[Movie]The Adjustment Bureau

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George Nolfi Bill Carraro Chris Moore
Philip Kindred Dick
Thomas Newman
John Toll
Jay Rabinowitz
Media Rights Capital
Universal Pictures TOHOTOWA
Emily Blunt
Shohreh Aghdashloo,
Anthony Mackie
Michael Kelly
John Slattery
Anthony Ruivivar
Brian Haley
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Japan Released:2011/05/27(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2011/03/04
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2012/06/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4895
Film made short film novel of Philippe K. Dick original.
David Norris (Matt. Damon) is an SF suspense to regain the fate being operated, but since there are encounters with "people of destiny" at the root, colors of romantic movies are also strong. In other words, it is the story of love and freedom that fate destined to love = to shield God. It is like a Hollywood work. For the spectacular scale the goal of plunging among them is very simple. Norris meets Elise (Emily. Brandt) and only wants to be tied. Of course, if this work is not "love" but a work focusing on "memory" or "destiny", it may have become a boring work that can collapse somewhere , Setting that acts so as to accept it without touching anything, makes me feel the cleanliness as entertainment work.
And the people of the Fate Adjustment Bureau are not absolutely evil but there is a lot of members who feel pretty much human beings, the lightness is added to the whole of this work. Moreover, the forcing of the climax is quite funny and there is no touch to their love.

2012/05/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28823 Host:29062 Browser: 9859
[good point]
The appearance of "coordinator" who is made to go downright rather than hypocrite ....
This was the most interesting. I could have focused more on this.

[Bad point]
Events, settings, dialogue can not connect, scenario that does not lead to a movie It seems like a movie "I see!" "It was done" There is not a gimmick, too.
People casually wanting to have a hero's side wished "I'm wearing a hat" or such a sharp.

It is also a minus point that there are many that "Do you believe it by being explained with mouth !?"
Show me the last tie as a romance movie as well.It's light taste because I will not convince you.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I felt as if I was explaining the synopsis with a strange leap.
Matt.Dimon thought that I was old thoughtfully.
It's delicate as a date movie as the story pops out "I guess you might have been happy if it was not with me."
Well, I thought as normal, but this movie is not normal, is not it "bad"?

2012/04/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10195 Host:10288 Browser: 13175
This was terrible. If I was expecting to hear it as a movie of the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick (PKD) known for Minority Report and Blade Runner, it was a very childish and shallow movie. It is a theme that it is embarrassing to take out the attracted men and women by fate, or to humans with such ordinary intelligence. In the original of PKD, it is a motif to pose the problem of Free Will (free will), Destiny (fate) and God (God) as a motif, but in this work, almost 10-year- I am at a picture-story level. Besides, I did not like Emily Blunt and Matt Damon either, and it's daunting from the setting of the agent wearing that 60's style hat. Is it like people in the South who are seriously believing in the Bible who are in the United States like Republicans in the South (conservative Christians)? It is stupid to Japanese who are not Christians. Evaluation is the worst.

2012/04/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16070 Host:16064 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
It is not a bad work, but it was now one thing.
Considering only neta or the story, I guess I managed to do something a little more and it turned out that it was like a slump in the bottom as well as the excitement for the second half and the punch line itself.
Although I saw it by dubbing, the character image was also good and the multiplication of the two people was also interesting, so I can convince friends and destiny places immediately because these two people.
Just bad, bad, simple, easy, this setting and Matt.When you are expecting and watching expectation with awareness of Damon, it is easy to see and the tempo is good and a comedy-like scene in the middle It makes me laugh and it makes me laugh, and since I'm finished with parts of the details of setting in the ground it is regretful.
It became lame from nearly convincingly conveniently noticed that the last woman was caught up and the last punch and stuffing were sweet.
Rather than acting rather than fantasy neta and action, I think that it is such a cheap (cheapness) when I see it in love aspect.
The character on the black clothes side was also good and the dialogue was also good, but because the content did not connect, it made little sense.
For example, it seems that it is impossible to suppress the impulse of the hero's character, and contents such as women's dreams and things that made them aiming for politicians as a result of death of their families have been left behind.

The thing that I wanted to do eventually was the last serif, what would change destiny, but it made it variously convenient, and other content, setting was only decoration.
The most poor thing was that it was used for this destiny (setting) in a former curry engaged with a woman, and it was only a convenient tool to throw away when it no longer needed.