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Robert Daley John Wilson
Forrest Carter
Philip Kaufman Sonia Chernus
Bruce Surtees
Jerry Fielding John Vernon Sondra Locke Bill McKinney
Chief Dan George Paula Trueman Sam Bottoms John Davis Chandler
Geraldine Keams Sheb Wooley Royal Dano Matt Clark
Will Sampson Kyle Eastwood, John Mitchum
Japan Released:1976/08/07(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1976/06/30
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2016/09/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
Director & starring Clint. Eastwood.
... Were you bad about your own bad feeling? Taste was bad just because it seemed to be a real story base.

At the beginning, hero Joseph Wells will kill his wife and children but how to draw is incredibly incomplete.
If it is not a reminiscence of the hero who is a revenge from the beginning, it is not a translation of care of the family character carefully.
It will be a war with the Union Army, but after the conclusion, there is also an arrogance of the army army, but the disgusting nature of the North Army is templates and this also obstructs eclipse.
The hero who became a goddamn, they can catch up with those who are watching the prize money but since they had not fired at all as a pretext to "live capture"
(If you think about the dangers of counterattacks, I shoot at least about one hand on the limbs.) Look back at the gap and return. However, in this battle only young colleagues are sacrificed.

From here it is mentioned that Lincoln's government who encountered an Indian old man called a loan and raised slave liberation from his mouth tells us that he did not treat themselves as equal people, while blacks who appear in this work are loans and loans There is about one elderly man of the year and nothing thanks to North and frustration to the south.
After helping Indian daughter, things that have been turned around between tribes from her mouth (= they are not monoliths) have been told, she will be left in the stupid rush that occurred in town.

The refusal response to "Eastward Wood's bad habit" of "Eastward Wood" may be strong, but the bad things unfavorable to the main character may be blurred and lifted up, the inconvenient thing of the person in a different standpoint from the main character He did not enter a work that emphasizes using surrounding characters.
(It will be possible to recommend Indian rawhide as a product to the main character accompanying the Indian, etc.!)
If a man who fought with the Union army by believing justice as a family member knew that there was no justice in the Confederates from the perspective of blacks and Indians ... If there is a trend such as the last of the war The line saying "It's going to be too heavy" will increase more.

It is not clear how the man who was a farmer who is a farmer in the first place had a gun for self-defense in the first place and also why the Indian chief is the first person to say that "you can trust".
Evaluation is "very bad".

2012/09/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7300
"If a woman wishes to give that one, that's the value of a donkey."
"Beware of the gate of hell opening"
"Dying and eating"
"Everyone is a victim of war"

It seems that it is a Western movie produced in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of American birth.
Director, starring Macaroni, star actor Clint of Western (spaghetti western), Eastwood. The role of the son of the hero is the son of Eastwood's fruit.
Speaking of the fact that the actual son is casting as the son of the hero is "Rocky 5". Acting as the son of Rocky who plays in Stallone at Big Bang.

Once it starts from a calm scene, it turns into a terrible looting scene.
I am attracted to that head.

The violence scene by Gatling gun is intensification that can recall Pekimper's "Wild Bunch".
Because it is a revenge play, you can see that it is suppressed with characters and scripts well where it seems to be a gruesome feeling.
There are other western dramas with a plot to draw the escape, "Wild Bunch", "Shoot toward Tomorrow" or something.
It is no other stories to escape with the chiefs of indigenous people and I think that the strange two trip is a sight of this work.

Georgie who plays Eastwood, pretty quickly shoots Wales' judgment on guns, and spit is cool, it was an impressive outrow in Eastwood's career.

2012/02/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23550 Host:23539 Browser: 4895
[good point]

I think camera work was done.
I heard that the majesty of nature was reflected well and the people who were fighting a bloody playing drama wanted to look smaller.

Although I saw it was a dubbed version, Mr. Yasuda Yasuda was acting like Hamari as usual as well as acting that the serious outlaws brought out well as a character was well done.

