[Movie]The Killing of America(Violence U.S.A.)

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Leonard Schrader Yamamoto Mataichiro
Sheldon Renan Chieko Schrader
Willy Kurant Robert Charleton Tom Hurwit Peter Smokler
Mark Lindsay Michael Lewis
Bobby Vinton
Yoshio Kaneuchi
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Japan Released:1981/09/05(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1982/02/13
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2016/06/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A superpower that is proud of its prosperity based on abundant underground resources and huge wealth, advocating "an alliance of a liberal society." America - As a "criminal superpower" hidden in the shadow of its prosperity, A criminal documentary movie of the shock which exposes to the bottom and embarks out America 's foci naked.
It is content that seems to be a movie, "shock video 100 successive shots!" Often seen in recent TV programs, but the definitely different thing is to the moment of shooting and images of corpses lying on the scene It is a point that "Moment of death" is reflected in Moro without any treatment being applied. Inside there is also a bad taste director who grape edited enormous corpse photographs so there is a need for attention to those who do not have tolerance ... there is no age restriction set for that. Good, this is Kore.

An indiscriminate mass murder, such as John & Robert's brothers Kennedy and Rev. King, assassinate case, Texas Tower Shooting Incident, Guyana People's Temple Incident and Manson Family's fanatical cult group crime, dead body Murderous murderers caused by murderers with abnormal habits such as opponent's sex and boy love preferences etc ... While about 2 hours will be introduced a number of violent offenses remaining in American history, Event "as a third party viewpoint.The ruthless narration by Mr. Yoshio Kannai made a further highlight of the seriousness of each incident, did not he?
Depending on the incident, suspects' imprisonment interview images will flow, but since most of them are beginning to defend themselves as selfish defense, it would be better to hear them to about half of the conversation. However, I was a little interested in motives and psychological conditions that guys and others got into the crime.

Surprisingly I felt interesting is a teaching material film to train situation judgment when a policeman's handgun is used, entitled "POLICE SHOOTING DECISION". For the boy who comes closer approaching with a smile smiling while rowing a chari, it will be lost in judgment as a professional policeman. It is impossible to say that the "lost" immediately leads to "death", it is not impossible to say that it symbolizes the "reality" of the gun society America ... but the gun owners talk in the play "Because there is a gun, a woman without power The claim that children are equal "was heard only as a sophistry from myself living in a regulated country, did not he?

Initially, John of the movie was John. Although I felt some "bruises" to put down in the Lennon shooting incident and his memorial ceremony at Central Park, the death of Lennon, a "symbol of freedom" It can be interpreted that it means "end of freedom of America" 〓〓〓〓〓s an interpretation, so at the time of re-appreciation it has come to be thought that "This is possible in Kore. It was a "bargain"-like Ryosaku that not only mere criminal documents but asked the viewer about the existence of "freedom".

Compared to the same kind of document program etc. Directed and edited. It was surprising to see that the selection sense is superior in what kind of mind and it is made into a work that is worth seeing in other meanings.