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Paul Ziller
Breanne Hartley
Lisa Hansen Paul Hertzberg Kirk Shaw
Mahlon Todd Williams
Michael Richard Plowman
Jack Coleman
Roger Cross
Holly Dignard
Terry David Mulligan
Emma Lahana
Tyler Johnston
Rob Morton
Nicholas Carella
Outside Japan :Released:2009/03/28
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2016/02/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3668 Host:3475 Browser: 5213
From the title already, it may have been understood that it was class B,
Although there is room to make excuses, I think that it was a quality work that was unsatisfactory ordinarily.

The doctor of the hero, my father was a four-star general of the US Air Force, and my son-in-law was a student setting, but after all the production was like a movie of this hand (? That huge meteorite hit scene in Alaska, maybe it was a highlight. Unfortunately the buddies seemed to have finished their deaths, but it may have been that God used him to save the world with a double hair.

It seems that the relationship with his son-in-law was initially subtle, but the confrontation with Gippen's brother who had fought with him to break the telescope was betrayed in a bad way.
I thought that ... ... ... even though it was solid, and it was ironical that he lost his own life, rather than the car that was likely to be used to pay for the telescope due to the occurrence of an earthquake (?) , Was anything Tohosho exit play. For what purpose did it come out?

Between the president who knew that the confidentiality leaked out and the doctor, the father of the four-star general (general) seemed like a pinch, and his father convinced his son not to do anything extra to the son from the position of the government Although the scene which was also seen was also seen, this was also obsolete and upside.

It seems that not only the earthquake but also the magnetic storm occurred, and thinking that he was hit by a carjack man on the way ........ It was said that it was a causal response, though I should have noted that car It was "lucky" that I did.

Although it was also "mischievous", even in the last major strategy,
There was no such thing as "rough !!". Although the doctor became friends with the son-in-law who was also a good-looking guy, there was no objection at all, although the screenwriter was not so bad yet, a person who directed a little more wanted hard work is. Evaluation is "bad".

2014/05/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25020 Host:25004 Browser: 7913
For several reasons I did not mean to write the impression of the movie on television.
Even if I write it, I will write it after watching it properly on DVD, I thought so, but since this work is definitely not to see on DVD, I write it.

I saw this work in the telecast "Afternoon Roadshow".
While watching it, I call it Tsukkomi Where I continue to be attacked by plenty of tsukkomi, but I want to evaluate this way.
"Everything is wrong, we do 'do it anyway'!

In modern times there is accumulation of various know-how.
Even creators who have grown hair on amateurs will be given a bit of budget, they will be able to arrange plenty of images, appropriate writers, and appropriate actors.
Then, an empty movie without any passion, with its own image and a proper story, is born.
But it does not seem to make a piece!
You do not have to pay the money, the picture may shabby, you can have a bad book, even an actor who does not know where the horse is.
Anyway, we want to make a movie!

The place where such enthusiasm can not be seen at all is wonderful.

This is the real pleasure of Z-class movies.
If there is power in the image of Z movie, consistency in stories, reality in portrait depiction, and various kinds of settings have been made, it can not be class Z.

The movie itself was a so-called "Futu-ni Ban" movie.
As a Z-class movie "very good", but as a movie "very bad".
This film was a movie that gained high satisfaction as a Z-class movie.

By the way, the original title is "Polar Storm".
I think that it is somewhat different that "Armageddon 's followers like this" looking only at the Japanese title (after considering Albatross).
Well, it is Z class, and how to enjoy Albatross, including such things.

2013/03/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 9931
A global panic that set in a rural town.
This is the biggest Tsukimicho in this work.

A part of the comet that broke when the comet approached the Earth falls to Alaska.
This is the beginning of everything.

There are communication equipment and cars that can be used for electromagnetic waves that are caused due to the deviation of the earth's axis which should prevent communication equipment and vehicles from being used,
The stage of the work is in a rural town and the damage situation is reported orally by the character,
James is married to his son 's homeroom teacher and my father is unnecessarily complicated in human relations between the army' s great and the hero,
A lot of Tsukkomichi is also a fate of B class movies.
However, since the drama is Gudaguda more than that, it is obvious that it has not reached the B grade level.

What was more fatal than anything was the climax where James goes to the bottom of the Mariana Trench with a nuclear submarine and uses the nucleus to restore the deviation of the earth's axis.
It spoke eloquently about who the producer was. (In a bad meaning)

With this, there is no way to attach a rating other than "worst".

2012/03/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6990 Host:6950 Browser: 4641
[good point]
It is easy to watch.

[Bad point]
Deployment is unnatural.
The picture is sloppy.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
By the way it is told that this reversal of the magnetic poles takes place this year (2012).
It is timely.

So, in this movie, it is all like Albatross in everything.
I do not understand the actions of the characters, I do not project where the image is painful or painful to draw, convenient development, full loading.
I do not dislike it, sorry about something like this.
I love Albatross.
Although it is just a bad movie to watch it straight, it is a movie that you can enjoy by thinking it is Albatross.
A bad child works hard on its own, or because it is a movie that made it fresh and reworked, the viewer must also watch it as planned.

Evaluation is "good".

2012/03/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 11178
[good point]
Only the evils of the government office work, such as the government that obscures the situation and the absolute army of the upper level command, are drawn as it is, with no measures taken against the crisis while preventing the panic.

It was better than the first "Armageddon" only to stand up to the crisis in cooperation with Russia.

[Bad point]
People depiction is the lowest level as a panic movie.
After Dr. Mayfield, the hero's encounter the primary disaster of the fall of the meteor, it returned to Assassi home and the scale of the damage was not drawn just because the number of the affected people was mentioned in the news,
There is no reaction depiction of the public who has reported abnormal circumstances by Dr. Kim in handling with his old friend and steering the government's doorway.

There is a boyfriend who rides a luxury car with a strong face but the doctor's son is unrequited, but there is no meaning There is no meaning There is no meaning There is a meaningless picture of the script in the character arrangement of the American movie & drama with no twist .

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Contents like the original "Armageddon" & "The Core" & Heisei "Japanese sinking" together and divided by three.
Noh weather that we can spread the waste unnecessarily and resolve the global crisis with the peaceful use of nuclear weapons The weather was the first two works,
People depicting catastrophe depiction that only rely on CG in other people's affairs can lead to one later work. A genuine rubbish.