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Movie rank of 2009 Rank 9in 182 titles
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Quentin Tarantino Lawrence Bender
Lloyd Phillips Bob Weinstein Harvey Weinstein
Robert Richardson
David Wasco
Anna Sheppard
Sally Menke,
Mélanie Laurent
Diane Kruger
Christoph Waltz
Eli Roth
Til Schweiger
Gedeon Burkhard
Jacky Ido
Michael Bacall
Martin Wuttke
Sylvester Groth
Julie Dreyfus
August Diehl
Daniel Bruhl
Michael Fassbender
Mike Myers
Samuel L. Jackson
Japan Released:2009/11/20(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2009/08/21
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1. http://i-basterds.com/ (Translation)
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2014/02/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26365 Host:26349 Browser: 7902
[good point]
Stunning performance of unique actors
Battle of talented conversation and feeling of tension
A flashy gunfight at the bar

[Bad point]
In the work of Tarantino a little bit of a sense of sprint

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The spectacular acting of the actors was a movie that got an eye out. Especially Christophe Waltz, Brad Pitt and Melanie, I think that Roland was amazing. Director Tarantino's bargaining and intervals in a unique conversation are healthy, and long screening times are not too bad.
Although the climax scene has a part that a little feeling can point out, it may be said that it is a painful revenge play movie as a whole.

2010/12/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15254
I think this kind of script really has a sense in the script.
It is still possible to make a story and expand it steadily, but it is much more difficult than a dialogue of dialogue, composed only of conversation.
Anyhow that conversation, mind searching, psychological warfare was interesting and it was 2 hours and 30 minutes, but the tempo felt faster at all than the work which passed in quickly and gradually expanded.

The next good one is a conversation, so it is still quiet and indescribable, but after that gun battle races etc are started at once and it gets excited.
That strength can only be described as superb.
As it is drawn in the conversation, it gathers, collects and something can be played, "Don" 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓to reach the highest tide and the degree of excitement reaches Max.
It seems to be heard even in the performance of the orchestra.
BGM was such a feeling.

I thought that conversation can be attracted as much as conversely because there is tension in the conversation rather than content and so much, so it is superb.
Another thing that is distinctive is that the quiet and meaningful scene is only a pre-emption of big development.
I forgot whether it was a feature of this director but in a pattern I've seen quite a bit, something meaningful and a meaningful character has appeared, or something has meaning as a conversation goes on with a bit of dull In fact I do not have any meaning at all, so I can give even greater impact to the next development by thinking into a meaningful scene by attracting to it.
It is also a tension and relaxation such as conversation and deployment, and viewers can wait while having pleasure to think about which will lead to the next development as if to solve a mystery.
I even feel like being playing with my heart so that it's good for the production side.

Brad Pitt is out, but Brad Pitt is not the center, and he has not played an active part so much, rather it is a supporting character like a supporting character and it is only one of the characters, and it is conversely making it workability.
The character of each person was darker than that and the acting was also wonderful.
Especially as though it seemed to be the father of the first scene or the leading role, it remained in the impression though it appeared only, and made the acting of the actor more tense.
Both the director and the script are clearly distinguished, but I am addicted to the work never going out.
Even if it is the last scene, it is so and hides guns and shows where busters attacks.
Even in a scene with a gun battle in the middle in the middle, there is no omission and there is no mercilessness, characters that were impressive are dying or dead, and each one remains in the impression.

Recently there are many opportunities to watch Nazi Germany and Hitler's works, but works that are comically made into entertainment are also unusual, and it is just a stage setting regardless of history, so even people who are not familiar with history can see it casually.
There is a convenient part of the story, and neither the story nor the content is so much elaborate or it is not being deliberately translated (although the conversation is main), various settings gather one by one, there is a connection in that sense The story will be gathered simply by placing a woman at the beginning and the end, and it was originally wanted to peel off the skin of the head or put a mark, but it was a place where I wanted to make sense a little more but it was a feeling that it was good as punchy. (There was a feeling of incongruity where the person standing superior so far fell down easily)
The scene that made the last hatred explode was a masterpiece and it is a part I am aiming too much at seeing somewhere in the scene that symbolizes hatred and fear of seeing this helliogram, but a message with so much hatred And the hell chart can make it more obvious.
Well it may be just the last scene I wanted to do, but I could make a story for that content as well.

