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Other media: Literature:LE GRAND CAHIER
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Japan Released:2014/10/03(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2013/09/19
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2015/07/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27287 Host:27281 Browser: 7869
Works that depict twins that live under wartime.

It is interesting to see the twins trying to train your mind and body with each other beating or cursing.
Serious content and a lot of violent expression, but somewhere a ridiculous and distinctive world view is brought up.
I wonder if I personally liked the relationship between the twin opposing grandmother and the twins joined by a strange bond.

Those who like this work are recommended "little flowers of evil", "maiden's prayers" or something.
Volker Schleundorff's "Tin drum" may be nice.

2014/10/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11724 Host:11712 Browser: 4181
It was a tremendously intense movie. It is not such thing as whether there is an oversize or a hint recovery. It is terrible that there is no mercy in each depiction that is painted purely.

The story depicts a set in Hungary, a pair of evacuated twins trying to become stronger in their own way.
As wartime undertaking is the stage, of course the deaths accompanying it come out, but the devastation of this work does not come from the simple depiction of "life and death of man". It comes from its freshness that drew all the inside of man all the time.

The depiction of the twins, in particular the hero, is unique.
When it says a work depicting the figure of a child in wartime, empathy transfer and empathy are often urine mainly around "Anne's diary".
However, the twins of this work are only stated as "bad boys", and they are located in the opposite direction with such works. Besides, there was not even a lovely goddamn at all in that evil. Rather, we will continue acts that hesitate even large adults one after another.

However, it is not that evil commitment of such two girls is noticeable. Rather, people around me may appear ugly in various ways. Characters that look like seemingly gentle human beings are moving with their fruits, a very selfish idea.
In such a way, in the midst of a desire to be exposed as a maddens under the harsh conditions of war, the twins become an "evil" in order to live strongly according to their own philosophy. To survive in a world without humanism, we must also discard humanism.

That's why this work is variously bad aftertaste. What is not the last story, it is already dark, heavy and extreme as with the full story. The movie in which silence dominated the theater until that time had been after a long absence.
However, there are things that can be drawn because of such a work. This "bad diary" would be a work deserves to be called just such "poison with poison".

Although it is not an easy-to-see work, it is no doubt that it is a movie that has a strong impression. Perhaps a good movie for those who are tired of the work of "Humanism unfolded in war".