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Shane Black
Drew Pearce
Stan Lee Larry Lieber Don Heck Jack Kirby
Kevin Feige
Louis D'Esposito Charles Newirth Lars P. Winther Jon Favreau Dan Mintz Victoria Alonso
Brian Tyler
John Toll
Jeffrey Ford Peter S. Elliot
Marvel Studios DMG Entertainment Fairview Entertainment
Walt Disney Pictures
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Japan Released:2013/04/26(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2013/05/03
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2016/06/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44336 Host:44389 Browser: 9081
After "Avengers", Tony who turned into facing his own nature "basically a human being just wearing a suit" faced the proposition of "What is Ironman?" It was this work.
Well, the impression of Marvell, Cinematic, Universe which began with "Iron Man" was strong, but I think that Iron Man 's series was cut off earlier than I thought You feel like that.

Tony who became "insomnia" "suit dependency" recovered from there after the previous work, it was the story of this work until it went out, but as a result it is not the case that Iron Man is There was an advantage to say that the turn will increase.
Well, since it is suits dependence, as a result I have to carry a suit, and Javis and Ironman often appeared on the screen, and it was good as a hero movie that various suit was seen first. The screen itself increased the SF feeling due to the presence of that suit and at the same time it had cleared the problem of having to convince the view of the world where the event of "Avengers" had.
There are also plenty of suits arranged in Tony's room itself, but there are also scenes where a lot of suits are going to defeat the enemy while moving a lot in the final stage, so overall it is quite loud and Iron Man Even a single person seemed to show me the scene inferior to "Avengers".

It was somewhat drawn by Tony and children 's exchange, I thought that the neighborhood was still a hero movie, but it was quite impressive in this work that something with this strangely grown child interacted.
Even though we get in touch with each other's jokes, we can say that we were able to build a certain level of trust, whether we became a special friend, whether it is related to the main line or not as Tony's desire to protect, while having a good taste I think that it was put out.
Besides Iron Man, I felt that James, who controls Patriot, is still a good character, and on a friend side it probably was a good look.
However, on the other hand, it seems to me that the villain as a whole is somewhat disadvantageous of this "Iron Man".
When enemies who were brought in characters such as "Yoshiyuki", "Once a best friend" such as "Loki of" Mighty Saw "and" Winter Soldier "of" Captain. America "appeared, truly the enemy of this hand Is it called plain?
However, it is not appropriate for Tony 's character to put out those enemy characters that are difficult to defeat, so you only have to do this type.

Evaluation is "good".
It is said that it is mostly satisfactory work in the series of "Iron Man" in general.
I'd like to say whether the heroine would eventually beat Rasubosu, and I wish I would have decided not to pursue persistently while burning and then dying ....
Well, I think that Tony will appear in the future series, so I would like to chase the series so lonely.

2016/01/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22244 Host:22149 Browser: 10247
I think the action scene probably is the top among the trilogy!
There are also a lot of scenes compared to Muji, 2, and it is also good that the way of fighting was plentiful! (It's good only with one arm, struggling with live beings, properly wearing etc ....)
What I like is the last Iron Man festival, and it has become Sugee to change the suits one after another according to it.
Also, although there are many developments in which the discount and the starke can catch up this time, it was also good that it was a fighting way that made the stalk possessive turnover possible.
It was awfully great to make Ironman's artificial arm with parts bought at a place like a home center (laugh).

Stark also has a development that closely approached the weakness of the inner side this time, but it was easy to see because it was unable to show the disgusting part unlike 2.
Or, was it such a thing after the Avengers ... the surprising one won?

This work is the best impression among the series.
But only one, only one is awfully dissatisfied.
That's what Stark does not stop the stop of the last, the sweetheart Potts stopped.
It is true that as Stark said at the beginning, "I changed," this work is aimed at getting out of suit dependence, and it is also understood that it is an expansion in line with that.
But, as he says, "I am an iron man" like a line, there is no suit, but Starck is an iron man and a hero.
That is, I was aiming for breakout from the suit, not from Ironman, so there should not be any reason why Stark can not beat down.
Therefore, it is hard to convince a bit to say "escape from suit" = "Stark does not knock down".
It would have been easier for Stark to defeat enemies without a suit as independent.
In other words, the scene to let the enemy blow up a suit that was on the way was good at the end of the battle personally.
It is an expansion that made use of the stalk possessive, and in terms of a break with a suit, the enemy and the explosion feel powerful on the screen as well.