2010/11/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 10777
[good point]

Mr. Christoph. Walz.
A slightly higher tone voice,
Light and crisp speech,
Gesture with a habit,
Fascinating and cunning facial expressions ...
It is a kind of insult that can only be described as superb. I can not deny that I won the movie prize.

[Bad point]

An abnormally long conversation. There are quite a few scenes like this. (Although "Death Proof" was also the case)

Production of cheep (or cartoon tick).

I was looking forward to thinking it was a more painful work, but it is a pretty modern work when I open the lid, it is regrettable if I think that I have used 2 hours and 30 minutes for a lost time.

Although it may be inevitable in the work, there are few dubbing scenes to the extent that I thought that it was necessary to make a Japanese dubbing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

A part of the points mentioned in [bad point] may be the taste of Tarantino's director if it turns back, but it may not be fundamentally suitable for yourself.
I am sorry for fans, but the evaluation is at the bottom.
... It is a place I'd like to do, but as Mr. Christophe Walz's sci-phi is superb, it's a plus one

2010/09/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20938 Host:20855 Browser: 7787
Even in a good way or a bad meaning, it is a Tarantino work. I can enjoy it if I like his work.

A good meaning is that he is widely influenced by Asia.Japanese movies, cartoons, cartoons as well known, but show it as a tribute to them even though "Kill. Bill" (keep the redundancy of 2) As always, I think that I will never forget "a thorough service conscious of audiences".
Worse part is because Waronori is over, and there is a place where warnorie passes, manga. It will be a place to use = putting the funny entertaining fun into the movie. (By the way, I think that it is around here that the painful critic of the past did not praise Talentino for praise or want not to compliment, but I think that this is an old movie critic that = the film world There are fushi not noticing that you are looking down manga and animation low)

This work is, of course, fiction, dealing with the serious part of the violence of the Nazis, that is, the hunting of the Jews (in one chapter it is quite seriously depicting that part, he seemed to think that he was a parody of Spielberg's work) It is "entertainment work" which takes in action, comedy elements sufficiently and moves, as it follows chapters, with understanding of being fiction.

Even if we incorporate this "chapter" without any hesitation, it is because we are completely aware of the viewer, and it is effective even if we actually see it as a whole movie. In Chapter 2, the anger of the inevitable Nazi atrocities that I showed in one chapter is recovered by "reversing" depiction until humor. In other words, give catharsis to the viewer once. (This "catharsis" is also in the scene in the movie theater after that.It is that scene that it is not to leave a machine gun at all ...)
I like directors who collect "emotions" evoked by such viewers to some extent, or finally pick up big neatly. Leaving thrown or "Think after yourself" is less fond of "entertainment work". (This area is a personal hobby to the last)

From the third chapter, while keeping down the explanatory part, show the depiction which seems to be a parody of the "war movie-like heaviness" of the former year and do not really bore. Although it seems that the scene of the tavern is redundant when it is boring, if it is made to the audience who is familiar with the war things, it is thrilling with a convincing scenes convincingly convinced of the development adversely.
What is that, Nazi, especially the armed guards SS, is often closed up, but as a senior officer it is not a manuke arrangement that comes out in the past American movies and gets fuzzy. There were also parts like spies, Jewish sympathizers, police civilian police who are responsible for the detection of resistance.
It is cunning and intelligent, in essence an open-minded officer at a tavern can also see eeriness that combines aspects of education and cruelty "a sadist who does not want to be the closest".
And that is more prominent, more than anything, it is a rich and delicious flavor of this work, no, it is also raised in Colonel Randa who shows a good success (?) Even as "a leading role".

