[Movie]Iron Sky

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Timo Vuorensola
Michael Kalesniko
Johanna Sinisalo Jarmo Puskala
Tero Kaukomaa Oliver Damian Cathy Overett Mark Overett Samuli Torssonen
Mika Orasmaa
Suresh Ayyar)
Energia Productions
The Walt Disney Studios Pori Big Band Plesidio
Julia Dietze
Götz Otto
Christopher Kirby
Peta Sergeant
Stephanie Paul
Tilo Prückner
Michael Cullen
Udo Kier
Kym Jackson
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Japan Released:2012/09/28(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2012/04/04
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2014/10/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14043 Host:13846 Browser: 7457
"I thought that it was a" phantom work "that was destroyed, not as much as I thought at all,
"Shoulder watermark" was eaten "bad work". Unfortunately this was my personal first impression.

I saw Director's Cut edition, when speaking of JoJo's Stroheim style which disappeared in Stalingrad, "Nazi's space technology force was the world's biggest skill !!!" It was certainly the plan that the earth attacked was a large scale.
Especially in the final battle scene, I was able to get a sense of something of strength. Although I could not say that the ambition I was holding was absurd abruptly, the third piece of Washington sent to the President of the United States, a deep kiss scene that is very strict for men and women, Einstein who was ironically supposed to be suppressed Dr. ETC who had a similar appearance to .......
I had also set up a variety of other places, but none of them were laughable enough to become a story, and there was not enough punch through.

It seems that the spring was produced in spring 2012, but it was also impressive that the American president, Mr. Miu, had been abusing his opponents and others who did not like it. Well politicians are such a thing, it is likely that the former Prime Minister who remarked the kingdom of God and the former president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party Environment Minister who said that it is Kinjo was this way. This president is also a woman in reality America Unfortunately at the time of the first black people ........ Ironic to the United States, was there also a meaning of reassurance? End of the week including her Although the great man could only see it with the cold eyes that "Slow motion until the end of life" scenes which the great master battled under slow motion video. (Bitter smile)

Although the idea was not bad, it was not fun to watch the screenplay with a shortage of punches at all.
I do not recommend honest appreciation other than those who like actors like Washington. Evaluation is "bad" on the side of "very bad".

2014/09/14 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23537 Host:23462 Browser: 7455
In 1945 Nazis set up a base behind the moon, too unreal setting.

Leave it to feelings and beat the nuclear weapons.

Straight race discrimination that made black people white with medicine, "I did it to Aryan people." There were also a number of discriminatory lines such as saying to kiss with black people.

Because I'm drawing something like this, I should have taken more comedy. Rather, it seemed to be only allowed by comedy.

I am painting the arrogance of America over and it does not translate it to the Nazis. I am not criticizing what Nazis has done.

Overall it is a seriously serious atmosphere, is this a German comedy?

2013/12/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7334 Host:7259 Browser: 4936
Nazi has been attacking from the moon!

Although there are various in B class work, it was the place that is aiming for B class work from the beginning as a feature of this work.
Although it is often a comedy, I am abandoning the persuasive power of consistency and scenes from the beginning.

Although the person of the SF element can be concerned about the mechanics' knowledge, it is not a fighting in the full story, but it is delicate to see SF battle.

The highlight of this work Political satire is working.
In the play, I blew in spite of listening to the name of the ship of the Space Battleship.
From such small stories to stories There are plenty of political satire that made it possible for a Finnish coach who is not an American.
I personally think that this movie is being evaluated by almost one point.

General political satire was able to be enjoyed with bright gathering from the beginning. The person who makes the picture also feels consideration to entertain the audience with one cut and one cut though it is a low budget. However, the whole is rough, including books.
I felt doubt about making roughness overlooking rather than being rough for the tempo and momentum.

2013/06/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4936
I wanted to see and hear the rumor that it was well done as a B work, but I did not expect it too much.

It seems that setting and convenience are not where you should thrust in, but it was difficult to get in because I could not follow because it was a bit jumpy or crazy.

There are places like the settings and the contents itself, but whether black humor is sarcastically somewhat sometimes American way of thinking and some neta there were also interesting places, but overall it was boring because it is not boring so that black humor is unnecessary It was cold as it floated.

Speaking of class B works, it seems that such jokes and black humor are selling, but depending on whether it makes me laugh or not, comedy works that Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller are exiting are usually laughable.

I do not know if I do not spend the footage on the image, but I guess that it is good for that, but after all it was still class B in class B and it was sluggish, Background is set out, fighting and explosion scenes are like special effects in Japan, and it seemed that the special effects were better done yet.

There are people who like class B movies and they may feel like class B movies from those people, but from a person who is not like it, it was a simple and modest movie.

Although there may be a place doing it on purpose, I think that a bit more a story could be done well.

Even though I made something like a video surface and a story, it was a shame that I could not laugh because I felt it was interesting.

It was about 1 hour and 30 minutes in time and I did not do anything seriously, but I could not enjoy black humor, story or the world view because I did not have much story, so I got saggy and felt it for a long time.

Personally, only the reputation and rumors walked alone and had expectations and it was not that much.
If you do not expect at all and watch it as a perfect B class work you may feel interesting.

2013/02/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43303 Host:43316 Browser: 5345
A beautiful older sister who was dressed in a stylish Nazi military uniform played a big success, I thought that it was a painful entertainment idiotic movie in which abusive mysterious weapons were rampant. I looked at expectations of a foolish fool.
But it was different. I betrayed my expectation, it was a satire film made seriously with kitty.

The focus of the movie is not Nazi, it is devoted to ironing the American conservatives. For example, I think I will draw a cultural gap between Moon Nazi and Contemporary America, which has been stopped since 70 years ago, and draws a sarcasm that the difference between the Nazi and the American conservatives is surprisingly small.
As a satire it may be better. But I am not interested in politics, I am blurred.

I was not interested in political satire, so I could not enjoy it.

A movie for those interested in politics. It is not a fire place spot sightseeing interest, but for those who are really interested in serious.
The battle scene is tasteless and uninteresting, but the scenes of satire were truly ingenuous and carefully made.

2012/10/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23497 Host:23716 Browser: 10806
The Nazi who had escaped to the back of the moon has attacked the earth with super weapons who are good at it!
Anyway it is an unscrupulous work. Sorry!

Laugh Nazi, presidential election, national honest and tatemae anyway. It's ridiculous, but the characters are more and more reluctant to be uproar. Sidecar that runs on the moon (utility pole firmly on the road!), Clothes of the heroine that is likely to be sucked out from Air Rock will barely go, little minor from the early stage. Is the United Nations' interaction the one that laughed most?

Normal scenes are comparatively "cheap" and we are in a good fight, but CG is still pretty bad.
I'm doing my best, but somewhat unique "picture" wigps. Although this may be a matter of preference.

Missionary work slowed down (my cinema's neighbors are up until tomorrow), I can smile firmly for more than the charge.

Aside 1: The most laughable thing is the scene of "Hitler's Last 12 Days". I do not have "Tachio me!" And "Boob Boob!" I thought, but if you think carefully, it's coco Japanese only it's funny.
Aside from 〓〓〓Opening and Staff Roll, a lot of marks will flow in any movies (Kodak et al.), But you never knew only the mark of this work "Dolby".