There is a final round of "Ultraman Taro" which deals with a theme similar to the same break though enters a little aside.
That work ended up being in line with the answer of the theme of "to defeat the star in human state without transforming the hero".
Although it may have been due to the fact that I looked at the development in the beginning, it is honest comment that Stark himself wanted the last to be sophisticated.
As for other simple reasons, as a hero thing that it is a hero, but a stop is taken elsewhere ... Why ....

If the last battle was convincing, it was "very good", but lower by a rank for reasons like the one mentioned above and with "good"!

2015/09/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24543 Host:24586 Browser: 7870
The enemy was unattractive. There is no fun as a character, there is also no interest in ability. It was a boring villain.
Release the undeveloped part of the brain and demonstrate superhuman power. I understand so far, but it is impossible for me to be strengthened until I can fight equally with Iron Man anything. Besides, it is unknown whether the cell will run away and explode and replace the bomb. Rather than science fiction, it's like a B class zombie movie, somewhat set.
More than anything, the deployment did not get excited due to this setting. It was plain as a capability, and its ability itself was impossible, so it was a development lacking in excitement from beginning to end.

I think that the content is robot-to-robot, mechanic battle is better for Ironman. Series.

Deployment that Tony of the hero suffers at PTSD lacks interestingness.
Tony is a genius and rich, but the spirit is a child. He is doing hero with extension of the rich pastoral music. Although there is a problem in character, but I will defeat the enemy with wisdom and Iron Man, my best invention invention, and lead to settlement. Is not the charm of this series on this point?
To Omake, I did not think that the main struggle of the main character itself is helping to boost the story. Rather, it gives the impression of small dust.
The safe deployment that lost the charm of this series was not interesting. I think Tony is more fascinated by PTSD than I suffer, Iron Man. I think that those who are struggling to improve suit are interesting as characters.

Although there is a gleaming face in the production of the required point (this is a great movie of Hollywood as a fossil), as a whole it was not very funny.

2015/08/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28848 Host:29081 Browser: 7458
I watched it on Friday road SHOW!

Movements and actions with asynchronous attachment and detachment in the air and only one foot with one foot were fun. Iron Man sees only the first work but I think that it has evolved considerably. It would have been better if I saw it at the cinema's loud volume.
The most interesting thing was Gwyneth, a pepper that Paltrow played. The appearance which puts out his face from armor was surreal and it was funny and the last action was also good. Such settlement is twisting as an American hero thing and there is a point rise too.

Although I did not see "Avengers", although there was a description that had something troubled in the same work, there was also no problem because it was not deeply inferred. Perhaps it happened, but I do not remember it well.
Although it never seems to be a memorable deep emotion after seeing it, it is good as an amusement work. If only the concept knows, it will be pleasant even with this work alone.

2015/08/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3394 Host:3354 Browser: 4693
[good point]
Story as a story after the Avengers, Stark is a human - like weakness, in the face of confronting the story. It is a promise of a typical American hero thing, if it is familiar with that hand, it feels like "this".
Especially Iron Man is involved in the Avengers, spiritual immaturity of wearer Stark is a problem,
There is a very satisfying feeling because it is the setting called (In the movie version it became that Starck made the Ultron because it had not appeared yet, but it became an atmosphere not growing at all).
Normally it strikes a large mouth only and stalk which is irrational irreverently recognizes his own weakness and gradually rebounds and a story fighting the body remodeling villan opposite to Ironman in order to recover the pepper at the same time. Although it seems to be small compared with "Avengers" "~ Ultron", the drama which draws the spiritual aspect of the hero is rather firm.
There seems to be a lot of disappointing about the villain, but in modern internet society, how to draw terrorist advertisements and deception by using it is really contemporary. On the contrary it was funny at the surprise who took advantage of the belief that Mandarin = a superstate nemesis, where the original fan fell, although it is funny (I think that it does not appear again anymore).
It is understandable to say that Mandarin is outstanding with Zenko's tiger, but it is an incompetent compromise to the extent of releasing the movie. Originally Mandarin is the hostile of the evil who made Starku make iron suit,
Although dissatisfaction is left because it is a setting saying, when describing Mandarin with a mistake, it is completely certified as a cheat villain.
Hegemism, ignorance of human rights, 〓〓〓nationals who are violent and outrageous, it is too realistic to be sharp.

