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Movie rank of 2012 Rank 3in 216 titles
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Joss Whedon Stan Lee Jack Kirby
Robert Downey, Jr. Mark Ruffalo Chris Hemsworth Samuel L. Jackson
Japan Released:2012/08/17(Fri)
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1. http://www.marvel-japan.com/movies/avengers/home.html (Translation)
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2016/06/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44336 Host:44389 Browser: 9081
It is a compilation of a work group called "Marvel. Cinematicik. Universe", and it is a crossover masterpiece depicting the confluence of heroes who appeared so far.
A long-term plan unique to Hollywood such as "screening in what you could have done because of cartoon" and "making a lot of work for most of it" is exactly the "biggest festival event ever in the history of the hero" It is feeling.
Major casts were also almost unchanged except for "Incredibles.Hulk", and I enjoyed it considerably as a result of joining together as a bunch of episodes so far.

Well, before, I saw almost no work of my work so far, but then I guess we have no choice but to say that this work can not be enjoyed at all.
You can enjoy by shifting to "Avengers" after watching five works of "Iron Man", "Incredibles. Hulk", "Iron Man 2", "Mighty Saw", "Captain. America / The First Avenger" Or it's not a big deal to wear and see, so come on. This neighborhood was not interested so much when the harmful effects of the late that was a long-term plan, or when honest "Iron Man" was open to the public, so it is almost unrecognized that it is a thing to see as a bunch of series of works, As I go through the big advertisement at "Avengers", it almost ends with "What is it?"
Obviously the degree of empathy to the characters will change and it will be more like seeing it without much knowledge other than the main character around "Iron Man", rather than becoming "There is no point of view other than these guys", " It is natural that it is far better to see it with a sense that it is also interesting.
Given that neighborhood, it is said that suddenly "crossover" at "Avengers" in such a state that advertisements other than "Iron Man" are hardly remembered, only "Avengers" aired on Friday Road SHOW The form to be done is still strange. Although the audience rating does not increase as much as "Harry Potter", I thought that this work can not be enjoyed unless you feel like seeing "Harry Pota" in order to see the above works.

Overall, I think that the story that "people who do not engage at all because of individualists who are too strong individuality gradually become close friends" was good at the royal road as a team.
The reason that each is conflicting is easier to understand if you look at the series so far, it does not become like 'saw no stinking just by being told by hammer placement'.
It is not a sense of justice Ironman and Ironman who has a strong sense of justice and a serious captain America with a strong sense of justice, a saw where the culture of the world where he grew up was too different, Hulk which can not be suppressed by reason, such as a character that seems strange even when engaged easily It was only. Well, really, per Saw, I do not know the point to kill unless I look at the original work, and I can not grasp the personality and I'm not sure if it's a good guy or a person with difficulty in personality " ....

Even though everyone has an outlook for some reason, the two who seemed to be the hero seemed to be Iron Man and Captain.
Well, the end that says Stark is finally able to be confined in the hole of the dimension is saved by a hair one by one, and it seems to be the hero, and it seems that it is a leader of the Avengers in regard to the captain.
The saw and Hulk people have made a remarkable prominence by saying "setting the enemy character as sake's source" and "Hulk comes late" to say. Hulk changed the cast, but the feeling that this one is still in the impression ....
About Hawkeye and Black.What kind of feeling is pretty good at what kind of mind but it is not that hero but it is Hawkeye that the battle at the final battle is cool, it is black that the action is fascinated, it is black Widow I think that the success was great.

Loki, the enemy, is really this time, is not it?
Rather than being inferior to the collective of the Avengers as a whole, it seems that individuals who are stronger than Loki gathered.
If sa is also not deceived, I will not lose to Loki, and hulk is a level that can be made unilaterally ... The captain and Ironman will be level that secures Loki even if they two together.
Regarding this work, it is a feeling that it exposed quite a laughable appearance, or a strange figure as "a served role". At the next appearance of "Mighty Saw / Dark World", as a dark hero wonderfully, she demonstrates "another hero", and among the villains of the series, it is most impressive and memorable mostly I think it is a character, but ....
I will forgive you for killing Coleon.

