[Movie]Man on a Ledge

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Movie rank of 2012 Rank 36in 215 titles
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Lorenzo di Bonaventura Mark Vahradian
Jake Myers David Ready
Paul Cameron
Alec Hammond
Kevin Stitt
Susan Lyall
Henry Jackman
Sam Worthington
Elizabeth Banks
Anthony Mackie
Titus Welliver
Génesis Rodríguez
Kyra Sedgwick
Ed Harris
Japan Released:2012/07/07(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2012
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1. http://disney-studio.jp/movies/gakeppuchi/ (Translation)
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2014/12/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
There are many good bugs of insects as well as boys' cram schools, although suspense, such as the person who should have been dead was actually alive.
I think that this is the biggest neck of this work.

The story begins with a place where Nick who is imprisoned by diamond robot robbed his brother Joey at his funeral and took the gun, ran away to the hotel and jumped and fussed.

The work itself, Joey and Angie steal evidence of Shiloh from the blackcurtain while Nick actually jumps in the shilt and attracts the surrounding eyes,
Lydia who washes Nick's neighborhood and believes that Nick is Shi, a criminal who breathed the masterpiece starts to move away to kill Nick, and it is a thing called a drama,
Joey & Angie who invades the place of the black curtain and suffers security, the process until Lydia is on the side,
Nick scooped the evidence to dive from the hotel and again deprive the evidence from the blacksmith and prove the innocence of the public in the presence of the public,
The sense of urgency is not interrupted, the story progresses well at a tempo, and Nick finishes victory at the end after the flow turns three turns, the entertainment is also high.

In addition, it is also a good impression that the appearance of an adventurer, Mr. Masaru Nick lost the masterpiece behind the producer's idea for subprime loan.

The point pointed out at the beginning sounded, so the evaluation is "good" stop.

2013/08/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4936
It was a well done work.
Although it seems to be simple if you look at the result or neta only, it was interesting as it was attracted by a story's ingenuity or a way of showing from another angle and it was a mystery or a feeling of excitement.

As I thought that the development is continuous throughout the entire course, it will not be boring so I will not get bored, I will have a messed up tempo, so I will show it with contents and contents rather than a story, so it will be drawn to a great extent.
Almost the main character is standing on the edge of the cliff and there are developments and investigations that will occur next time and it has a feeling of tension to show it alone and gradually the purpose or aim of the main character while there is bargaining with women There is a sense of exhilaration as I understand and new developments come again.

As for the audience, I know who the hero is, but the first one is still unknown to the purpose Why did I try to kill myself why the reason why I chose this woman as a negotiator There is a place I do not know While viewing the position of a negotiator, it can be seen from an objective point of view.
Because I am trying to commit suicide because my father died or not, at first I can see in the same position as this woman, so I wondered how to persuade from the persuasion side and something behind it When you understand that there is a different purpose, the color of the work changes with Lalaly, so now you can see it with a different line of sight, there are various ways to enjoy with one work.

While showing bargains and mysteries with women, they also showed the content of women, once they failed negotiations in the past and let the police die, why did you choose this woman, that I am doing really well because they come to be meaningful later and connected.

There is neta trying to commit suicide, there is a trade with women, there is content of the purpose of the real man, after that it is in suspense style, gradually going out and showing it and going out One mystery Knowing the story of a new development will be fun if it knows.

Among them, there is an important content that seems to be cheating as a whole, and it is felt like being deceived as a viewer until the end, so it is a feeling that it was done, so it is not easy to be straightforward or in this narrow range, Because there is a big development and truth, I can not take my eyes and amuse me to the end.

This story or mystery is also interesting, but scenes and methods to infiltrate a building with a diamond are also well done and thoughtful, it is the way of infiltration as much as mission impossible, but what if it says what is funny Place to infiltrate is an amateur.
Although it may be natural if it is a professional like Tom Cruise, since it is an amateur, there is a strange feeling of love and fondness and it was seen in a series of breathtaking scenes even though no one knew about the actor.

It was a well-organized work with the story content, which was a plus, it was filled with story, bargaining, infiltration scenes and sight seeing.
Works that combine fun and skill.

I wanted one more last at last if I wanted one greed.
How to catch is too stupid.

2012/10/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23497 Host:23716 Browser: 10806
Prisoner who receives visit. Apparently he is a former police officer, he seems to be imprisoned with wet clothing. He was handcuffed with his father's funeral, he fought a fist fight in front of the grave from the quarrel with his brother and robbed the policeman's gun as he ran away.
Jump down from the hotel in the city declaring suicide, gather the attention of the police, the mass communication, and the giant. I was just bitchy, or ...? I saw it on company's return in a late show (though it has passed a long time ago).

B class movie. If you look at the atmosphere roughly, it is a spy plan of the old TV series. In other words, what I do not understand at all on the screen is progressing, but it is interesting that when I start typing, I can see scattering and scraping. Of course not being a bad guy, of course, the hotel's boy came from a fighting brother, and the boy actually got even more ... until the end gimmicks and kindness continued to be fantastic.
However, the position of the female detective named for the hero as a negotiator is subtle. Sandra of "speed" in a form involving perfection as a position, although it is a block, although it is a plan, it is a reason why she was chosen only for this story which is a planned criminal, it is called "her drama" It is good that you are not fully alive.
Coco, I'm falling into the dilemma that we can see the same thing also for the target jewelry king and see why he is "chosen" firmly, so we do not understand such a thing at all. I will show water to the mood "I do something amazing, but I do not understand something" as the main story of the story as "show" each, and there is no first scale as well. The reason why this could not be done is probably why he could not get out of the class B range, "Chanchan" as his work.

I did not think that I did not see it, but I do not think I'm in the movie theaters, especially, it is an honest place.

Aside: Although it was a late show, I decided to vacate with my colleagues. I wonder if five to six people were in the end after all?