[Bad point]
Since Stark 's personal conflict is the focus, I can not deny the impression of a small one.
Because it is a continuous story with the Avengers, I feel regret that I have not seen the Avengers.
As mentioned above, because it is a typical American hero straddle script, if you are unfamiliar it may be impressive.
Well, it seems like a fight in the old Superman 〓〓〓bar, is it a rather difficult analogy to understand?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"good-". If you are told to people, "If you are an American fan" "If you like the flow of Marvel version movies". I think that there is no usual thing that Ironman '3' looks first,
It is extremely subtle as long as we can not understand the flow in front and back. As I personally heard that it was "not reputable"
When I started watching without much expectation, it was a lot of fun and I am happy surprise. My Marvell friend was also full of joy, so if it is familiar with that hand, I would highly recommend it.

It is a pity that Mandarin is far from the original, but since the original was really racist,
Regrettably it is no use at present time. I hope I can prepare Asian people of good and bad, respectively,
It might not be possible to make a face or an interior design or a villan mixed with gucha so that the race is not known anymore.

2015/08/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15166 Host:15498 Browser: 7911
Although it seems to have been a big hit, although the point that makes it really ridiculous was normal,
In that case ...... The mediocre score was also conspicuous and I was not able to give a prominent evaluation. From the conclusion.

The action scene was OK. Sensation of speed Alright, War Machine made a contribution beyond that in the end, but the scene where Ironman helped that everyone in particular seemed to be falling into seawater was something else. How can you capture the leading role coolly?
I was also firmly adhering to it, becoming a reliable point of view.

It was good to have Hulk appear in a cameo, but it is a dubbing voice actor team.
Mr. Keiji Fujiwara acting as an iron man, needless to say, I thought it was not fit. Iron Man (Tony Stark) if role, more aged, it seems that the cast which felt aged atmosphere felt was more appropriate.

And the biggest discontent is that the villain was small. Maya also got killed quickly when the turn finished, but Kirian of Rasubosu was unimpeachable by the Machiavellist who was drowning in the force which was incomprehensible enough, there was absolutely no big feeling. I finally knocked down
It was promised that I thought it was ... ... and I could hardly stand to the last.
Sometimes I did not make a good contrast with Iron Man declaring war until I disclosed the address.

Although Tony 's coolness which Tony' s coolness which newly found his own "Even if it is not an iron man but surely disappears was not blurred to the end, apparently it was a fine building, While in the morning it was a movie like a large supermarket that did not sell a lot of things when I went. This Ironman 3rd work is. How about the sequel, but the evaluation is "bad".

2015/08/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5582 Host:5945 Browser: 8898
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a feeling like American hero animation!

2015/08/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20796 Host:20839 Browser: 5171
Evaluation for terrestrial first broadcast.

Besides the series, the perfection degree of the Avengers as a later date should also be evaluated.
That Tyrant character Tony suffers from PTSD due to a special trauma to the base of the nuclear missile enemy.
It is this story until such time that he is supported by peppers and his colleagues and overcomes suit dependence.

In response to the enemy's attack, once started in a state of rest. With Tony's technical capabilities, if you have a home center, you can make a suit.
You can not miss not having to use the gimmick that is worn by splitting the parts effectively.

For encountering a boy, it is only me that feels the flavor of DW.
Because the enemy is of the flame type, it would be advantageous for steel type Ironman. However, there is overwhelming quantity here, it can not be defeated. To the enemies who do not come with such a different pin.
Catharsis of the fireworks after the battle with all the success suit of success in the final battle.

If you want to see a man's independence from the hero. Although there are pros and cons, but for now tentatively.

2015/08/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46333 Host:46271 Browser: 7451
[good point]
Last battle: It was fun to say that you call a large amount of Iron Man remotely and repeatedly detach and attach according to circumstances
Colonel Rose: Although it is an ordinary action movie as a plain but an active player who can make a protagonist enough, even though "colonel" does not seem to be a class that enjoys the body at such a forefront

[Bad point]
Last scene: I understand the purpose of suicide bombardment, but unfortunate
Hero: As usual there are problems with personality aspects and I do not like it.
Villain: Action power is a big deal but too small
Tempo: Overall running (although perhaps there are scenes etc cut for television broadcasting)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because 1 and 2 are already viewed and Avengers does not like the so-called "an all-star" or "dream co-starter", it seems to be the world after the Avengers as a unseen world view, but it is not such a thing that can not be attached at all No particular problem

2015/08/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
Curtained by the words Stark's "I am an iron man" who threw away the iron man suit.
"Spiderman" in the 2000s, etc. I thought that this work was a nice feeling although it became delicate enough to go after.