Climax urban warfare, there is only a climax indeed there is power.
Not to mention the way the Avengers became one, of course, there was also quite a sense of tension as it seemed to me that "like the enemies who are hard to deal with in their current state capabilities".
It was fairly interesting in the second half when it became exhaustion warfare. If it is a hero of Japan, it is still mass-produced character = small fish, and most of the hero's "mindless to be defeated" is a musou, there is not much to develop into this level of exhaustion warfare, but seeing this, exhaustion of heroes It was transmitted to feeling good. Is this neighborhood feeling differentiated from nature and Japan?
It was luxurious and it was quite good aftertaste that I was going to see Saw and Loki back in the last with all-cast transformational face, and I think that it was a good movie including that part. "Support for children and citizen's hero" came out exactly in the last minute and it was a neighborhood feeling like a hero movie ("Criticism" is also drawn).

Evaluation is "very good".
As it is a hero movie before, it is a character movie before, so it is important to grasp the full range of the series.
One piece that has something to do with the multiplication and mutual relationship of characters that have already gotten their thoughts. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy it until the last urban war.

2016/01/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20102 Host:19927 Browser: 10247
Ironman Mugen, I only have 2 viewing, while the other works have about what I've heard of the name.

What I would like to mention is that it is a festival work, but I enjoy it even if I do not watch related works!
There is something that you will not know about the setting or the term, but the charm of the hero was easy to enter because it was able to draw only this work.

Also, the action scenes are not only powerful, they also have their own scenes or individuals who fight.
At the beginning I was thinking that Captain. America, Natasha or Hawkeye can be active in such a dangerous place ... but I was glad that there was a nice cool scene!
Especially the captain. It is good that the United States has become mental struts such as conducting on the battlefield.
Personally I like the way of battle of Hulk, I'm sorry I can not feel like I'm going to go crazy!

The deployment was also a thrilling flow, although it was a royal road with [confrontation] 〓〓〓[surprise attack] 〓〓〓[counterattack].
The scenes gathered back to back did not almost see the related works Even I was getting hotter as "Oh Oh!"

In the early stage there are places like "?" In the explanation scenes and it is boring, but it is still acceptable because it is helping to find out what kind of heroes are.
However, it was a pity that the enemy Loki was weaker than expected.
With the image being stolen by Bokoboko each time it comes out something, it will make a clue and make you laugh.
It may be because there is the last boss-like person, but maybe it was good even a majestic guy?

Not only as a festival work but also as one work I think it is fun!

2015/08/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15166 Host:15498 Browser: 7904
Although the appearance certainly looked like a gorgeous gorgeous, it was a movie that I felt was not as much as I thought if I actually looked inside. As an honest first impression.

Ame Komi's main heroes gathered together to face the crisis of the world, and in a story I had conflicting opinion on the way and caused a fellowship, but it seems that they were all serious about them, respectively. Actual actions I think that the movements of the heroes were also speedy and Banee, even though they had set up a nearly even point of view. Well Hulk,
I had not wanted to have fascinated the shaping which feels like a feeling of intimidation in a slightly better meaning, but I did not want to beat the Loki who was the culprit of the current riot,
There was also a feeling that I was going to crash Iron Man, or had a more delicious scene more than saw which had a close relationship with Loki .....

Well the dubbing voice actor, well the celebrity frame is also Patlabor even in Mr. Naoto Takenaka and the Ultraman Zero series who also had a totally heavy performances than a poor professional .....
Mr. Hiroyuki Miyamaki had already had more than a certain level of experience, but Mr. Ryoko Yonekura was also a little hard but I think that there was no mistcast in those who were hard worked. But this too
Although the view may change somewhat if you also see the second work, the second medicine that Loki got out of control due to his / her length disappointing, and the person who seemed disappointing personally that there was no aura like a villainite was.

In the sequel, it seems that Mr. Mizobata Junpei appeared in addition to Mr. Takenaka who will continue appearing in the celebrity box, but it is expected to those who are there. Evaluation is "ordinary" in consideration of the action and the work of the entertainer's frame.

2015/07/06 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26600 Host:26850 Browser: 9251
Since I go to a new work, I saw it again in preparation, but as usual I felt conspiracy and intimidation.
Moreover, though it is troublesome content which is easy to understand in the Noh weather like American thought,
After that, it was quite decent content was told at Winter Soldier of the captain,
I am really worried if it will be back in Joswedon.

What I also thought was that what Loki tried to do, what Shields tried to do,
A word about the Avengers who Samuel who finally praised the Avengers who fought to defend the world but defended the world to the committee.
What is different between these three? None are deterrents by force. Moreover, I'm trying to do the same thing with the sequel Stark's ... without discipline

2015/06/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21979 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Last time I watched it because it was terrestrial broadcast at the Friday road show, but it seems that any new work will be broadcast at the beginning of the next month anyway.

