[Movie]Lovely Molly

R15+(For more than 15 years old)
Movie total pnts rank Rank 2,325in 5,201 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 48.49
Movie rank of 2012 Rank 67in 216 titles
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Eduardo Sanchez
Jamie Nash Jane Fleming
Andrew White
Johnny Lewis
Japan Released:2012/08/19(Sun)
Outside Japan :Released:2011/09/14
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2015/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was hard to understand by simply watching it once, and watching while rewinding it, it became a good evaluation that the story was connected and managed to understand.
Since the talk is single-shot or it is advanced with folding edges and there is no explanation from there, there was a difficulty that it has only to fill in to some extent with imagination.

So at the beginning, it looks just like a woman crazily maddening it, but it is also frustrating enough, but as I often look closely it is because Tsujiki goes well with that .. or something like that I am made to think variously.

What is happening in the past is becoming an important keyword, but the past part of it is hardly drawn and you have to read it from a few words.

Probably the main character 's woman was beaten by his father and lost his memory of the past, was put in a mental hospital or facility.
The reason why my mother wanted to leave home was because he wanted to escape from his father and died soon afterwards and my sister tried to defend himself but I could not keep it, I thought he kept it.
I do not know if it is after (deposit) or before, but my sister kills my father.

Shooting with cameras is also an important point, but there is no explanation for the father's being assaulted with the camera with a camera, there is no explanation or scene.
A woman's woman is unconsciously concerned about the camera, there is always a feeling that someone is watching it, there is always a shooting feeling and the shooting is also made like that and it is becoming a factor to push fear once.

Also, do you think that the hero himself / herself photographing with a camera also relates to something related to the past or whether it seems like my father is transitting for a moment and it is not my intention, so who is it? I wonder if it is becoming a point.

It is probably that the main character is finding what is the father 's room, it is probably a camera, so we only have to imagine knowing by looking at the contents and remembering that, as the driver rolled over, the father came There is no choice but to really fill in with the imagination that it is what the father used tools or what it is aware of.

After all, the fact that the main character's woman became crazy was probably suffering from psychosis because it was being assaulted originally, but he is also doing drugs, because killing a girlfriend was an affair I have taken pictures of my opponent's family for a long time, and I also kill my opponent's children from revenging hearts.
I said that he was taken over by his father who is not willing to do it, but maybe it was a normal suspense due to a mere harassment simply dressing it.

I think that it is the aim of this work to make various thoughts whether it is a father's curse or psychosis or just a grudge.

Acting first was exaggerated and I was frustrated, but I guess it was a brilliant act that attracted me as I knew gradually.

My last sister also finishes where I was going to be dragged in by the door, but that door is the place where the door was the first person and the hero was hiding because the main character was listening to the girls' cries and the two were hiding away from the father.
Because I feel like the hero has become amusing since I opened that door, is my elder sister also predicting whether it will go wrong or was there a sister who disappeared there, personally hidden 2 Because I was seeking help with a child of men, I think that I extended my hand trying to rescue it.
By doing so, it seems that it shows settlement though it is not settled with the past.

What is it like something is somewhat omitted and it is hardly understood at the beginning because only the superficial part is drawn, but it is difficult to understand at first, but I think while thinking a lot like this? It might be a work that feels more interesting as it goes.