My strange personality, an unstable personality of anxiety and suits dependence.
It is far from the example of ally of justice.
And this time there are scenes that utilize the remote control of the suit and using a small number but mass production etc. On the other hand, there are scenes that fall into a trouble due to lack of adjustment,
"Power" visually showed that "equipment" corresponding to it was necessary.

That is why the growth of the hero was the most, I felt,
It is interesting that the enemy 's Kirian was in a sense, it could be said to be the shadow of Stark.
Evaluation is "very good".

2015/01/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16254 Host:16312 Browser: 4721
There was still a great deal on the image side and the coolness of the suit and the way to show it, but it was feeling that it was only there.
I thought that I should be able to enjoy it enough, but I also thought that I should add a good one, but bad points and bored points have become conspicuous even more.

First of all, because the sharpness is little with Gudaguda, the scale feeling has become smaller as it gets small.
Although the story itself lacks interesting because it is straight line without ingenuity, there is little development, too, so it did not leave much impression either.

It seems like it seems to be a little difficult explanation, so explanations are missing at the critical point or the circumstances are good, so it seems that the idea is fascinating as if it is flimsiness in the neighborhood and it seems that she was a child deceit through .

It is good to draw a reason or why I first made a devil, but after all it was the truth or simplicity of the incident and the enemy 's purpose was also rare, so I thought that I was doing the cutting edge As I felt shabby.

In Avengers it was a confrontation with foreigners and gods, but this time it is only an individual problem of individuals (personal affairs) at the most, so the scale has become quite small even around there.

The fact that the essential explanation is missing is because the bomb itself is drawn in the first place in the first place in the first place and it does not know well what it is why it explodes Why do people do why they can endure Whether it is taken in the body or what is happening in the body What kind of principle is it? Most of the sides are hardly drawn so that what is going on is not transmitted at all.

He told me that he is fighting desperately by taking in the boyfriend's body, but there was no reason to believe that despite desperate and saved when the contents were not known.

Since this bomb is the most liver translation, it was necessary to draw firmly, and if it is thin, the root of the work itself will become thin, and the magnitude of enemies (bomb humans) will not be conveyed.

Even if it is a woman of an enemy 's subordinates, I just put out a little bit of involvement with the hero, and what kind of person is the character depiction was thin?
It should be an important position but only about as thin as a bomb human who does not even have any other name, only comments such as "What was this character are?

I thought that I wanted to tell her about science through her but it did not come from the thinness of the character.

And the fact that the enemy passed over Zako was the worst deciding factor.
Instead Ironman Corps was overwhelmingly overwhelming and the last tense feeling and the mountain also disappeared and finally became a work that left nothing.

I feel like I have gone somewhere like insomnia or stigmas because of arrogance because I was a man, and even if it is told that I took out the machine at the end and quit Ironman, I did not think.

2013/09/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11693 Host:11946 Browser: 5137
〓〓D, view Blu-ray〓〓
[good point]
The setting that the hero Tony became phobia at the Avengers incident was fun. Normally it was cheerful, it was amazing, and that gap was also
Home attacks, the last battle or the image side of the force is also true for this work
The development to fight without relying so much on iron suit was also fun. Tony was strong up to this point
A casual hint that many Ironsuits are connected to
[Bad point]
Mandarin was fun but as usual the enemies are stubborn.
I thought that it was good even if it was more exciting as this is the final work
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is good and it seems to be connected to Avengers 2, so it is a work that started out as a single unit as a single unit. I wish the enemy had more depth If I think that the evaluation is "good" close to "very good"

2013/05/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1766 Host:1704 Browser: 5915
[good point]
Tony's character localization.
A vase from the pepper.
Ben Kingsley 's wonderful acting.
The enemies are different from their predecessors, which is a strong Extreme Army, so Iron Legion is necessary to compete with that battle army.

[Bad point]
It is that after credit.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It's a nice thing.