Iron Man, Saw, American captain Heroes familiar to Hulk and Captain America gathered together to make a big success, so to speak, it is a so-called all-star work, so it seems that it will be more delicious content and it is quite surprising It was collective.

Although it was an Avengers formed to prevent evil conspiracy aiming to destroy the Earth, however, as the story progresses, the teams themselves will not function as the team collides with the backbone of each painful past, etc. I think the flow was pretty good. Amekomi hero itself Hulk I think that the place which draws the sorrow as a hero that it is handled as a dark hero like a human being because of its appearance because of its appearance was also characteristic. The battle scene was also realistic and impressive, especially above all the rampage of Hulk, there was something fresh.

And in the last Iron Man Tony. Stark Thinking that he was dead, finally getting awake with the groan voice of Hulk, I am looking forward to any sequel.

2015/06/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
Speaking in Japan Toei often do the hero robots and the US version of the large heroes set.

If you have a wealth of knowledge of "Marvel Comic" system, it is more fun to make but even with depiction in the play alone
(About how I saw "Iron Man" and "Hulk" a little) Each other's personality and way of fighting steadily transmitted.
It is a scenario of the midfielder 's dispute that it appears conspicuously, but the fact that Loki, who is good at bringing about disputes and discords, had an influence through the cane also made good use of enemy characters.

But in the face of the crisis, it is still a hero that enters the switch as a hero.
The dialogue that Coleon, agent of the shield left in Loki at the time of now, "It is not belief in you" is interesting as the reversal of trust in the Avengers.
I also liked the point that Nick of the Shield secretary did not simply divide the dangers of weapons (particularly nuclear weapons) into right and wrong and enemy ally, where they are not just simple people.

Evaluation is "very good".

2013/10/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4936
It was the best.
I thought about giving the best evaluation in a bit more, but when I thought that the end would be pulling more, it got very good as it ended briefly surprisingly.

In the case of myself, especially in my case, especially if I see it over 2 hours if I show it on this kind of video, I feel it for a long time, Harry, even if it is a potter, it loads around 3 hours and it is useless I thought that I wanted more, which may be the first time I felt it.
It felt short to end in a little over two hours and I felt unsatisfactory.

The nice thing about this work is not limited to the spectacle that shows only on the image side, it is a skirmishes between heroes, the contents of each character, the problem of the society of organization and America, It's a problem, it's a problem between God and the alien, it's really a lot of content, it's complex and it can be emotionally transferred to various characters, you can see it from various perspectives, and actions as well as the contents are also well constructed It was like feeling.
Because there are colors and settings of each work, I think that it is serious just by putting it together, there is nothing to raise or lower each work but someone is not patronized, each part has a bad place There were places and contents in each and each place of thinking and thinking with an objective eye line was amazing.

As long as it's your own work, you can feel the sense, passion and affection for the work where you can do it with a separate work.
It is this director's greatest achievement that I made up the world view and individuality that is too intense and put together in one and it seems that it can not be impossible unless this director.

Among various contents, there are skirmishes between heroes, using the majority as if it seems that this one was the main, if it was a Japanese sense If the Japanese hero gathered, the name of justice It seems that it seems to be coherent with the original but I did not let it go.
It was a personality, and there was a pride and a position as a hero after all, as it has a strong belief, it is a feeling that it will collide.

Because there is this sharpness, there is something that is moved and the tension goes up at the last minute, and after that there is a lingering feeling of satisfaction, which can not be said unexpectedly that this is entertainment by showing it with images and actions at once.

I personally like content that is good, stories are fancy, or there are message-like works, but when I say something the best pleasure of the movie, I remember that I can become energetic after watching it gave.

Personally, if I said what was good one more thing, it was not America's million-year movie or American line-of-sight movie, but the place that was drawn with a human eye and hero's eye line into the heroes properly.
There are scenes that criticize hiding and making destructive weapons, there are descriptions that capture the whole human being with dialogue saying this is human, in scenes that are broken up in partners, and this part is empathetic in Japanese-like depiction It was a part that I could do.

