[Movie]The Act of Killing

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Movie rank of 2014 Rank 154in 197 titles
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Joshua Oppenheimer Christine Cynn
Signe Byrge Sorensen
Werner Herzog Errol Morris Andre Singer
Erin Oyen Vister
Carlos Arango De Montis Lars Skree
Nils Pagh Andersen
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Japan Released:2014/04/12(Sat)
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2016/06/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Mrs. Devi also seemed to have praised this work by her husband, and I saw the full length version in Gao ... ......

Actually, the method by which people involved in Suharto's coup d'etat, 9.30 incident reproduced the incident at that time was certainly innovative. It was also impressive that the news program and female casters were pleased that they were beaten Communist forces and also tortured others and the figure of ordinary citizens being abused was drawn etc. Challenge challenging taboo Although it does not deny, the communication between the local staff and its participants is totally dull, and there was no climax which can be said as a decision strike.

Although it may be said that they were not professional actors or something,
Of course I did not really do the same thing as I actually did in the past,
It is true fear that the people who were involved in the incident that only such sadness and hatred do not live normally even after nearly 50 years now is the real fear, learning lessons from 9.30 incident, how to make each of them useful in the future Whether the country of Indonesia will change or not will it be accepted, but somewhat I was supposed to be shoulder watermark somewhat just because I thought that I could get a more punched mental fear feeling more straight It seemed like it.

Even in the final stage, although the local grandpa was somewhat sick or something, I was repeating to vomit again, although it was not as though it was nothing at all since raising the question until the end, but do not stick to just such reproduction Even if it is solid even if it is solid,
Would say that it would not have been better if you inserted recorded images of those days. Feeling that I was scarce in what I eventually dismissed as trying to draw in a wind different from that of other kinds of movies. Evaluation is "very bad".

2015/01/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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We are more cruel than relaxing movies We are more cruel We have a secret in God You are a heaven to me even in hell

This time it was quite a hot topic when it was released.

Watch rental on DVD.

September 30 Replaying the case to the parties Contents that it pushes the truths of the perpetrators when they commit massacre by playing what they actually did in the film.
The appearance of Arawan which holds the last nausea is very impressive. It was a shocking appearance that wearing off his spirit that seemed to have felt even proud in his own actions at the beginning.
Crime and Punishment. It may not be decided by law.

120 minutes theatrical release version. According to my friend, the full length version has a pretty rich conversation too.
I wonder.