[Movie]Meteor Apocalypse

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Micho Rutare Bryan Brinkman Claudia Christian
Outside Japan :Released:2010/02/23
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2016/02/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 5213
From 2009 to 2010, I wonder if some of Mr. B gradually became good,
Unfortunately it seems like it was a bit different.

Well, this kind of movie has room for such excuses yet, but overall, the director was shabby first. Despite the result the scene where the early stage meteorite fell was a highlight,
Although it was somewhat awkward, I made it looking like it seems like it (?) And it was totally no sense of tension.

That being said, even if it says whether it was able to laugh at the gap with the appearance of the hero who tried desperately to save the earth despite seriousness either, it was irrelevant either. A woman who helped her at the gas station also faded out even without the temporary excitement when the thugs who attacked FBI 's car sure came out, but collection of hints was poor anyhow.

Indeed, the hero wandered in a place like a desert, but why somehow ramen cake (?) From the shelf
There was a PET bottle like it, a meteorite was falling, and sacrificed sacrificing if I did something wrong and it gave me extra sacrifice, even though they were also incompetent, such as being barren talks in the operator room, The helicopter was activated to become a responsibility matter of), but also the expedient development was conspicuous.

The meteorite has fallen, it should have been contaminated with nature such as people and water with radioactive substances, a solid family love life!
It was happy end ...... It seems that it was not fundamentally the direction towards a clear convergence, and as mentioned above, the breakdown of the scenario stands out more than the shogo of the production So it was completely unrelated, such as "two things" such as "impression" or "courage".
Evaluation is severe, but it is "worst".

2013/08/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9559 Host:9317 Browser: 5386
The original title is "Meteoro Apocalypse", it is Armageddon, what a forced subject is forcibly.

The theme was made into two pillars of meteorite fall and outbreak,
Because her husband is searching for a wife and child who has been separated,
I felt like I wanted to spur the lowest budget for the first time.
I could not stop the meteorite collision and could not prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria even though I could develop the vaccine,
It is too cruel that the relief helicopter flying over the head of the hero family is over.

Rating: Very poor

2013/04/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
The image and music seems to be rather full-bodied and the cheap feeling is small.

[Bad point]
Screenplay is C grade.
Although the main character David shows thing of high altitude phobia in the early stage, it seems that it is about to be used for the scene which it is not necessary for the scene which it is not necessary to be able to escape from the roof of the building and be exposed to the shootings of mobs indoors I will.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is no hesitation in the sense of hitting the scenes and sudden expansion.
At the beginning, it is shown that the huge meteorite is destroyed and fragments fall down, but except at the end of the game, it is only depicted on the scale of hail or hairs, and pollution from toxic substances from the meteorite becomes main.
But suddenly people of the rescue team appeared immediately after David discovered his first coworker,
If you give up early as "No use, sorry," again, I will go somewhere ....
A description of the leader's wife and children taking over to the abuse with the nomination of the isolation afterwards is explained first. Descriptions of people who take poor persuasive actions are deployed rapidly,
It is reminding that "I remembered that as it was a meteorite panic movie" where I do not know what kind of movie it is.

I am trying to cover the absence of the budget with the twist of development, but except for families love familiar with the American movies, it was completely a piece of Sukarakan's story.

2013/04/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 9931
The bad-end version of "Armageddon 2008".
In a word, this work is like this.

A comet crushed and scattered with a nuclear attack on a giant comet approaching the earth turns into rain of the meteorite and falls on the earth.
This is the beginning of everything.

First of all, David's work colleagues who collapse by drinking tap water contaminated with the poison contained in the meteorite, David who knew something had happened to his wife and child on the phone met Lynn on his way down to his wife child,
People are exposed to the crisis due to information concealment and isolation by politicians who are attacked by the rain of meteorite and are hit by cars, attacked by armed and runaway people,
A lot of time is spent on drama before David reunites with his family.

In addition, it is fast from the beginning of treatment of a fellow who drank contaminated water to giving up, the fact that meteorite rain falls into a lawless zone, America and machinery made scratchy,
There is plenty of Tsukomiya (neta) which can be said as the life of the movie of this hand.

Stop stopped the story while the problem such as how to cope with the rain of the meteorite was unresolved, where David and his wife and child decided to meet again.

With this. You can not give a rating other than "worst".