At first, I also thought whether human beings and God have too much power to be put together, but because the contents of each person are drawn and the contents are stretched out, the shadow becomes thin because there is a difference in power I got a position properly for each, and at the end Captain America became like a leader and issued instructions, there is a viewpoint that matched each of the positions that only God can do, the position as a human being, 1 There was satisfaction like we enjoyed various taste in one work and there was also impression as content.
Iron Man who is somewhat irresponsible of teamwork because of his character and badness and a captain too stiff .. Because there is America and there is no mistake or sympathy for what he is saying to each, it is not only an action but a position and personality There was a collision of things, which showed the characters and complemented.
It looked just like a fight with a pride of a great work, and finally it did not end within each work but by multiplying a great work, it was like supplementing his bad part There seemed to be a feeling that there was something numbered in a gathered place.

Rather than relying on or only using the color of the intense work originally, it was wonderful and impressed that doing one color in this work.

There was a legendary hero and there was a genius wearing the strongest suit and in the midst of having God, Hulk was the most intensely, I knocked down the monster with a blow and made it twist like a toy like a toy .
This neighborhood is an American jokes and laughter is also effective, and I thought as to how to decide how to defeat. I was thinking as to whether to put a settlement, but it was surprising and it was good.
There is a temperature difference and the impact remains since this is after it has a flashy action.

Both the image side and the content side are workmanships without complaint and it seems that it is not likely to come out as much as the scale, and I have always told the content side, but of course I do not mention the image side , The scene taken taking the camera to shoot so as to flow with one cut all the time was also good, and that scene was good, so that there was a sense of presence that entered.

Iron Man falling while wearing a suit or where the Hawk Eye that was flowing well in the CM dropped while scenes releasing the bowl, the scene that Hulk helped the last Iron Man, and the captain of Iron Man captain, bouncing off with the American shield Places such as places were truly amazing.

There are lots of heroes themselves and fellows of heroes and enemies there, there is content such as brother problem and black. Widow past etc, aliens are not drawn so much, so how do you decide how to fix it It was good to have settled in a single rocket without pulling it here.

Feeling that the meal scenery without the conversation after the ED was expressing this team's likeness or the work itself was fun, it was fun, the merit of this team was transmitted, and I felt that I was sticking to the color to the last one drop Then, the presence of the team remained in memory (only after the battle).
However, because it was a work that did not distort justice or did not make friends or beautiful things, content came out and serif was added with weight and realism and persuasive power came out.
Saving the earth Even if it says to save it is a place where it gets lighter if it is just beautiful.

2013/08/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25111 Host:24879 Browser: 5386
At first, Iron Man, Mighty Saw, Captain, America saw. That's why I never knew the story.
However, there is no particular conscience in the brand called Marvel Comics. That is the opinion of those people.

[good point]
1, Marvell. The purpose of the movie, which makes all of the heroes of comics appear and makes it active, has been achieved properly. Besides just letting out characters such as Hulk or a person with a bow and arrow (forgotten name), who is worried about how to make an important success, we are preparing an open space.
There is not a single character who simply throws out the abandoned character. Everyone has an outlook.

2, Marvel.It is made for the fans of comics, and it is made invaluable. I think it is a good thing that the target is clear (I was boring, not a special fan).

3, There was no serious drawback visible. It is said that the unreasonable setting that makes all the heroes active, not succeeding skill, but succeeding well, the person who wrote the scenario might have a high ability.

[Bad point]
1, the story is not fun at all. The story progressed without much excitement, I felt it was over before I knew it.

2, a true enemy does not appear, it ends sillyly. Because the enemy is the crown of one of the protagonists, the atmosphere is inexperienced and the scale is small. It does not get excited.

3, movies like such a hero's gathering will inevitably disperse the point of view and become lacking in a relentless excitement. If pursuing amusingness as a mere entertainment work, it was supposed to be fun to divide it and to focus on the point of view for one hero as well. It will be contrary to the purpose of the movie.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are no serious drawbacks with the eyes, but there are also no special conspicuous merits. A movie called.
It is terrible to have all the heroes active, but it is not Marvell, I am not a fan of comics, it is a point that is not strongly attracted to me.
It is not good or bad. It is boring if it is not interesting. Even if there is no fault, the work named is negative evaluation.

2013/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29096 Host:29149 Browser: 4696
[good point]
Well the story of the story is clearly stated, but there is not a big deal, but again the fact that the heroes who carried the signboard of one movie gathered and played together still had an impact.

Action is fancy.

Each hero is unique.

[Bad point]
It is long to the core part.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a festival movie.
I do not recommend it for those who only see scenarios, films with superior directing,
A gorgeous, luxurious and flashy movie like America.

