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Al Passeri
Adam O'Neil Holly Laningham Cyrus Elias
Outside Japan :Released:2001
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2015/11/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2585 Host:2616 Browser: 8794
[Comprehensive evaluation]
What I have to pay attention to in this work is that there are two types of DVD with dubbing attached firmly and without dubbing. When buying or borrowing let's read the back side well

Well, Egypt made by cooperation between the United States and Italy is a stage movie ... but it is a budget monster movie for niche layers that makes me wonder what kind of circumstances it was made Mummy Resurrection still revives the mummy theme Who wanted a story to make a park ...
Oh, this is the only story I'm alone Really make mummy revive and make a theme park 〓〓〓Fail It is just that movie I do not know where to raise up and where to rise

However, there is something that glows in this work As it is only playing that famous character by dubbing, there is sharpness in sharing and it seems that it is likely to enter the emotions of the characters and it should be an unprepared film When I finish I get mysterious satisfaction. I saw a bit with subtitles but it was as boring as a different thing ... only a mummy or something ...

And dubbing is interesting not only voice actor but also translated words are flying, old fashioned gag with sense of sense of osaan and serifs at the time of dying "How come this is it!" Mobu is done like a monster panic movie and Besides shooting at a lower budget combined with shooting with low budget, it seems to be only a contrast. It is a fun B class movie if you enjoy how to drink a drunk while drunk while drunk

However, at the beginning of this movie I thought that I was disappointed in Egypt and in the midst a super-hi-tech research facility appeared or at last the nature's power was a great thing and bleb treasure is also a good place It is a place where Egypt and the producer of this work I can make you think what happened between you

2014/10/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7938 Host:7808 Browser: 5779
Millionaire who tries to make ancient Egypt remains as a theme park,
As a woman who self-named descendants of the ancient dynasty, photographers invited are involved,
There is almost no scene where the expected mummy attacks people with a rough flow.

Even though the characters are basically missing somewhere,
There are strangely powerful in some of the gross scenes,
I must have made it hard, but after all the set looks cheap,
I could hardly smile the scene that seems to be wanting me to laugh here.

The sense of the translator is also old fashioned by the dubbed script,
People who understand the gag of "Why are you going to be here?" I think that I do not see such a DVD.
Finally, if you are a comedy, I want you to make a Jake painting like comedy.
I thought it was a tough horror, so I watched it, so I got huge damage.

Rating: bad

2013/02/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12259 Host:12112 Browser: 5682
"Baka Kiwamono Class D Cult Film". If you express this work in a word it would have been like this.

Was it conscious of Crayon Shinchan, Hiroshi Nozahara & Masae couple are the main character, and other dubbing voice actors such as Mr. Hozumi Takanobu etc was gorgeous, but only ........
In a bad meaning, the gap with the deployment aspect of the bottom became conspicuous in which it was conspicuous.

Wasteful service scene of the woman why it was seen in fact, although it is actually smart, "It is down hungry" to tell the husband to abuse, etc. It was very bad (wry smile) Wife, in the home of the chief's headquarters where the pyramid and the like are hard to connect Hi-tech facility , Wording such as "You ruled", and mummies grossly useless ...............
I was in trouble because there were too many thrust points.
And I think I will escape (?) Somehow to spend a temporary love .......
It was "a common ball of change", but to be honest "It's enough, right?" (Bitter smile)

I thought that the staff roll was over, "No one knows about the performers' safety."
Although some abrupt narration came out, was it that it was that we had not forgotten to laugh until the end? Well it was a treasureful movie of neta, but with the good performance of the dubbing voice actors,
Considering that there was nothing particularly felt uncomfortable by mischief, the evaluation was "sweet" and "normal"
will do.