[Movie]The Assassination of TROTSKY

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Alain Delon Richard Burton Romy Schneider
Outside Japan :Released:1972/04/20
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2011/02/27 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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An assassinate Jack of the protagonists. The person targeted by Mornar,
Trotsky famous after Lenin in the Russian Revolution.
As commander of the Petrograd armed uprising in the October Revolution, as a first foreign minister Brest as a compromise with powerful Germany Germany signed the Litvsk treaty,
By taking office as a military People's Committee and establishing a political committee of the auditing institution permanently to counter the interference between the White Army and the foreign countries centered on the former Imperial Army,
A person who created a red army faithful to Bolshevik and contributed to the civil war victory.
However, in Bolsheviki, Stalin, who was in charge of parties, was gradually deprived of power,
It will be expelled from the party and will be chased after Russia.
It was expelled also from Norway which is advantageous for the location condition plotting the Nikkura heavyweight, and from the UK and other countries, the application was rejected,
By the movement of supporters, we finally reach Mexico.

The story is from the place of Trotsky in Mexico,
Without knowing Trotsky, considering its influence, KGB's predecessor NKBD is a painful movie whose motivation for relentless life aim is unclear,
The attack by the Communist Party of Mexico through Comintern,
The robustness of the so-called "gray house" fortified to prevent from Stalin's witch,
Since the invasion from the outer moat is difficult, the significance of tactics to enter the interior with permission is easy to understand.
As a means of doing it, from the point of using intimately with the secretary Silvia, the process of becoming easier to gradually enter and exit to a vigilant hiding place is detailed,
Even without knowing the Russian revolution, it was enough fun as an assassination play against one important person.

I can not feel the time spanning from 38 years ago to the case of August 20, 40, as a friendship that starts falsely as a son of Belgian diplomat,
It is regrettable that I could not make the impression trusted by the length of friends deep.

Pickel attack which did not lead to death, the deployment exhausted in the hospital, you can skillfully direct the end to be spoken,
At the time of assassination, the state of being frightened of the anger from deceived lover,
The figure of becoming alone and smoking calmly expresses true true identity which threw away the false virtual image.