[Movie]The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

PG-12(Advice is necessary for less than 12 years old)
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Movie rank of 2010 Rank 111in 184 titles
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Luc Besson
Thierry Arbogast
Eric Serra
Louise Bourgoin Mathieu Amalri
Japan Released:2010/07/03(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2010/04/14
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1. http://adele.asmik-ace.co.jp/ (Translation)
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2011/05/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I thought that it was more properly, I felt that the third part with French-like comedy came up.
I was expecting too much whether CM was bad or frantically crowded with CM, and I thought it would be such a thing if I did not watch the CM, but when it was a CM, CG was a loud flashy adventure action fantasy and I feel it Although it was a human drama or a comedy, there was almost no action, and CG was more bulky than I thought.

If you expect it as a top fantasy of the same line as Hollywood, it will be awesome but if you look as a third-rate comedy you will enjoy a tempo and a place to laugh and you can enjoy it as it is.

It's great to fly to Egypt to get an ancient secret (knowledge) to cure my sister's illness, to revive the dinosaur, to restore the mummy, to use super powers, but a story And the world and the scope was not extensive.
The heroine struggles to resurrect the Egyptian mummy to get the secret medicine, but if there is a pretty intriguing story coming in there, if there are ingenuity, show various settings first, narration So I will make a drawing of the expansion that will occur in the future, that setting will become entangled later.
By showing at the beginning (since the grandfather using supremacy suddenly appears, it may be hard to understand at first), it is easy to enter, so who is this grandfather and what does this setting mean and solve a mystery There is pleasure such that puzzles are addicted to each one.
It was good as a pull that I kept the mystery why my sister caught sight like this until the second half.

Although I could not understand how dinosaurs were found at first at first, I did not know how to develop it, but it was flat as it was a comedy I thought was going to expand and expand to Dong Dong soon.

The scene that repeats disguise is a comedy so I wonder if that is fine, but there is a feeling of stopping the tempo.

Although the second half as an attraction, the exchange between the character of the mummy and the mummy was interesting, and about the heroine nude scene which is not quite a fantasy thing.