that it is disappointing or CM fraud or rather "I wonder why I got this" ....

First of all, the main characters such as "There is not yet a case in the trailer", "Papa should be noticed", "There is something I can do" etc. From the words of Susie,
Susie who was killed can not see herself (Susie) 's voice, too Appealing her presence to her father hard,
I imagined like a movie that presents hints of the criminal who murdered himself in various forms and struggles to let his father reveal the incident.
However, the actual impression that it is diagonally above expectation. I tried to summarize it in bulleted list.

Father who identified the criminal just by speculation severely injured trying to surprise the criminal
I do not think that Susie will provide a hint for the resolution of the incident, there is little such a scene
Sugie 's sister Lindsey (I'm not inspired but got evidence on my own)
A lady who was tired of her husband desperate to solve the case ran away from home
Eventually we could not arrest the criminal
Moreover, by the hands of the criminal, the body of Susie got to the trash hole of the landfill site
Susie 's classmate accidentally near the trash hole (inspiration girl)
Speaking of Suzie 's transfer to her, "What I left behind" is that a boy who is a thought is asked to kiss
And in the meantime the safe with the body of Susie 's body into the swamp hole swamp ...
Of course, the bodies will not rise ever after
Satisfied Suzie is a Buddha, and the criminal also flees again
Susie 's family who had been causing the collapse of the family also quietly learned by the evidence of Lindsey
The criminal killed himself unexpectedly due to an unfortunate accident trying to kill himself again on his way home.
Thread winter ~

The incident has not been solved, the father is self-busting desperately, despite what the hero thinks, after escaping the safe it will escape the criminal again ...
It was a halfway work that I wanted to say!
The only salvation was that the criminal who escaped did not give out the next victim, it was that he was inadvertently lost his / her life unknowingly in the accident, but it was not convinced including it.
Rather, family love would have been the subject of the subject, it was that the boyfriend was full of the head of the last protagonist ... Well.
Only I thought that CG was first look "I am beautiful", but I also felt that it was binge eating when it was flowing for a long time.
I feel like having fresh water cooking when I asked for curry. The material is nice, but hey. As I felt disappointing disappointing expectation, it is a "bad" evaluation.