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Jabbar Raisani
Laurie Cook Trevor Engelson Jason Newmark
Will Clarke Ed Fraiman Julia Godzinskaya Andy Mayson Josh McGuire Adam Nagel Mike Runagall Michael Sackler Evan Silverberg Sophie Vickers Blake Clifton
Theo Green
Joe Reegan Tamaki Masashi
Reiley McClendon Syusaku Shirakawa
Rick Ravanello Katsura Kazumasa
Matthew Holmes Yuusen Isamu
Scott E. Miller Masamichi Kitada
Outside Japan :Released:2014/09/19
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2016/06/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23003 Host:23078 Browser: 4721
Alien people attacked in the near future, once the alien had retreated but a large number of remnants were still left on the earth and bases were set up in various places to harbor them, making an active part in the forefront This film is also a fake documentary touch movie that the interview camera infiltrates to one base to do.

That's why I go shooting like a handheld camera, so the screen shakes and it makes me hard to see, so I guess we are not good at such people.
Of course, since the gaze in the camera has only a line of sight that a person has a camera, it can not be taken with bird's-eye view images or since it can only take a constant shooting method, the depth does not come out easily and it becomes monotonous.

Meanwhile, the work of this hand is usually alone that has a camera, but I think that this work has thought well that he has two photographers.
By doing so, scenes can be switched and taken at various angles, so changes were also added and undulations were born.
Because of that one change, I feel like I could make stories and developments, and I feel like I became a movie.

Just a few extra was recently because there are a lot of works of this lineage, so I wanted to differentiate or where I came across the interview scene, I definitely felt the tempo bad and I felt the intention of making a Q & A response , I do not think there was any necessity or meaning to do that.
There was a feeling that the explanation of the story was ahead of me, I thought it was really unnecessary, and I had to think about a bit more because I was not prefixing or pulling.

By this I felt a bad feeling at first, thought I was losing though, but the image side was insanely good although it was small but it was spectacular.
Even if it is a CG, even if it is an alien design or an explosion scene, there is not a common cheapness but there is a feeling that there is not a cheapness but places where gold is sprinkled and it has a first - rate staff.

Although there was sometimes it was unexpected because it was not originally expected, but the image was a good evaluation as there was a good quality that can not be caught by the masterpiece.

While I am watching a lot of class B works and minor works, there are lots of losers but overwhelmingly I draw such an occasion, so I can not stop fishing of class B works.