[Movie]Penny Serenade

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George Stevens
Morrie Ryskind
Irene Dunne
Cary Grant
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Japan Released:1947/01
Outside Japan :Released:1941/04/24
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2016/12/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
I can see the state of Japan seen from America at that time
Applejack is a good person
The composition that remembers the past together with record songs is interesting

[Bad point]
The sudden change at the time when a new adopted child was found drew a little bit
The middle stage appears a little

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Julie and Roger I met at a record shop, but the beginning starts with Julie deciding to divorce and leaving home. At that time, while listening to the record of memories it is an interesting composition that we recollect from the encounter of two people until now. The reason why the relationship is broken after gradually falling in love in the process gradually becomes known, but there was something that this was pretty thoughtful.

By the way, in that reminiscence, the newspaper reporter Roger became transferred to Tokyo and the appearance of Tokyo comes out. I think that it is actually a set rather than a Tokyo set, but it seemed quite easy to see how the houses were. It is lovely that the design and wearing of kimono are messed up and mixed with Chinese culture, but it is interesting in the sense of Japan seen from America at that time.
And I think that the scene where the big earthquake that seems to be the Great Kanto Earthquake happened was also powerful.

The Julie who was pregnant with the impact of the earthquake got miscarried and became a body that can not give birth. And they also decided to adopt adoption with the recommendation of best friend Upjack. By doing so, they will find a place to live and care for adoptive trina.
It is clear that these experiences strongly strengthen the two, and it is also clear that there was a sad event at the end which broke the relationship between the two.

Finally I think that the ending that the two people find new hope and try to reproduce was good. Although the attitudes of the two people changed too suddenly, there were places that we slightly pulled out, but I think that it was such a state of rough bottom.

2013/08/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a work of director George Stevens famous for "Shane" and "Giants".

The story was to go on a marriage couple and marriage couple at a record shop by chance, and to proceed with the omnibus form of the trajectory of love which walks the life together.

In the first half of my newly-married life it was interesting to watch it as a Japanese garden on stage in Tokyo at that time, but I was surprised that even Japanese children talked about English. However, I did not dig into the city streets etc in Tokyo, perhaps the United States before World War II did not know well about Japan. And from the scene that a big earthquake happens, is it the Kanto Great Earthquake? As a result, my wife became a body that will not bring up a child, and I will adopt and adopt adoption, but this procedure is pretty complicated and it is difficult to be able to visit a child as desired.

After all, the hope of the boy of the beginning does not come true and grows a girl, but even though the blood is not connected yet, my child is too much cute as a child like a real child, but it will be divided at a young age .

The composition that the days of such memories are revived as remembrance every time that the record is replaced is romantic. And overcoming sadness, I will take over the boy I wanted and grow up, and this time I will be engraved in the love album with any records. It was a really heartwarming classic human story.

Evaluation is "good" I will.