[Movie]The Eiger Sanction

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Movie rank of 1975 Rank 22in 29 titles
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Robert Daley
David Brown Richard D Zanuck
Hal Dresner Warren Murphy Rod Whitaker
Frank Stanley
Ferris Webster
John Williams
Universal Pictures Malpaso Company
George Kennedy
Vonetta McGee
Jack Cassidy
Heidi Bruhl
Thayer David
Reiner Schöne
Michael Grimm
Jean Pierre Bernard
Brenda Venus
Gregory Walcott
Jack Kosslyn
Japan Released:1975/11/01(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1975/05/21
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2016/10/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
[good point]
A hero Hemlock 's character acquisition. We are retiring at our cuteness that ourselves will be erased somewhere when killer work is in operation,
Professor of Beauty University (I think about cheat setting around where I can take office in my thirties, but ...) There is absolutely not a good person such as privatization of artworks behind.
Working under the dragon which is the former boss himself thinks "evil" itself, but bad aftertaste which is not even a translation that even if it is beaten as rasubosu even if it is beaten at all, it is nothing.
The later Eastwood work was a bitter taste even though there was an original work as the number of Yoshimi retirement works increased.

[Bad point]
The mountain suspense that the opponent also destroys the unknown target while climbing it should be the main event
It is the shoulder watermark that the truth will be sunk by the truth in the last 30 minutes in the ruler of 2 hours and when it started climbing again.
Apart from expecting the action of "cliff hanger" burger, the scenery of the mountain itself is spectacular ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally Clint. As Eastwood's "lone-hearted" aura is a mouth of insensitivity, how to suppress that neighborhood was a problem of appreciation.
As a result, from the first half "depressed feeling" (although there is a tangle with the older sister of various races though), the final stage is "to keep too much".
It seems useless to scrap the gobby slayers' mellows in the middle of the climbing preparation stage as the hero reveals that the hero is only a piece of intelligence warfare before the last (dirty) heroism also declined Such as,
(Jack, who was a regular in the Colombo series, also has a good performance of Cassidy and it is interesting as a character)
It was disappointing that the whole thing became distracting impression.
We developed a mountain suspense using the entire scale of the second half, and it was a popular system at the end if it was a fine story ....
Evaluation is "normal".

2008/07/20 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7567 Host:7709 Browser: 6701
As a mountain movie, it is not enough in terms of the severity of nature in terms of beauty, but spy suspense is the main axis, so it is reasonable. There was a tunnel for rescue / evacuation in the middle of the Eiger cliff, I feel the weight of the alpine climbing history.

A couple of minutes ago I watched a little bit ago a while ago, but the cynical look that Mr. Eastwood will show last is superb (I will not speak, but I can hear the example "cry" why ... I will make this story a clue The power to get out). I can not imitate anyone like that.
That's all I want to say.

2007/06/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9049 Host:9062 Browser: 5234
The title is "Sanction of Eiger" or "Mission. Eiger"
Is it like something? The hero Jonathan. Hemlock (Eastwood)
A climber and an art teacher. However, its identity was a spy who handled illegal activities at the end of the CIA. Thinking of retirement The last directive given to him "Sanction"
Join the climbing team north of the demon named "Eiger" twice before, discovering the organization traitor from within the team while climbing.
Climbing a snowy mountain where mutual trust separates life and death. An accident and a suspicion in the midst of it.
Can Hemlock perform his mission and be able to survive?

[good point]
Adapted original style of Trevenian, a style that disgusts with plenty of narcissistic flavor.
While making a good work, I made it an attractive "Han drama". Well as Eastwood.
I am doing a good job. When co-stars and staff praised Eastwood as a director, I saw episodes talked about this work, but indeed it's like feeling.
There is also a small coherent impression, but it is a movie that has a taste while being small but tasty.

[Bad point]
Well, as I mentioned persistently, the impression that the drama itself was small.
Because it is really tasty, I twist a little more, I want a monster. If the gap between the first half of the action spy and the climbing of the snowy mountain and the second half of the punch line is it, it can be "funny", but obediently I am not pleased.
In addition, the spectacle at the north wall is a mountain suspense in the highlight. Looking at the TV screen is a mistake in the first place. I saw it on the TV screen and on the screen (size)
The equivalent impression will be different. Of course it is extremely impossible without a big screen.
Still another problem is master setting, convenience setting and active success of the protagonist who loses Keiton.
However, this is unlikely because the original writer Trevenian writes only a narcissistic hero like a lanoba writer. Although Trevenian thought that it seems to be a jump manga and does not match sex whether it reads which original, including the original of this work, but enjoyed this movie so much.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"good". There are various problems such as sweet sweetness, sluggishness, pastoralism, weak taste, poor mountain scenes, etc. However, it can be enjoyed as a honorable mention. But big screen essential.
When it is a television screen, the impact of the screen is reduced by half, so other weaknesses become dew.