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Twentieth Century Fox Film
Ang Lee
Gil Netter David Womark
Dean Georgaris
Claudio Miranda
Tim Squyres
Mychael Danna
Irrfan Khan
Rafe Spall
Gerard Depardieu
Japan Released:2013/01/25(Fri)
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1. http://www.foxmovies.jp/lifeofpi/ (Translation)
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2014/02/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10771 Host:10623 Browser: 5171
Did she really drift with a ship ... drifting ...?
Clearly, I thought it was a thing to drift with the jungle, from the title, but it is terrible to not let you get bored at all by drawing the days spent on the ship.

Well, from the conclusion it was quite interesting work for this work.
It is the main story of this work that a boy in a zoo in India loses family and animals by the overthrow of a cargo ship that was riding with family and animals and spends with a tiger on a lifeboat.
Spending it with a tiger and an ark that went back to the wild is a very painful story, but in such circumstances, the appearance of a boy who knows the severity of "weak cookery" was quite funny.
After all, is there a fresh place that the hero sees something that grows beyond a certain level of hardships and pain ...? Because I do not want to absolutely feel the strength that I do not want.

So it was interesting that the religion of a boy named Pai was a prohibited meat diet.
Things that the tiger eats and kill herbivorous animals can be shown to the father and things can not live unless the fish are killed, but it is rather a thing like a sin of living by knowing the flavor of food and living things I think that the process of embossing was very good.
It was quite nice to have been presented variously in the daily part of the early stage.

Also, it was good to have mixed humor to such an extent that it did not become too dark.
It seems to be the first "pee" to get down, but in the process of training a tiger, it was interesting that "Step 4, steps 1 to 3 are ineffective".
Just like watching only spicy drifting, it would be better to have such a place.
It was quite useful for wisdom to be utilized in some places.

The picture was pretty beautiful, of course.
The appearance of animals at CG and the beautiful sea. The flying fish scene was also good.
The figure of a thin tiger who was in need was also pretty beautiful and I can not stand to evaluate only here, but the picture was quite like the other people said.

It would be nice to see the friendship that buddied with the tiger that was also afraid of that much last.
It is certainly the side to eat, the side to be eaten, but it is a creature coexisting in the same world ....
There was a scene that came to the chest, whether it was quite impressed in the final stage.

Evaluation is "very good".

2013/12/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
First of all the image plane is wonderful.
Naturally, the Lion is CG, but it is realistic that I can not think it is very CG so that I can empathize and it will work for the last punch.

It is not only not to feel the mechanical movement, but I do not know natural movements and animal reactions, but I do not think they are studying, but I think that it is not limited to this but I often come out with animals like this It is where the human being intentionally directs or makes acting too much to make it go out, even though there are such works in real animals, this did not feel it.
That's why I was watching it normally, so I could leave it without feeling sickness and unnaturalness, so I could get in.

Another fantasy image beauty including that tiger was truly amazing.
Where the storm came or where the ship sank, there was force, something like a dolphin appeared or drifted to the last island was exactly like a world view that got into the illusion world.
This is depicted as a story that I actually experienced, but I think that I think that it is possible to think that there are such things thought it might be impossible or even as if I had experienced the illusion that I was seeing There was a feeling that I was in a gap between real and fantasy.

Not only that but it is sea, fish and landscape, each one is realistic, beautiful and carefully made, so I can feel the world view only by this visual beauty and I want to stay in.
Fish like seemingly unlikely things comes out, so it's fantasy, but it feels real.

The content of this work comes alive when there is image beauty of this fantasy world though this is real.

I thought that it was only a drifting work until viewing, and there was a way of advertisement like that, so it would take about an hour to drift away if I thought it would drift soon.
So it may be bored so far, and it seems useless that the content of one hour's time so far is useless as it becomes interesting as it drifts, but in the hour you see it to the end, I know that hints and meanings were hidden.
So it may be said that the content of that one hour is important.

My child's heart approaches a tiger, but my father stopped me, and if a tiger is a dangerous creature, I will teach you to eat deer in front of me.
Finally it is appealing to which one you believe which one you trust, whether it is an important message nature and teaches a tough reality or a pure dream world like a child's heart?
It is this beginning that there is this scene in this hour and it spreads from here, I feel that this is the beginning and connected.

There is a storytelling person and a listener, I believe that I completely believe that tremendous story and no words come out, but I was convinced that the word had persuasive power.
I think that it was actually, the murderous scene using animals also has been drawn at an early stage after drifting, it is instantaneous, the actual contents drawn at the end are only serifs, drawing the world of fantasy for a long time There was content to persuade to make the fantasy world feel realistically. (It does not matter to the fantasy world after animals died, if originally)

It definitely comes alive thanks to this video screen, image beauty.
If the tiger does not look like a living tiger, everything will be meaningless if CG is rolled out and you can see confidence that challenged there.
(Because it's a fantasy world it's OK with a CG rolling tiger ... it was useless)

The place where the good part of this work is good is where the last tiger did not look back.
While teaching my dreams I teach a tough reality, I am not beautiful I do not feel the intention I think it is a wonderful place to the end.
I wrote something like this, but in Japan it was no doubt that I turned around and pushed the impression director to this extent to show my intention.