[Bad point]

The loan that was a Cherokee clan showed a presence that seems to be older,
I think that Mr. Ten who tied the contract between the hero and the brothers and Mr. Fletcher who was showing masculine friendship also had a good taste with "man" which is stylish.
However, it seems that the hero, the habit of spitting brown spit certainly was like outlawing, but was not it such extraordinary empathy was taken in? Captain Terrill, the villain, may have been unsatisfactory with an ordinary Machiavellist. After all, Clint, did not it exist existence value which is not less than Mr. Eastwood 's prominence?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It seems that it was a 200th anniversary movie of the foundation, but the gun battle game was not very impressive,
Was not the tempo in the midfield too somewhat dragged down and so much attracted? As far as I saw, it may have been a subtle one in the old Eastwood work? The evaluation is "ordinary" somewhat less than "good".

2012/02/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4212 Host:3938 Browser: 7263
[Good point] * Original unread "The Rebel Outlaw: Josey Wales" (written by Forest Carter)
Eastwood is cool. I am spitting or using two pistols and a machine gun.

[Bad point]
Various people appeared in the road movie style but the story itself felt monotonous.
The action scene is not good.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Former farmer Georgian of the Confederate who was killed by the North Army in the western play of the Clint Eastwood / director 's work, whose family and friends were killed, depicts a revenge play to the north army of Wales and an escape from seeking a new place . He will help old people, Indians, women and others in the course of their journey and will increase the number of nature and new families. In the end we succeed in defeating the pursuit of the Union army and defending the revenge and the new family. I think that the last scene is also a good movie depicting the trust between individuals who are brightly east wood.

2007/12/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2362 Host:2297 Browser: 4184
Clint Eastwood 's western drama is often a lone wolf, although the hero is a lone wolf, but in this work it is a rare work that there is a friend from the beginning to the end.
A man who was killed by his family in the guerrilla of the Union army joined the Confederates for revenge and fought with the Union Army. After the Civil War ended, the Confederates were disarmed but only one person did not respond solely to the Union Army Conquestor Watching the scene of slaughtering the Union Army will be in a position to be chased. Later the old chief of the Indian, the Indian girl who was being abused, the family lost in the war, becoming a companion with the old woman and the granddaughter who had been attacked by the robbery, and encountered various troubles in the way and we are going through with the arm and the gesture of the hero's gun.
The main character finishes revenge by defeating the Union army guerrilla who has followed himself by the support of the fellow at the end, but at the end the captain of the Navy guerrilla, which I used to belong to, came out and seemed to confront with him , The captain of the captain thought that he was not involved in the Confederate army slaughter from the attitude that he could be killed and did not kill the captain but the main character returned to his companion after saying "It is the war" I will finish where I was.

For Americans the Civil War seems to be a heavyweight theme still dragging and Eastwood's intention to make this movie at the 200th anniversary of the American foundation is that society will tread over individuals and drive the weakers further based on these American histories He might have complained to stop. And I do not deny revenge, but it seemed that I wanted to say that I had to extend the scope of revenge widely and not to continue killing each other but to draw a line somewhere and end the chain of killings. It will be more important to make a trusting relationship by making sincere dialogues as symbolized by conversations with Indian chiefs and Navy guerrilla captains.

Even though you do not think about the above things, it is very good as an entertainment work. Eastwood man's smell charm is fully demonstrated and pistol judgment is brilliant and an idea even in shooting scenes.The production is clearly awesome and powerful full marks. The story is also well organized, there is no elongation, and the supporting roles are casually showing a good taste and it is finished in a very enjoyable work to see.

The end that the hero is not a lone wolf and a friend is made and finally returns to their place of residence suggests that the hero who lost his family at the beginning of the story goes back to "ordinary man" after becoming "outro" It was a good last with a lingering appearance.

2005/05/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37953 Host:38082 Browser: 3874
It is a Western masterpiece modeling a real person. This work is a commemoration work of the 200th year of the American foundation, but the main character Joseph Wells is attached to the southern army, not the Union army.
It was due to the revenge that the family was killed by the guerrilla 'red feet' under the Union Army, for him the Union Army did not concern him. Because of that, there is a new cinema style that is stronger than social meaning rather than an ordinary Western drama like the frontier spirits song.
(〓〓〓That said so when we redirected the Red Arm to the Union Army Guerilla, Kansas. Red Leg.

