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Christopher McQuarrie
Lee Child
Tom Cruise Paula Wagner Gary Levinsohn Don Granger David Ellison Dana Goldberg Rosamund Pike Robert Duvall Werner Herzog Richard Jenkins
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Japan Released:2013/02/01(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2012/12/21
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2015/09/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47319 Host:47312 Browser: 5779
I also thought that Tom Cruise would save the world, but it was quite different from what I thought.
The scale is smaller than mission impossible, etc. It is only about one case to expand to the end. As usual Tom Cruise is the strongest, but it was very impressive to place emphasis on suspense without action full opening. There are puzzlemental elements, there is also reality, and it is much more relaxing style than usual Tom Cruise Musou.
Tom is a hero, but in the past it was a skilled person, but I feel like I pulled a line and I feel like a leader. There is not a love romance against a female lawyer of a heroine, is it a schoolchild feeling?
There is such a background, there is nothing like Tom being unilaterally told, there is something like tough enough.
So there is not much thrilling like a decisive battle to separate life and death. People who expect that kinda might be a bit ....

Although this work is as strong as suspense like elements as mentioned above, it is something you can enjoy enough even with a story alone. Especially the opening story and the last story are brilliant. I also wrote other people, but the story was born with integrity consistent with chitin and it was becoming the last to have persuasive power.
Tom like this is pretty rare and I want to see the sequel.

2014/02/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7334 Host:7259 Browser: 4721
Tom Cruise Muso Suspense Movie

As a criminal thing,
Using Horror's method, good tension feeling continues to the end even if vigorous things happen, good.
The deployment of reasoning is also taken into consideration so as not to confuse here, it is drawn into nature.

If you see it as an action gunfight fighting car chase will do it all the way. M: There is no flashy like I but it is small, but there is a nice story.

What if I try it as a Tom Musouba I think that Tom is now, I think I can take a crucial cool picture I have seriously worked with Kole successfully.
We do not forcibly erase the feeling of frustration coming from age, we have experienced veteran smells and sorrows that have experienced life and work,
It was a performance that I could not do in my 20's.

Bad point It is still convinced that the depiction of the surroundings such as the villain service and homie was thin was that Tom's center movie.
The difficulty is that the stage shifts to the crushed stone like the late Yamaba special effects work, but it does not match the atmosphere of the movie that has been constructed so far. I think that people in the street shone as usual.
Have you had any budgetary accidents during shooting?
The stadium of the mountain is mediocre and miscellaneous, and the deployment of the second half was uninteresting.

General review
M: I like flashy, I'm not fun, but I'm exhausted with Tom with a calm making M: I Ghost.The movie I like personally than the protocol.

2014/02/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
It was a well done work.
It was also interesting as a suspense, and I was drawn into the story and I was good at showing the existence of the character after all.
It was the same as Tom Cruise but it was not like I had ever been.
It is not too dark, it is justice, it suddenly appears and disappears quietly.
It is a reliable presence if you notice it, it represents the size of existence and it is convinced why you relied on this man.
The way to show each one is also solidly made a character, and the way to show it 10 years ago at the shooting range is also cool, it is just that, it expresses a character and has made even relationships with grandfathers.
It seems that the grandfather who first appeared at that time is already together forever, so I am convinced to cooperate.
Even if it was made to be a criminal, whether it be a grandpa or a female attorney, it was a person who was attracted.
I was watching with a wide field of view, taught me later that the women did not notice, I knew everything from the beginning, there was a presence that seemed to be watching far away from the neighborhood.

Looking at a wide perspective that one man's work, the prejudice and belief, which is the subject of this work, is not living in a wide perspective is alive and it is true even if it recommends conversation with the bereaved, but at the beginning to judge I came to the end but the last one is helping.
I do not get caught by anyone and I have myself trying to figure out where the essence is.
I thought that it would be free.

The story as a suspense was also good, the parts where the convenience is good are also one by one, and Tsujiki match each other, even if it is a lawyer's woman and his father's feud.

What motivated me to add a very good point is that the man lost his memory in the part of the punch line, I thought that what Tom Cruise did was useless, and if I was himself I would shoot him from the bridge It means that it is innocent, and also proves the correctness of Tom Cruise.
It is because it loses memory, and furthermore that man is there, saying that it is not saved, I conclude with the reverse version first and put it together.

In other words, starting with that man and ending with that man, this was a very good decision as a suspense as a top tightening method.

I understand why he relied on this man because of this, and I felt that my persuasive power increased even more in the end.