Although it was religious a little later, it was a place where I felt it realistic that it is good to tie it to a destiny place.
It seems that it seems that it actually seems that it seems that it seemed to be said that it was said that it was relieved by relating to or making meaning to ~ or discovering the island even though it was about to die but God seems to be saying to live without abandoning It was.

It is fantasy itself to survive by drifting with a tiger, but there was real and polite making which is not too fantasy.

2013/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32484 Host:32340 Browser: 6546
〓〓〓br> Director is "Brokeback Mountain" Ann Lee.

A plot that a half-life of Pie's surprise is spoken with alternating recollections and reality.

It is a plot similar to Boyle's "Slamdog. Millionaire", Zeumekis' "Forest Gump", Burton's "Big Fish".

Is it still CG deserving special mention?
The movement of that tiger that threatens the pie on the ship is only real.
Even the story is so, from where to where is real?
Academy Award winning is also convincing.

I think that the most important highlight is CG, but the story is full of humor and lessons and is interesting.
Please check it out by all means.

2013/02/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9508 Host:9397 Browser: 7856
Although it might be interesting as expected but the story seems to be too much in expectation, but I thought that it was a movie with a half-minded first, it got dull until I drifted first and there was no surprise like this even when drifting, "beautiful image viewing That "... I was expecting a bit more, but I was expecting a little more than a survival It was a feeling that luck survived strongly and the scenes of flying fish are too convenient (the scene of the whale was good)

Please be sure to see it because it is funny, people drunk may be intoxicated as it is a sea scene only

2013/02/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25500 Host:25822 Browser: 4894
[good point]
Image beauty. Extreme story, even a picture of a swimmer in the pool expressing that the water in the super public Swimming Pool in the French public pool is the most beautiful in the world was the beauty of the water you see for the first time.
In the second half, she shows us with a beautiful image that sighs exclamation that the sea is filled with countless life. It is not the beauty of the polar color that we often see the tropical fish and coral of the tropical country. It is the spawning eggs of jellyfishes that the whole sea of 〓〓〓〓〓he moonlight glows pale, it is a flock of flight fly that flies like a large group of airplanes, and there is unexperienced mystery beauty. Even if it is CG, it is worth a look.

Why did not you abandon the Bengal tiger that you might eat yourself when you fell from the boat? If you do not believe in God at all, there is probably no reason to help. Since I am a non religious person, I can not understand the feeling of pulling a tiger into a boat at all. There is no mercy to others to afford to rise so much if it threatens their own lives. Result As it is always nervous in the fight against those who might eat and kill himself, and it led to the surgical technique of survival, it is said that life is connected to others in an unexpected place to keep his / her life feel. It is connected so much that it is not a category that humans can imagine, I felt as thought of it as God's will.
In addition, the last tiger disappears in the jungle without making a first visit. There was a line that the serif of the hero could not say thank you or parting to those who helped himself until now. I think that it is always in my life. For once in a while.

All of the early stage is a foreshadow for such an end, it is realistic and a father of a businessman of a profane, a devout Hindus ?, a beautiful mother, a good honest and good for a parent Family interaction with unsatisfactory older brother was drawn, religious feeling was also told with a little bit but it was fun enough. Even the riot between the cock and the mother in the ship has become a hint, there is no useless part when thinking later.

[Bad point]
I saw it in 3D, but it is 2 hours screening time but I think it is the limit. My eyes got tired and the drifting scene was just too long to start being disgusting.
Who is the mommy who comes out first?
I do not know why there was a need for a Japanese ship. The fact that only two employees of the last survey company were Japanese are not sure what it meant. I do not seem to be criticizing the Japanese at all?
I did not know the floating island of human eating at all until there was an explanation. The surprise that the acid lake means that way?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was able to see plenty of images I have never seen before. Since I saw nothing about preliminary knowledge, I thought that it was an animation recording movie that had been many from now on until now, and it was much more interesting than I expected.
However, even if it is a parting schedule with a tiger, the person himself can not move debilitating with a silent parting, so there is no definite scene where emotions rise. But if the tiger happens to take some action at the time of parting, everything so far will be spoiled. I can not do anything beyond that of.
Moreover, it seems that it is a work which does not necessarily need to attach the highest. If you decorate strangely or give an arbitrary scene, the purity of the life that this movie talks fades. So evaluation is satisfactory enough for me, very good.

2013/01/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29096 Host:29149 Browser: 4694
[good point]
As for me, this movie is 3D.IMAX first experience.
I was amazed at the presence and image beauty. It was overwhelmed by the texture of animals and the power of the ocean.

After the drifting of the contents it was very impressive.
That was amazing, but there was a sense of tension between pie and tiger and I could not take my eyes.
When I talked back to the story from the truth found at the end of the story how various tigers drifting together for PI came, various interpretations came and I felt that Coco was a part different from ordinary drifting thing.

Although I suddenly smell the fantasy from the middle, its hypothesis is also a hint, and the method is also fine.

There was power in acting of the hero.

[Bad point]
One hour is bored.
A wasteful view of religion or anything special to the Japanese.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a good movie as it only took up a hot topic.
I also want to evaluate parts that are not simple panic.