[Movie]Lake Placid vs. Anaconda

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A.B. Stone
Jeffery Beach Phillip J. Roth
Berkeley Anderson
Ivo Peitchev
Claude Foisy
Robert Englund
Yancy Victoria Butler
Stephen Billington
Nigel Barber
Laura Dale
Outside Japan :Released:2015
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2016/10/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4234 Host:4297 Browser: 5819
Crossover works of "Anaconda" and "UMA"
The character also felt motivation where the person of the series was arranged.

As the tendency of overseas monster works, the proportions are biased toward human drama as well,
With a sheriff sheriff trying to preserve the peace of the town,
The female tyrant president who is trying to cross mediate Anakonda and Lake Crocodile and make a medicine with longevity of eczema,
In addition, the personality of the three people of the worst female circle leader of character are considerably intense,
The battle of the monster inserted from time to time is almost unimpressive after watching.
Regardless of the fact that the crocodile was eaten by the crocodile, the female president survived had discomfort,
Perhaps, it may be about considering VS 2nd stage.

Rating: Normal

2016/02/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7828 Host:7725 Browser: 5171
The producer is not stupid.
This is the most surprising to watch this work.

The story is that a female president who invaded the nature preservation area is a researcher who is caught crowning when crocodile is going to make medicine for elderly longevity using crocodile captured with Anaconda, a one - man man (guide) , Hurriedly to move the car and destroy the fence,
It begins with a hell picture in which anaconda and crocodile escape.

First of all, anaconda and Crocodile escape gangs while being disguised by the disgusted bunker, a one eye man who survived to grab the gold on the barmen and get caught trying to escape, the arrogant attitude among the group who came to the lake A woman taking a character, a character of characters appears standing to capture crocodiles and snakes, such as a female president who is caught by a washerful sheriff to a cowardly capture came to capture Anaconda.

Others include crocodile dragging prey on boat into lake, crocodile kids swarming poachers,
A female student who is struck by a fellow and is eaten by a crocodile, an anaconda that crushes a car with people wrapped around a car, students who swim in the swimming suit in swimming suit,
Although it can not deny that the level of CG is low, such as anaconda which is blown from inside by swallowed people, there is impact on the picture, enough to see.

However, even if it is seriously created, stupidity will not come out, and even if it is tried to run foolishly, serious elements will become an obstacle, so that the work has become out of touch, so the evaluation is "normal".

2016/02/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23003 Host:23078 Browser: 4721
CG of Anaconda or Crocodile was a work that is quite easy to see where the car was destroyed or where explosive scenes or something elaborate were stiff.
Since the story goes forward while developing various scenes and characters, the tempo was also good, and since it is feeling going through Don Dong without extensive or extra scenes, there was a feeling of being gathered up as one work.

Characters are good and many are coming out so it can be watched only with the contents of the character or it will entertain me variously with a little comedy.
As how to show that character and how to insert a scene is good, I think that it is also connected with the goodness of tempo after all.
Personally I do not like too much shoveling images and B class works, but I did not get bored as B class B was made to be B class.
I am in a small box but I am stuck with no omissions and I think that it is made and it is made into a movie properly without CG as a panic thing.

Although it became VS once, VS was not main and it was not a main point and almost anaconda was victorious almost, and the content of the character going corresponding to them was more main feeling than it was.
The character of the character was so strong that he could not defeat the frenzied creatures, especially the women's team was huge in impact.

A woman who is a lady who thought she would be killed soon is also a role of a perfect disgusting woman but that is a good role and it is a feeling that this woman is more impressive than Anankoda or the like even after it is over It was.
In addition to that, a variety of young women came out, but thought running around in the forest with bare feet or not stretching.

There are also plenty of glow and egg scenes, but this work does not have R designation etc, and I still do not know what the standard is like as usual.

At the end is the place where the enemy himself bombed himself and finished briefly or lost somewhat excitement.

In order to develop a new drug originally I had to take out the eggs of the anaconda and the crocodile crossed species before dropping it down and it ended at the place where the eggs were bred because there was a serious thing that a serious thing would happen if it gave birth It was good that the punch line seemed to be horror.

At the beginning I did not get much inspiration, but when I went to see it was a work I am addicted to in some way.