[Movie]L'odeur de la Papaye verte

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Japan Released:1994/08/13(Sat)
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2013/06/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Cinderella, an innocent girl, though she was a story, she was shocked by being very erotic.
Although I have not drawn any sexual depiction, the awakening to the sex of a girl is beautifully projected. Moreover, to the extent that it does not become too raw.

I think that this work is depicting the happiness that desire invites through the hero, Mui.
A girl Mui who came to a certain house in Saigon loves a small life and is charming with a simple figure that loves nature. While the first half of the story rejoiced to her figure, preparations for the second half are taking place fairly.
Mui does not have a disgusting face, she encourages her to serve. There may be days when I remember my parents in my hometown, when I woke up in the morning I looked at the papaya, smiled, loved frogs and small creatures, living healthily every day.
In contrast to such a girl Mui's family members are generally distorted.

My father retreated with a shock lost his daughter, did not work, did not work, he spent the day long at random, and his wife worked without complaining a word to such a husband. The eldest son leaves his house in such a father and mother nothing to do with us, the second son is a distortion enough to hit an irritation to two people with a little creature with the second son. The third son is cute.
Yes, only the third boy in this family released an intense personality. To say it, I think that it may be safe to run for only 100 minutes interaction between Mui and Tin.
What you do with muscular expression is cute all the time. What is cute than Mui. It is regretful that the turn comes out in the latter half ... .... Even though Mui goes out, it is likely to be the first reaction.

Well as it is as it will be. So, what I want to say is that the mother and the second son in the family are contrastingly depicted with Mui and these two people.
My young wife is doing her husband. This resembles Mui's unwilling happiness. Just doing it just makes you happy. But in a sense the young wife was indifferent to her husband. As a result, she was hit by the misfortune of losing her husband. This was in contrast to Mui who attracted Ken's mind by chance and eventually became happy by insisting on his fine wishes.

Afterwards contrast with second son Lam. The difference in reaction when the same living thing was put in front showed the difference between the environment in which it was placed and the inside. Mr. Lamb, the method of consolidating with wax is cruel ......;

And the stage moved 10 years later. These are amazing. At the first half of the time I already drawn the drama without much use of the words, Mui talks little in the second half. Even though the drama has been completed, and although the way of expression is only implicit or metaphorical, it means that the meaning will be conveyed to the approximate audience implicitly.
That is preparation for preparing the above. I used this work, papaya and jar to express sex. By planting the viewer what the meaning of papaya or jar has in the first half of the story, we are fascinating dramas with these two tools in the second half.
It was also the fianc莨〓who gave a vase to Quen, and Mui who broke the fruit of papaya and put the seeds on the lotus, smiled from the pure curiosity laughing at the contents of the contents of papaya Indeed [female] compared with. Especially Mui's scene is a delicate hope that she was fascinated by her desire for the first time. I'm watching too. My smile makes me smile at my calm smile.

Although it will develop slowly at the end of the game at the end of the game, conversely, Mui's Cinderella is also to be able to see the story obediently and pleased. After watching, I felt very good.

Also, I was surprised at this work that the filming was done in suburbs of Paris, not in Vietnam. I just admire the completion of the stage which I only see in Vietnam. Is this overseas quality .... wonderful.
A splendid cut and camera work that expresses a sense of life is also really nice.

Papaya is a blue vegetable but becomes a fruit when it matures. Actually, maybe it points to Mui himself?