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Movie avg pnts Rank 210in 581 titlesAvg 1.21=Good/14 reviews
Movie rank of 1993 Rank 9in 59 titles
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Danny a young boy who loves cinema strays into a typical action movie `Jack Slater IV'.
Information about this title

Columbia Pictures TriStar Movie
Arnold Schwarzenegger Steve Ross John McTiernan David Arnott Shane Black
Michael Kamen Dean Semler John Wright Richard A. Harris Austin O'Brien
Charles Dance Anthony Quinn
F Murray Abraham Tom Noonan
Frank McRae Bridgette Wilson
Noah Emmerich Danny DeVito
Ian McKellen
Robert Prosky Joan Plowright Mercedes Ruehl
Robert Patrick Sharon Stone Sylvester Stallone Chevy Chase, Tina Turner James Belushi JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME MC Hammer
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Japan Released:1993/08/28(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1993/06/18
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Last Action Hero [Fan reg.]
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2015/03/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 12723
Work enters the movie world.

The gap between reality and the world in the movie is interesting.
Especially it was fun to be a different person if the role of the terminator is the movie world.
I think that the flow of the talk is exciting and it is not bad either.

Evaluation is "good"!

2014/01/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 9950
The idea itself is a work that is good at alive while alive.

A hero who longs for a story or fantasy world, and has a magical item in it.
It will be a common story.
But in the first half I enjoyed the gap between Danny who is watching the world of movies from the real world and Slater who is a character of movie with respect to blur and tsukkomi while entertaining scenes not unique to the movie as entertainment, while awaking from the dream at the end We will emphasize the theme while moving to battle in the real world.
Although it will become modest as an action, this one is more important.

Is it chicken race that I got a special eye as a director?
In the middle of doing it also because Danny is in the movie, "I am a supporting player (= I am not a hero)" speech.
The race that Sureita did in the real world is also different from that in the movie.
But we must keep fighting our teeth, even in reality, which can not be like a movie.

Even in reality Danny felt cinematic convenience around where the crisis took place, but a boy who used the movie theater as a place to escape the reality faced the reality while holding the courage that the hero taught by the hero A story that draws.
Is it a theme that leads to "men who created mask riders" in Japan?

"Terminator 2" In the next year's work of the big hit, the feeling of the decoating feeling & parody odor is positive, although it seems that it divides the denial, I think that it was able to achieve balance of entertainment and theme. "Very good".

2013/01/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12259 Host:12112 Browser: 5682
It was a setting that seemed like a child who likes animation and movies, such as coming and going between the world where a hero of admiration exists and the real world etc, but the simple entertainment property was easy to understand this movie.

The hero's boy and Jack, the latter can not understand the reason why the former suddenly appeared,
I was laughed whether to say that the conversation did not mesh "I wonder reasonable."
That bond was well deepened. It was a good hint that the son of Jack was killed by Ripper at "Jack. Slater 3", but it was exactly more than a parent and child, did not he?

There was plenty of actions, not only car chases and shooting scenes, but also the fact that there was a feeling of excitement and excitement not to let people get tired of title as driving a crane or driving an ambulance was a place that said it was funkish. I thought that the rematch scenario with the above ripper also won and succumbed to the main character by killing himself ... ..... sense of impression There was catharsis in perfect reversal play. In addition to him, the villainers are also roughly standing characters,
Benedict who was it at "Jack. Slater 4" also had something stabbed with intimidating sense of intimidating imparting to the opponent, but Vivaldi who had been treated like a fool in such a man said " That was it. Terminator and parodies such as ET were made to grin.

I saw a dubbed version, not to mention Mr. Tetsunoda Genda, but a good performance of Mr. Yoshiko Kamei who was the main character shone, but she may be an underestimation pair if anything.
Mother who was hysteric may not have a good impression depending on the viewer,
It would have been a favorable movie that could be enjoyed regardless of age group. Evaluation is "good".

2013/01/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20033 Host:20028 Browser: 4626
[good point]
It is interesting that the development which was inevitable within the movie was fun.
.have a dream.

[Bad point]
I am too tense.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The first half is interesting and the second half is boring.
In the movie it was interesting that too much action and too convenient deployment.
In reality it seems I am feeling tense by not being a hero but becoming an ordinary man, is not it?
If I make a difference I should do more clearly.
I think that this was a good story in the movie.
The grandfather 's grandfather' s happy talking happily was very good.

Evaluation is "good".

2013/01/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25733 Browser: 5829
Entered into the movie, people came out of the movie ... It is content for children.
As I was a child, the movie "Ultraman Gaia" seemed to be able to meet people in movies and television in this way, but it is ahead of that.
Schwarzenegger has appeared in two roles as the role of the characters in the plays in the play and the role of the principal.
Moreover, there were times when two people walked side by side. It looks like metafiction, but it is interesting.