After the Civil War, the Confederate Commander Fletcher of the Confederates will throw the group on condition of pardon, but this is "Red Foot"
It was a trap for remnants slaughtered by the South Confederates. Josie, who did not throw off because of revenge alone, realizes that it is a trap and rewards with the simultaneous shooting of Macaroni Western flashing gatling gun.
Joseph plays a betrayal of Fletcher who was with "Red Foot" and swears a new revenge.
And Fletcher will be taken responsibility for the situation and will follow Joseph with "Red Foot" as a bargain outlaw. Joseph wields various crises and escapes from pursuers with the arms of the gun.
In escape, the characters we meet are truly unique. Various people such as old Indians and daughters will travel with Josie. I will make a promise to reach the land outside of Texas and walk along the path of coexistence and co-prosperity with the Indian chief of the land. It is a hot scene that felt sincerity and determination in a short dialogue appealing "not a world that is deprived but a way to live together".
But Fletcher and 'Red Foot' caught up with us, and we will have time for the final settlement. It was a trip of escape for revenge, but in the end he took a gun to protect his colleagues.

Joseph and Fletcher, who knew each other well even though they were in the opposite position, admitted each other.
It is the last scene that emotion appeared best. This scene where everything was expressed in a short word exchange is really wonderful. It may be a bit confusing in Japanese dubbing.
Fletcher does not mean that excuses that betrayal is a misunderstanding, rather it confronts Josie dignifiedly rather than being misunderstood. And with that unwavering attitude, Joseph gathers everything and separates quietly without taking revenge on Fletcher. Indeed, the spirit of men,
Men's warm feelings are condensed in this scene. It is the scene that makes my heart hot at the highest.

Gun action is not fancy but it is quick and cool.
Especially when you are aware of bounty hunters and have noticed Joseph's gun in the reverse direction and Joseph swiftly rotates the gun and shoots the prize money, I do not know how to do it unless you throw slowly. The set of cancer settings is also solid in era probability.

Jerry that flows in the work, the song of Fielding is really wonderful. This soundtrack
(Original score) I really want, but it seems not to be resold or imported (information requested).
Bruce. Thirty 's shooting is wonderful, it reflects the lyrical and beautiful old good western landscape.

In Western it is my favorite work lining up "Ok Ranch Battle" and "Nevada Smith"
Although it is difficult if it is said to choose one, I surely have this work "Outlaw"
I think that you choose. Even western strokes of Eastwood can make a color!

It is a work I would like to see by young people by all means (I heard the same thing somewhere before that (laugh)).
So, it is an evaluation that thinks "very good" close to the best!

2005/05/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30421 Browser: 3846
Is Jessie James and so on becoming the basis that the hero first enters the guerrilla party of the Confederate Army?
The story of getting friends and becoming friends with family members is pretty good.
It was groaned that I had settled in the saber after bashing the pistol with all the airs in a fight with the enemy of the last.
The pistol was surely an old-fashioned person who does not use a cartridge case.

2005/05/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11051 Host:10807 Browser: 5234
Personally I am told that this movie is actually based on Mr. Muraeda 's "RED", but how is it?
The hero who was a common farmer in the southern part is murdered to a faction of the "Union Army" family,
It becomes a revenge demon and it is a story to pursue and wander even after the end of the war.
Historically, the Union army stood on the slave release side, the justice who won the democracy, the hero is literally considered as a "outlaw" state and rebellious law, but the nation's ceaseless name No matter how right and justice is right, it can not be convinced if it is from the side that can be traced.
Families that overtake the hero, like the death of their fellows, their grudges, armed and deadly fighting showing anger is impressive. Everyone who is going to be the main character towards the end as well as the main character is being oppressed by the state and the world, and this movie is speaking for the anger of weak individuals, individuals. Although it is an initial work, it is a book I like very much among Eastwood's works.

2005/05/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33255 Browser: 5978
Clint: It is a western play of Eastwood production.
The stage of this story is after the Civil War, the main line is that the hero who killed the family to the Confederate army will become an outrow for review and fight.

The heroine was Eastwood mistress at that time Sondra.Rock. She is pretty beautiful.

Eastwood is cool at first glance, but if you let a lonely man act with a passionate nihil, it is a crowd. Macaroni is still able to capture such a shadowy Western drama. Is experience in Western living?

Death fight with the enemy South Confederate soldiers is powerful.