2013/03/12 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5345
Amekomi hero works that appear in "Avengers" are all unseen.
I feel that advertisement in Japan is more intense than each hero, but it is a specification that you can enjoy so much in the future, too.
Actually, I can certainly enjoy it even if I am unfamiliar, I think that it was a good work that feels the character of each character.
Especially, Iron Man and Captain. I think that contrasting "American heroes" and "Fucking heroes" was quite well done.
Conflict, getting along with others ... Although Japanese heroes also have many such patterns, it was fun to do on a magnificent scale like this one.

The image is high in quality, but I can not deny the stylishness for children.
I feel the same as when I saw "Power Ranger".
Something like something like "special effects" is exactly like that ... well, I guess this is useless. Actually, it must be a special effects hero.
Even though it is high-quality, there are places where you can see Cheap everywhere, I feel rather secure as I looked at it.

The catch phrase was "Japan, this is a movie!", But Japanese mask riders are similar in movies, saying "World, this is Japanese hero!" It is very similar.
Personally, "People who made this catch phrase (presumably the Japanese distribution company or something made it without permission), but it was hurting to Kamen rider It is honest thought that I told you that it was turned on.
Somehow the sounds resemble and it is a response to the riders.
I do not dislike "Let's Go All Rider" made with that catch phrase, but since many of the riders' all-star things can not be said to be good for flattery, there is such a meaning like that I do not know.

So, in fact, it was high as a co-starring thing, I think that I made good use of each individuality, burned with a collective scene, and kept quite a quality.
I fully understand that I make good use of the story by utilizing the setting of each work.
Besides, the "process of assembly" which is indispensable for co-starring is also quite good.
The picture was also good and I thought that it would not burn even if I did not know the origin to do such content with that all - star.

2013/02/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22140 Host:22093 Browser: 5145
〓〓d Blu-ray viewing, subtitle version, related works not yet viewed"
[good point]
The power of battle and action was exactly the hero 's all - star. I thought how much money I was spending. I was told that this part could not be made into a Japanese movie
The good - looking and the point of view of each hero were sorted well. Character personality comes to understand from about one hour elapsed
The story seems to be simpler if I close my eyes even in details I understand somehow.
That a hero is included not only in praise but also in a real scene that is scared
I saw it in 3 D but I felt satisfied there because there was a depth and a protruding feeling
[Bad point]
For those without prior knowledge, it would not be obvious to everyone, but the first
I guess I will feel descriptive like an hour. From the vicinity of a battle with an aircraft carrier
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I enjoyed it when I finished watching it all, it was an interesting movie, a movie that seems obedient to being a hero all star. Even without preliminary knowledge it gets excited from the middle and the story is almost understood so it is a regrettable work to avoid. Evaluation is "very good"

2013/01/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1223 Host:1169 Browser: 11717
<Good point>

[Action scenes where everyone has an open space prepared]
Wildow and Hawkeye also make a big success with losing to heroes and a battle between heroes from the early stage to the middle stage.You can enjoy different types of battle scenes such as team warfare at the end.

[A lot of small stories studied all over]
There is also a hint recovery collected by each series movie, and there are jokes which made the original comic a story, and it is sure that it comes with the fan if you are a fan.

<Bad point>

[There is no detailed explanation of the story]
... Although it is less than 70% of this movie, it's an action, so it's not a complete wallet. However, it is a stance of "It's okay because we introduce the enemy's aim and cause of obsession with the previous work, so it is a stance, so we recommend you to watch other works as well. 〓〓〓[Iron Man 2, Captain America, Mighty Saw] is a work with direct connection.

[Trigger of Unity]
This work that will lead the team's unity to the death of a certain person. However, since the character's description includes few other works, it was the impression that "Do you unite with this?"

[Enemy is the Little One]
Actually this enemy is rather a comedy staff. So, it is not an atmosphere like holding sweat in my hands. However, the enemy of the next work (which is also a little in this work or appears) is the strongest class enemy even in the original, it may be aiming at that gap.

<Overall evaluation>
I think that it is a work that you can enjoy very much if you view it as an entertainment work.
However, it will be waited again because it is the last such as "to continue to the next time" (-;)

2012/12/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27583 Host:27587 Browser: 11259
A spectacular interior widow movie. You want a hero to have humanity ... It's not like that.
Even if the worst inner ring is good, is not that dress like to do enemies in front of you?

Moreover, by forcibly realizing a combination which is impossible so much,
I succeed in expressing that stinky smell that goes to somewhere in Japan movies.
In a certain sense Uke may be good in Japan. Same level. The scale is totally different.

