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Movie rank of 1988 Rank 36in 67 titles
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Joel Coen
James Jacks
Ethan Coen
Barry Sonnenfeld
Richard Hornung
Carter Burwell
Nicolas Cage
Holly Hunter
Trey Wilson
John Goodman
William Forsythe
Frances McDormand
Sam McMurray
M. Emmet Walsh
Japan Released:1988/03/26(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1987/03/13
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2016/04/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 5213
It seems that this baby was different as a burglar ... ....

He was a robbery at that time was a humming person, but in a certain singers style it would have been that he was saying that "an angel has come down to" no matter what "a guy".
It was super good from the early stage, such as marriage with Ed who was a policeman, good or bad.

However, unfortunately Ed is ....... I think that marriage became a trigger for rehabilitation, and to fill the new "skimmer of the mind" that occurred there again .......
Is it also that it was not easy to change as human beings so easily?

Speaking of not being able to change, that two pairs of prison fellows also escaped from prison, and it seems that he did not seem to be starting a new life seriously like a huge .....
Although it was a bad guy, there were also some aspects that I could not hate. Although I was not able to laugh at all as a whole, this work 's highlight was probably a slapstick scene at a supermarket. Police officers who also hit shopper's grandpa and so on were drawn by that ha ha.

In the final bounty hunter, in the battle with Smalls, the cooperation between the high and the educational couple was drawn as it was, but the targeted prey seemed to have penetrated obsession not to give up to the end or was it not so It was impressive. The end that seems to have died from the explosion was somewhat dubious, and there was not much catharsis. (Originally, the beginning of things ......
But it was)

It was also ruleful to go back from that hole at the last time to prison colleagues, and it was already reaffirmed that Nicholas Keiji 's first chameleon star was outstanding from that time, but some more funny punches It may have been wanted. Evaluation is "normal".

2012/10/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7310
"I had a restroom on my knee."

.fart (children's writing scribble, meaning fart)

Director, writer Coen Brothers comedy movie.
Music is Cohen's familiar Carter Powell.
Cast appearance is Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter of "Piano lesson".
Regular Francis and McDorman as well.

The title is "Raising Arizona". I wonder if the national title is conscious of Hawks' baby education.
What will happen if it is a literal translation?

The couple's stolen baby is drawn to make the prize money earnestly disturbing reminiscent of the prisoner's colleagues, the boss of work, the "Mad Max Series" reckless family.

It is pleasant to have a slapstick play that a vulgar and violent character like Cohen's work creates.
It is a work which feels powerfully the talent of the two comedies of an earlier age.

Who would like to see the work "Zotsui" like now?

Music Stravinsky Used: "Petrushka"
Beethoven: "Chorus" 4th movement Nicholas. Keiji's humming song