[Movie]The Awakening

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Sarah Curtis
Eduard Grau
Caroline Harris
Rebecca Hall
Dominic West
Imelda Staunton
John Shrapnel
Joseph Mawle
Japan Released:2012/07/28(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2011
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1. http://www.earthstar.jp/movie/awakening.html (Translation)
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2015/12/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a work that was well done outside of my mind.
I think that it is a mere horror or spiritual work, and various messages and meanings are put in it, and it is interesting and the depth is felt after all the work which is connected to the story and development properly.

First of all, the main character's woman does not believe in spirit at all, a woman boarding school will ask for a mysterious incident and a woman will ask her to resolve it.
Originally the woman was specialized in seeking out the spirit, but why did she ask for cooperation Why the woman came to that school later also has a meaning and it makes sense to have a story It also connects.

The point is that the case is a spiritual work or someone's work It is being advanced with feeling solving a mystery and going to solve it wonderfully, but the woman seemed to suffer somehow why.

That conflicts within me and not trying to see the spirit is not going to believe it, but on the contrary I was chasing myself and spending a mental burden.
I try not to trust stubbornly so many things can be seen by the spirit or I feel a sense of fear unnecessarily and I do not believe in the existence of the other world so I think that there is no reason to have someone who is dead, continue to deny He was in trouble.
It was also affecting that a woman's husband died and really thought that I wanted to feel the existence of my husband somewhere, but I thought that there was no reason to believe in the spirit and I was shut down my heart.

In the meantime, the phenomenon which seems to be the work of the spirit around the woman started to occur one after another, it began to think that there was a spirit, and when a photograph was seen there was an impossible person and there was a spirit for the first time there notice.
It makes me feel like it was opened at that moment and it breaks down.
It was unlocked from the pressure and fear of the past, feeling the existence of her husband, and I could understand the feeling that the heart is free in the real sense.

Personally this flow or content is the highest point in the part where the point was the highest, there are parts that you can sympathize with in various ways and knowing the existence of the spirit ordinarily you know that existence of the spirit is supposed to be scary But knowing the existence of the spirit turns into joy This content It was excellent.

The development that the woman knows the existence of the spirit is connected to the last truth part and why the woman was brought in and whether there was necessity was properly put in and the meaning was put in properly and only spiritual phenomenon and incident resolution There was a living content as one work that did not end with things.

There is a hole like a peephole in the bathroom Why is there a hole in such a place I feel unnatural at the most, but I can understand it afterwards, even if I find a rabbit doll or something, but various hints are scattered Even though I feel unnatural at the outskirts or it is painful to understand, the end is connected to a single line and I am satisfied because I have prepared answers properly.
There was no setting to leave behind and not know the meaning, it was a well-organized and well-organized work.