Until now Nazi Hitler, the second largest war has seen quite a few, including the production of "Soviet" from the masterpieces, including the black and white series of West Germany after World War II. Many of the "great war things" were naturally created by the victorious countries, and naturally the Japanese were showing the things that were produced mainly by Hollywood. A degree of difference, Germany and Japan are "bad guys who have brought war" and the Allies side is "hero of justice". Historical facts, genuineness, verification, etc. were good.
Later on, from such a unilateral side seen from the Allied Powers the thing called "Axis countries are totally bad" "battle of justice" is a calm viewpoint from the war itself, it is human beings who are fighting each other, War "like things. It is the impression that this work has taken a step further and showed "war movie" instead of "war" as Tarantino style entertainment.

So people do not feel much tragic in death. In the scenes to be tense in the past, directing such as comical as to whisper couscous smiles and beauty in miserable scenes. As previously mentioned, how to give "catharsis" which is impossibly simple. The actors' acting also has a feeling of having enjoyed after fully understanding their production. So, I can also enjoy crispy here. (What I have not thought at all from Hana, such as making movies that rely on the popularity of Burapi is understood by watching a movie, and "presence" in Bras' movie is also good.

I knew the last, even though I had anticipated it was painful. This "big catharsis" is very important in entertainment work, it is actually really clear and refreshing.

I like it as mentioned at the beginning.The dislikes are directed by the director, but if it is an "entertainment work", you can surpass yourself and enjoy sometimes with great energy.

2010/06/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11818 Host:12015 Browser: 4891
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A pleasant movie that was seen as such "purely" entertainment "for the first time in a while. The story itself handled Nazi Germany of World War II, but the content clearly says a complete comedy. Normally, movies that deal with historical things like this kind of war tend to be drunk, but it is quentin 'that it is a rare talent of Tarantino. The whole chapter is being chaired and the story and composition are very easy to understand.
In Chapter 1, the colonel gets caught in a French farmer and talks in English, finally killing all the family except Shashana, but the conversation there is exquisite and excellent. Even though there is no other love conversation, there is a distinctive sense of tension and unexpectedly grasping sweat in his hands. Cast's acting skill is also brilliant.
And the second chapter suddenly becomes a comedy touch. It is already laughable just because Brad Pit came out with Don w It is influenced by Japanese animation, kabuki etc, both directing and dialogue being influenced by a round exactly and exaggerated feeling. Despite the violence depiction, although the content itself should be extreme, it does not receive the bad impression.
In chapter 3, Shashana, who escaped in the first chapter in chapter 1, saw the opportunity to take revenge on the German army while running the movie theater, and using Hitler in his movie theater using contact with German soldiers Planning to gather key people in the crowd class including in the movie theater. There is also a sense of tension in the meals and conversation between the colonel and Shashana, which is amazing.
In chapter 4, Brad Pitt hands out famous actresses and seeks opportunities for contact so that they can visit the movie theater. Conversation in the underground tavern is the best sight, with the guns at the feet facing each other, the bargain which can not pull out at all is outstanding. In a moment the tavern will collapse.
So, chapter 5 is the last revenge, but it will make you laugh until the end. In the scene of Hitler who is shot and shot dead by a gun and tightening with the speech of Brad Pitt's "My best masterpiece", whose directing is too great and slow motion and animation touching circle, the end also cut his head to the colonel. "This is my best masterpiece" has a double meaning, "meaning me that it is my best masterpiece that left a scar that will not disappear to the colonel" and "I finished this movie's end I myself It was the best work, so this movie is the best masterpiece. "There are two meta meanings.
The composition that the main characters of the Jewish line who swear revenge to Nazi Germany destroy Nazi Germany by each other actions was also unusual and interesting. Anyway, it is possible to enjoy to the very end by overcoming the power of the shoulder with thorough sense as B class movie. It is not G Gundam, but the movie in which the word "entertainment" like this applies does not seem to be easy.
Everyone has castouts and there are no scripts out there. Since music and tempo are good, evaluation is "highest".

