[Movie]The Father of My Children

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Alice de Lencquesaing
Japan Released:2010/05/29(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2009
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1. http://www.anonatsu.jp/ (Translation)
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2014/04/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21953 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
French movie seems like an amazing atmosphere with luscious music and visual beauty from the beginning.

Personally, the main character thought that he was a father sending his everyday everyday not being able to separate the mobile at any time despite being forced to work, but also taking a trip to the busy while traveling around the sights such as historic buildings I think that it was a good father who ordinarily had a family service as much as possible.

Two young sisters were also lovable, I think that they were exchanging moderately in the limited time with such girls. Especially the scene where parents and children are bathed in association with each other is kind of something that makes me feel nostalgic or something smiley.

However, even though such a happy family was built, it was surprising that the father had been stuck in film production and his life had ended himself, even though he was such a happy family. I could not sympathize much with the behavior.

However, the relaxed tempo is also weak in the story, but it is probably what enjoys the atmosphere and image unique to French movies.

I think that the song called "Quecera Sera" that flows in the last was quite good as such a positive closing.

2011/03/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15254
As usual it seems that it is a French movie, or it is uncanny and it is not exaggerated, and at first glance there is no storyline as a work, there is no punch and it tends to become Tsumarana but it is surprising that it is wonderful whether the atmosphere is good.
Because we make a natural and realistic family landscape without making scenarios, I will make you feel like you are watching a family, not a piece of work, so you can feel empathy.
Although the main character is not a father or a mother but children who are supposed to be fun and plentiful in the summer vacation, it is painful and overlaps with difficult times and it will not forget the summer for the rest of my life, as it is in the last song The viewer imagines how children will grow overcoming this hard time.

Personally it was not a bad work but as to why you put a bad thing, it was deceived in the trailer collection.
In the preliminary announcement I thought that my wife and children took over the movie production my father died and left my father left behind and finished the movie until the end even for my father and my wife and children completed it.
I thought that it was such a thing (work) unless I saw it even though I was convinced that the things I want to convey are about children, not handover or completion, but it seems to me halfway because there was an image of preview.

It's not a word to explain, it's a scene to play in the river, a tear running in the car, like the last night in Paris where the power failed, there are various painful things and it's as if you forget that star and let the stars There is beauty that can not explain the scene in a word because there is far more information than describing it with emotional and verbal explanation, it is made to explain only with images without any pressing such as a scene just to look at.
Originally emotions can not be explained or can not be explained and it is difficult to understand because it is difficult to understand because it is hard to understand that I really want to tell you I want to explain with my mouth but I want to explain it by mouth, There is.

I do not know if I could not meet my brother in the end as to what happened with the boy who was aiming at the screenwriter and I am not sure whether it is one summer experience or pursuing reality, but I did not make much sense Seems like.
I have not thought or aimed at meaning though.

My father loved the movie too much and thought it was impossible and forgotten about my family, but it may have been forgotten, but somehow it seems somehow I could hardly get out of personal feelings and desires going ahead too much ~ When.
It is difficult to balance the same degree of love and it is such a thing as a result of taking a movie.
At the expense of the family (although of course there was also affection but the movie was bigger) What my father left is a mountain of debts from the edge I can not help but because I also like movies somehow I understand To get away.
Maybe this coach as well.

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