In the world of play in the play there was also such a story that Terminator 2 was Stallone.
It's a feeling of coming out rather than fairly laughable. However, it tends to remain in the impression.
In the real world there was a scene that would hurt the glass by breaking it with bare hands, but if it goes beyond the world beyond that, perhaps a pretty person can become strong.

There were scenes that I was disappointed with knowing that I was a person in a fictional world, but I do not feel like talking about breaking that frame but I feel like I was somewhat sorry.
I do not feel like being good if he is good.

Well, the story that the boy in the real world and hero he adores friendship is friendship is somewhat emotional.
Farewell in the last scene, though not painful, I think that it was not bad with a positive feeling.

The terrestrial broadcast of the other day apparently was not long enough to broadcast a single movie, so I think that it was cut quite a lot, but it was quite fun to watch the main points of the story altogether.
It is simple to be able to see without using your head.

2012/07/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14863 Host:14820 Browser: 9929
A gorgeous action so that "d" appears on the top.
You see Hollywood action actors in places you are working on.
These are the selling points of this work.

The content is a boy who likes action movies (mainly Slater's leading role) Danny enters the movie world,
It was a thing to say to act with Slater. .

Slater who walks on the roof of a police car, a fight with a criminal who takes a child as a hostage and a slater,
A flashy gun battle and car action, Slater to rescue Danny that is falling under the building,
It is hidden by the flashy battle flashy, but all the actions that are occasionally demonstrated are first-class items and entertainment is high.

More than anything, the combination of Slater and Danny was a dream of seeing a child longing for a hero to say "sure".

Evaluation is "good" stop because the action scene was eaten by a shooting scene.

2010/08/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27084 Host:27114 Browser: 13177
Recently I watched it for a long time.
"To the world of the hero who I admire too (in heroine) ..." Such a dreamlike thing would have been dreamed by everyone once, and there are also many works dealing with similar plots.
However, this work draws a line with such a group of works, I think that what I show is not just a dream but because I am stepping straight into the gap with reality.

An exaggerated "impossible" expression such as driving backwards in the movie world, animated characters, glasses blowing off with shouting voice,
The sarcastic development of 'promise' such as prearranged decision word and gun bullets at the last minute creates a gap with reality,
It is also brilliant to contribute to the tightening of the second half drama.
"It's different from movies, the real world is a scary place." "You are making it!
The core of a drama that looks like a line like "The bad guys always win in this world".
Closing that showed the ugliness of the real world and still left a small dream at the end was truly moving.

There are many highlights such as flashy action, parody, gorgeous cast, it is a recommended masterpiece.

2009/01/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17527 Host:17359 Browser: 8445
Works that shaped the child's heart. I had a dream that entered the movie world with magical tickets. The view of the world inside there is also attractive, and it can be said that this is a key point. It is interesting that the boy who entered the movie (Danny) encounters the admired action hero "Jack Slater" and is amazed as to know the truth, or is active. For that reason it is impressive that there is a part that emphasizes movie styles such as anime cats and parodies using ET.

As soon as a villain eyedroke man notices the existence of the ticket, Jack becomes a battle in the real world, Jack loses power as a hero, and he is told the severity, and despair that he and his son's death are all made The figure is drawn. And the words of the prosthodontist 's "This world is always bad" is a word that was cast on the viewer that the reality is always ugly, unlike a dream.

At the end Jack was shot by the gun and the life became dangerous, and it had to return to the movie world. As the power of the tickets has also been weakening, Jack will close the eternal Farewell Times, but Jack says "I can meet any time I watch a movie," leaving my dream.

It was a nice thing about this movie that weighed on dreams and reality. The reality is ugly and dreams are only dreams at all, but we can meet at any time, and we are constantly living in someone's mind. I think that it was a movie that wanted to convey such a thing.

I think that it was a good movie.

If you do not see it with a pure heart, you may not be able to understand the original goodness quite well.

2008/11/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10290 Host:10128 Browser: 4184
[good point]
A comedy that takes promise of an action movie by itself.
The gap created by the difference between the movie and the real world such as "There is such a scratch crack!", "It hurts painfully!" Was fun.
Jack acting Shuwa - chan, the interaction between Slater and real Shwa - chan is made to grin.
The action scene is also impressive full mark. There are also many fancy directors, and it is satisfying deki for people who like action movies from Hollywood.

[Bad point]
I feel good or bad as Hollywood's action movie.
Powerful, full of thrusts because it keeps in mind that it will show a flashy director.
Parody neta ... this is definitely going to pick people ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Shuwa-chan fans.I think that it's an interesting work if you can enjoy promises of action movies.
Evaluation is "good".
There were many dissatisfied points, but I enjoyed it as it was.

