[Movie]The Devil's Hand

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Movie rank of 2014 Rank 188in 196 titles
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Mickey Liddell Jennifer Monroe Pete Shilaimon
Karl Mueller
Frank Godwin
Anton Sanko
Alycia Debnam-Carey
Rufus Sewell
Colm Meaney
Jennifer Carpenter
Adelaide Kane
Leah Pipes
Ric Reitz
Outside Japan :Released:2014
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2015/12/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23311 Host:23458 Browser: 4721
It was a non-disappointing work.
Is it a cheap horror like an unnamed actress in Japan or class B idol?
If only the title is attracted and watched it will definitely fail and I will feel like being betrayed as well.

Does the devil hang home with the house if you see only the title? If you think that something will happen at home, it is totally different and the house is almost irrelevant, so why did you decide on such a title? I feel disappointing.

The production is also incomplete, there is no glow, and how to kill is also sharp, so there is no workability to draw in, so there is nothing left on the whole.
There are only such impressions that somehow came and somehow seemed to have watched.
There was no consistency like really frustrating, so there was weakness of the story as thoughtful.
There is also a killing demon abruptly, suicide suddenly, and so on, so it is not attracted because there is no fear of any impact on how to show it.
I just wonder why? I do not know what is happening in the end, and the perpetrator (perhaps a demon) may be a fear that the criminal is probably a fear that may be a fear that may be unknown, because the way to kill is a shovel so it is a normal human being I think that it is.
So it does not lead to the punch as the last culprit knows, or even the unexpected nature does not come out.

Even if that punch is used, it is a religious life or the material itself, there are quite a lot of things it is just using a common pattern, so there is no newness there and it is feeling that you are using the gathering story I feel that it is not cohesive.
I did not need anything else that the main character sees the future a little earlier, and it feels like I contradicted whether it was necessary to bother the other four people botherly even though there is such a precursor.
Would you like to be a spiritual horror, or wanted to make it a realistic incident that had a truth to a spiritual horror, or is it good to feel like killing the other four people to become possessed by the hero as usual? I feel like I was.

Each setting or thing trying to do is uneven.

In a minute detail, there was a point that I could not understand the reason why the first woman did not bother me well because it was convenient or not, so overall it was floating around.

One thing that saves me is that all the girls were pretty, so I managed to watch it, but there is nothing wrong with just being able to do something a bit more.