2009/12/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4496 Host:4258 Browser: 7213
Until now, Nazi has watched a movie of subject matter so much, but I felt bad crispness as to whether I could not boil down somewhere after watching it, or to mooyamoya.
The reason is surely that "Hitler is not assassinated even if characters in the movie do their best, war does not end easily either"
I think that it is because I understand the fact that.
And I guess Tarantino certainly felt that way.
Then, "If it is, Hitler should be killed," she said.
I see.
That's true!!
In other words, a lot of bad Nazi 's gangs are blown up and it is a very painful work.
In the history of the earth, there is no question "unnecessary people to be killed" so far. As those who went so terrible, they are those who did something contrary to humanity, so everyone can hit them without heart. Of course, the "Busters" in the movie, as well as such public opinion, I want to do it all-you-can-eat as much as you want.
Just saying "Judea", the Nazis who killed like insects without human treatment,
Just say "Nazi", young and superior officials and newcomers to knock down "Busters".
Indeed, I think that it is the best that it would ruin cheesy empathy and sympathy, if it is unforgivable of Tarantitino here.
Neither revenge, ambition nor ambush slaughter is a fleeting thing that will blow away as dust with a big explosion.
"Violence" is not what you do seriously.
I guess you'll do it in a chic.
It seems that Tarantino seems to be laughed at so, I was very comfortable.

2009/11/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8110 Host:7880 Browser: 10170
If you express this movie and the theme in one word, "They who use movies for bad things get killed by a movie and die!"
Nazi who perfectly ignored historical facts and used the movie for propaganda is literally destroyed by the movie. Movies change history. This is just "movie supremacy".

Although Nazi members are villains, many are intellectual, and they are full of humanity. Among them, the presence of Colonel Randa was overwhelming. I understand several languages, it is smart and has no flash, cold bottomless fear. I think that it is acting that overturns the image of the old German Colonel Colonel. In the first part, I will pursue the head of the Jewish family with Jiwiwa, if I say that tension ... the direction was also brilliant. It is good from the way the Nazi comes from a long distance if you are drying a sheet in a house in Noboru, but I hate to make casual beautiful three girls appear and to make you feel ominous aura . If interrogation is started furthermore, it is increasingly feeling more tension by firmly putting in sounds of a casual cliche and clock fountain pen rubbing paper.

In contrast, Busters. Speaking of "Inglourias. Busters" (a honorable bastard), it seems to be very strong, but the looks of the actual members are all weak bullying child types themselves as "Jews very much".
However, the method of killing is the tightness of the accent so that it knows how to kill the skull of the head, eradicating with the bat, it is savage itself, the tone of voice is also a tone of the English tone, the contents are also threatening and abusing words.
Even if those people who seemed to be unfamiliar were infiltrated as an Italian in the premier venue, it was funny, I was able to smile something where I pronounced something wrong with my pronunciation and repurve my name again and again. Aho wearing a roll ...

Music also uses "Alamo" or Morricone's music abundantly and it makes it excitement, but I was surprised that the soundtrack of "Panther / Jaguar" was used. Because I had a soundtrack of this movie ... ("Kill. Bill" also used the music of that movie)

However, personally, I got the impression that the scene of the four tapping places is a little redundant. We went out to a deployment that was too dull, and a guest who awakens at last as a gunfighting battle witnessed.
Actually, this scene was a controversial argument, there was also an opinion that "It is far from the main subject, it is quite difficult to go back to the main line with derailment, and it is good to change the circumstances when I forgot the main subject" I got sleepy here too. Well, in the first chapter I was getting nervous enough, so why ...
However, it is a high point that we did not make the length feel except at the bar, even though it was shown for two and a half hours. The war movie that breaks common sense of Tarantino, Ack is strong, but it was a work that does not disappoint.