2007/11/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1407 Host:1250 Browser: 5598
It is a work which rented video before watching.
The balance between comical depiction and serious depiction was well taken and I enjoyed it very much.
The boy who entered the actual movie meets Shuwa who is a longing star, but the conversation between these two people was very interesting.
I was able to fully demonstrate my first name combination.
The story development also has a cool action scene, with comical depiction, full of highlights, I was able to watch without getting tired until the end.
At first, the boy and Shuwa who seemed to be not very friendly but as the story proceeded, the bonds gradually felt like deepening, it was a good impression.
There are no particularly dissatisfied points to watch and I think that it is a work that was fun from the beginning to the end so evaluate it as "Highest!"

2007/07/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1877 Host:1917 Browser: 5234
[good point]
Schwarzenegger and action movie star also have some funny stories
(Small stories are often hard to understand if you are not a movie fan, though I think that parody story should not be the main axis, but this work is attractive other than that).

[Bad point]
When I first saw this movie, I thought that 'This is bad.' Although there are parody stories somewhat laughable, the script is distracted. The most popular is the audience until the "promise of the film world" is revealed from the middle, "Would you like to laugh?" "Does it hurt the action?"
I can not boil it. As a legitimate action, it is tasteless and absurd. It will be halfway as a gag. There is "Roger. Rabbit" as a similar gag of this work,
From there on, the live-action characters from the beginning.An animated character walks around the screen mixed with the background.
It is convincing because there is a pedagogical story of "This movie's stage is the world like this" carefully depicting animated character at the beginning. If there is not this, the latter half, the city of cartoon "Thun.
Town ", the" manga action "that the main character (live-action photograph) carries forward will be seen fictionally.
However, it is "exactly Corre" that this work failed. Since the explanation of the world view is insufficient at the beginning,
"The absurdity of the film world" will not make you laugh, it will become "Shirake". It is too late at the time it is known. After all, the first half of "entering the movie world" is a series of shirk. I thought "Please put out sooner" at the time the animated characters appeared. Latter half "Movie characters come out to the real world"
The way to show parts is too bad, except for a small story of a parody, the gap between reality and fiction does not make a burst of laugh.
Shinigami, do you know everyone else?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Very bad". It is a complete retreat as a result of "Roger Rabbit". The story itself is too weak as it is held by parodication. Impression that you can not bridge the reality well within the movie.
Personally waste of time.

2007/07/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23815 Host:23983 Browser: 4184
I saw it before Oita before, but it was interesting. The thing that the boy of the hero who likes the movie gets a magic ticket from the father there and enters the world of the movie starring Shuwa. The contents are parodies and gags using the promise of the action movie appear in succession, so it should be enjoyable if you go to the key points well.

Evaluation is "good". Is it good or bad to work for Shuwa-chan fan? It's short and I'm sorry ....

2007/07/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40935 Host:41100 Browser: 3650
[good point]
It is the point that Surewa is enjoying self parody thinking pleasantly.
The gag which appears in this work is mostly parodies such as Shuwa's own self parody and ET neta,
It is transmitted that Shuwa himself is playing it happily.
Looking at a kind of festival sense, it may be interesting.

I think the action scene has a very good tempo.
There is also a light clutching like video clip that suitably combines music and action, and the side that you are looking for can also feel awkward.
Despite the parody movie, it's pretty massive because it takes money, so the power of the action is enough.
It is a nice feeling that the music used in the play is quite nice, but it excites the scene.

Luxurious cameo performers are also attractive.
Robert Patrick came out of the police station with a costume of T - 1000,
Jean - Claude, Van Dam as the acting actor representative of Jack, answering the impression of the latest work by Slater,
The cameo performers are luxurious anyhow and it is a kind of pleasure to find them.

[Bad point]
You can not enjoy it unless you like Shwa.
Robert Patrick's cameo appearance, well-known famous lines, the point that T2's starring in the play is a stallone,
It is a gag premised on knowing Shuwa's movie, and you will not be able to enjoy it at all if you do not know it.
I think that contents other than Shuwa's fans can be taken as "getting in too much condition".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it does not hit after winning money, it is a controversial work both from the Lazy Prize nomination and from Shuwa chan fans,
Personally I enter quite a favorite category.
As a "parody-packed festival movie", I think it's a fairly interesting work.
Also, regarding this work, I think that it would be more interesting to see it by dubbing than subtitles.

2007/01/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 7395
Oh, it was an action movie that Shuwa made for the first time to produce it and it was mossed (box office results did not wield).
The boy who admires the movie hero said that he was going to enter the movie world with a mysterious ticket and was invincible hero, Jack, with Slater, to hug a big adventure with the cinema of the movie world and the real world .

The starring of the movie "Terminator" placed at the rental shop will be made a grin when it is becoming a stalone whose competitors are regarded as rivals.

Whether it was a movie that playfully drawn a desire to enter into the movie and to make an active part, everyone would have dreamed once as a movie lover. It is regrettable that the moss was made.