[Movie]Mortal Thoughts

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Movie rank of 1991 Rank 61in 70 titles
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Alan Rudolph
Taylor Hackford
John Fiedler Mark Tarlov
Elliot Davis
Mark Isham
Natsuko TODA
Demi Moore
John Pankow
Harvey Keitel
Frank Vincent
Japan Released:1991/11/02(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1991/04/19
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2015/01/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1944 Browser: 7420
At that time "Ghost / New York's vision" was still a memorable place, but I think that overall it was a subtle suspense movie with a scenario built in halfway.

Demi, who was a couple then, Moore & Blues, co-starring both Willis .......
I thought, the latter was selfish and once aimed, it was a bad husband who did not get away easily like a cup. Although it was a dubbed version naturally at a certain road show,
I think that he was showing a kudzu in a good meaning by strong acting of Mr. Mugaru's famous actor of voice actor or saying that it is fluffy.

In that respect individuals were evaluating, but the main was about the truth about the death of the husband. However, the combination of the hero and his friend was not elaborate as if he worked like a special mischievous, and the work that made the murderer who committed is not baling was also unnecessary, together with the fight over the subsequent lines " It seemed like "Asatani's amenity". As long as this kind of work or more interestingly was done, the interaction with the criminal who was listening to the circumstances would have been more incongruous, but it seems that this criminal's person was holding the initiative almost, the hero a little more You may have wanted to show him where to take him as a boss.

But it could not have been a villain to that extent. After all ... ...
Although it was honest, "If you brought it up to the end, until the end ......."
Was not it. Well, indeed it was true that even legitimate defense would have been established, I should have brought him to the hospital soon enough to inform the police.
Evaluation is the place that said somehow "ordinary" because this damn husband stood more characters than so so so so so so soon.

2014/12/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21947 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
It was a suspense movie starring Demi Moore on young days.

Cynthia and Joyce co-operating a small beauty shop in New Jersey as a story were tied with a solid friendship from a young age, but with Joyce's husband James' mystery death, the gear of destiny goes mad did.

It was characteristic that Cynthia was remembered from the interrogation with the detective at the beginning, but it was a characteristic, but this James was a damn man who was not too bad anyway.

I suddenly thought that my wife was pushing for a hair salon at work and asked for forcefully, waving him violent, "I'm getting down with my child," and the couple genka quickly broke out, but came to the hairdresser It was exactly that it was a nuisance as a customer who was a "couple quarrel does not eat dogs", was it? I thought James was married with why James had money of the shop, so I thought that there is no lucky man for Cynthia.

There was also a wet place in that scene in the last, but honestly, it was a legitimate defense and it was a final result of poor aftertaste.

Although it will be an evaluation at the end, I will assume it is "bad" than it is very bad.