I also think that the catch phrase that became a topic in that sense was also surprisingly stuck in an exquisite place.
It is as if he says "Let's live in Japan, if you do it, do it here."
I do not really understand the power balance ...

Also in the story, though it is entertainment, the place where American thought is admirably placed at the core is fluffy.
I only felt that the heroes, even the enemies, knew each other so much for some reason.
I mean, how much man is Coleon who made Avengers feel it? Although it was in some work indeed ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally, it was better for me to do Queen and Queen all by Iron Man alone.
After all, 〓〓Gundam ... original Iron Man is not Date.

2012/09/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1738 Host:1681 Browser: 7300
I bought a DVD, I will evaluate it.

Although the main enemies of this time are only Loki (and the opposing army corps), on the other hand, because the hero side can give priority to describing the depiction, all the members of the Avengers are active at the end of the game.

The character (personality, strength, skill, disadvantage) of the protagonists is also depicted without regret, Hawkeye's sight and archery are also active in the middle stage and the final stage, Ironman's mechanics and flight ability save the midfield crisis, captain America 's tactical power and personality play a role of a team leader.

Beliefs and personality are different, and Ironman and Saw are mid-carers, but heroes are discordant and conflicting, but since the midfield, heroes have a common goal (revenge on Loki), hence the end of the great war Cooperative behavior is wonderful.

However, from the enemy's big fish and portal, there is a feeling of a shift from Transformers Darkside Moon, but it is the best performance.

2012/09/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3217 Host:3248 Browser: 5345
"Japan, this is a movie."

It was a wonderful movie, as the name of a catch phrase that is unique in this challenge from Marvell.

It would be even more enjoyable if you saw each hero's movies, but even if you deducted it, this movie is interesting.
Overall, Iron Man is the most protagonistic treatment, and the cap is a leader who gives instructions at the front line, overall, as well as the lightness of the engagement of the characters, as well as the way to shoot, as well as how to shoot.

The highlight is Hulk, who is musical at full strength under the direction of "Rampage". Originally it was a problem child, but if you notice it is the most delicious place on the Avengers side.
I think that there are a lot of people who became his fans because of his success in this movie.

Loki 's small villain taste reminiscent of a certain insect is flavoring as well. After being tired, it was made into Hulk,
Ideas and older brother. There are a lot of scenes that make you laugh, such as being brought back to Saw.
Speaking of a smiley scene, at the last minute ...

If raising a fault, it is about sagging in the middle. I guess it is necessary to explain the characters and the view of the world, but it can not be helped.
Putting the details down, making it as a recreational work.

2014/07/27 Evaluation change

2012/09/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20115 Host:20237 Browser: 4688
[good point]
Lots of entertainment that does not betray the expectations of Marvel fans so much (If you can, let 's make the head empty, promise with Captain Marvel!).
It is a good scenario that no abandoned character exists because every member has a shogun and a character of depiction descriptions on every member. I thought how horrified Hawkeye is like, but saying that it is not bad, mainly on bow and gimmicks. This modern renewal like this is nice sense. On the other hand, it is unavoidable that there are many Iron Man 's turns that are easy to handle,
I will make Saw active a bit too ... I can not do it.
Well, as a movie for kids (including mental age like me) enough to reach a point that they are too promising to repel, confrontation, fight against each other, fight against each other.
Variety of small neta is effective and it can be laughed (But, as audiences asked for, either because they are limited to the US, they feel disgusted, or they do not understand, it seems that there are many audience).

[Bad point]
A festival movie after all. If it is not a marbell fan, it will scratch just by setting a character.
Besides, the main enemy is Loki. To create an Avengers formation = the crisis of the earth, it is tough unless it is on the universe scale (assuming also audiences who only watch movies)
This time's choice is useless. When I give out galactus and others, it is not enough to leave anything other than American comic maniacs, and personal avoidance flags are set ...
.CG heavily used. Especially Hulk relation. However, it seems that it seems like the old drama version,
Currently it only has to accept as a high level compromise.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"good-". I could enjoy it more than I expected, but I think that it is a rather tough movie other than honest american comics. There is a Gatorak saying that "ULTIMATE ALLIANCE" was taken in at X360, but it is undeniable that the frontage is too narrow, especially in Japan.
In that sense I gave a negative evaluation, but I took it well as a late show.
Although I can not deny the excitement of CG heavy use too much, if it is more familiar with the real NY landscape,
In some places "Oh, I'm being broken gaudy" and the feeling is even more. This is also difficult to communicate in Japan and unworthy.

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