[Movie]Infernal Affairs

Movie total pnts rank Rank 200in 5,156 titlesTotal 20 / Deviation 64.15
Movie rank of 2003 Rank 9in 131 titles
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Andrew Low Alan Mak Felix Chong
Danny Pang,
Pik Kwan Lee
Matsuura Mina
Andy Lau Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Anthony Wong Eric Tsang Kelly Chan Sammi Cheng Edison Chen Shawn Yue Elva Hsiao Chapman To Lam Ka Tung
Kazuhiro Yamaji Junpei Morita Kosei Hirota Tsutomu Isobe Hiroshi Iwasaki Fubito Yamano Sigeru Nakahara Yasuyuki Kase Masatoyo Tetsuno
Japan Released:2003/10/11(Sat)
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2013/07/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3539 Host:3319 Browser: 4179
* Evaluation of only the first work

[good point]
〓〓〓he story is based on the conflicts between the two spies of Lau and Yang, and the conflict between the police and the mafia to which they belong, but as a movie of making a crime suspense like I think that it was well made. While telling viewers speedily and precisely information by acting and images such as fine lines, gaze and gestures, directing, tense feeling born by a cosmopolitan atmosphere that wraps the whole will bring in the things to see steadily Let's see. Psychological warfare such as bargaining is a wonderful thing.
〓〓〓he performances of the actors are also wonderful, Andy Lau and Tony Leon's acting was a splendid acting. It was good that Anthony Wong was also astringent.
〓〓〓he representation of the video was pretty good, there were a lot of cuts that made us feel cool and cool feeling of air.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓verallly convenient for Lau, it has become a drama to make Yang tragedy and it has become an "absurd tragedy" rather than a "realistic and unbelievable tragedy". The words of the Buddha of the last are also badly hurt, it is exaggerated as a word abstracting a work. Some people may think "just a winning run away last". It seems to be missing from the play which hides the power of directing and the crime of Lau nicely, but it is not a work whose "sin and punishment" is thoroughly done.
- In addition, I also became interested not being able to successfully draw "conflict of two people" on the story side. Although the scenes attempted to be drawn out are scattered, there are many parts where the depiction is incomplete and the "effect expected by the producer" can not be felt well.
〓〓〓he inability of the explanation part of the early stage, the fact that the young age and the current actor are not alike at all, and it can not be enjoyed unless it can not pick up information due to speedy, it is not politely made overall.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Andrew Lau, Director Alan Mack. A criminal movie classified as "Hong Kong noir" in a work remade in Hollywood. It was a work that pursued their conflicts with Yan entering the mafia in the police affiliation and Lau entering the police in the mafia affiliation as the main character.

Being an attraction is a casual battle with casual, dense psyche. Especially the battle in the early stage is that speed feeling.There is also a feeling of tension and there is quite a glance. The acting of the actors was also brilliant, I think that Anthony won, who is a wolf police officer, pulled the work with such a sense of existence as well as two people, Yang and Lau.

On the other hand, if the main theme "Mugen hell" could be expressed well, it was subtle, the way of digging Lau and Yang and how they entwined ended halfway and the last was pretty much on Lau Because it has become, the word and the story of the last Buddha have not become connected. It also has pleasures of image, directing and acting but I can not say that it is a thorough development of sin and punishment, and some people will not be able to convince the last.

Well, expression of the theme seems to be honestly incomplete, but I think that it is quite entertaining work if it sees as a crime suspense.
Evaluation is "better" than very good.

2009/05/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13954 Host:14258 Browser: 6701
Although it is a famous work as a trilogy, it has become a high completion degree as a series.
It shows the world of intermittent hell with exactly the suffering that is torn by contradiction that must hide the true intention throughout, just as the subtai shows. (It may be that the emotions bearing these back and front are reflected in the era of the era that crosses the return of Hong Kong, one country two system which was also in the play in the play.

Hong Kong Mafia vs Police 's confrontation composition has little flashy battle fights, but the impact of shocking events is intense as well. Overall the stoic touch is directing tension.

The first piece is the most spectacular as entertainment with excellent spy battle against the police vs. Mafia hands holding sweat. There is also an impressive scene that knows the betrayal of the fellows but scatters deep emotion and it is highly complete as a single body. Ali will end the viewing here. I felt the ending was a little overkill, but this has become a step towards the next work.
In the future, I will deeply taste what is infertable and inseparable hell in a form that the background of the first work is deeply dug down. I can not go back anymore once I put out my hands. Now, go to Hell free!

The second work corresponds to the first edition of the first episode, and the circumstances of the first character 's character are being drilled down. There is a dangerous atmosphere of the black society filled with dirty towns, such as the expressions and eyes of each other and the tension of tacit interaction when it became a gloomy air, and it is another observation from the first work. Meanwhile, while the family ties are felt, unforgiving bargaining and betrayal battle will spread. This is Hong Kong Stream of the Godfather the honor of Hong Kong movies.

The third work is centered on the police side and the back circumstances of the first work are elucidated and at the same time the end of the hero's goal is drawn. The main character is going to be quite dangerous ... quite an imaginary drama color is strong, and as soon as you have a number of faces, the intermittent hell is gouged more deeply as you will not know which is the real face. It is brutal until the conclusion is brilliant again.
However, in the third work, the way of showing such as a lot of characters and delusions such as a mixture of delusions in the intersection of time axes becomes complicated, and if the contents of the 1/2 work is not drowned in I think it will be confusing. I was not good at distinguishing between the young faces of the protagonist Lau and Yang and it was hard to understand why on the way.

2007/11/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9083 Host:9162 Browser: 4184
I seemed to be reputable here, so I accidentally watched terrestrial broadcasting ..........

[good point]

Spy and spy human drama

The main character 2 pairs were set as spies each other, but first of all,
He shot the mafia boss the last time, but I think that it was an impressive production that inserted the image when he was kept kept by him, expressing his human conflict more successfully. One Yang was saying things like "take a spy and catch a spy!" In front of Lau just after that sham shooting incident, "I do not even know that there is that" spy "before my eyes To ........ "
I thought I was going to thrust in, but the end I was killed was unexpected.
I decided to "live up to my partner" ......... may have been somewhat common but the strong determination of Lau who had a complex back horn was greatly conveyed Or, there was something tasty.

. Image effect

Although it was dark overall, I think that it was said that it was also an indispensable spice to make the human drama of such a fat bodied up.

. Main cast

Tony Leon's favorite has glowed. I was saying that it was overwhelming,
I felt the power I was eating Mr. Andy. Mr. Lau.
I think that Mr. Eric Tsang of Mafia's boss, Sam role was well suited to the image such as the great boss or its heavy looking appearance.

[Bad point]

There is nothing in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

"The movie that became interesting as deployment progressed", it was the first impression of this work. As I saw as a human drama, as mentioned above,
As an action, as well as putting on gaudiness, Sam's shooting scenes etc. I firmly pressed down the place to hold and I think that it is a piece of a superb movie.
If it is 100 points, it is about 85 points. Evaluation is "very good".

2006/09/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 6342
Great !!!
What a funny movie, I watched it after a long time !!!!!!

Perfection is high about terrible.

The detective that infiltrated the mafia and the mafia that infiltrated the police,
It seems to be simple at first glance, setting deeper.

An unpredictable story.
Thrilling development is really interesting.

Morse code,
Casual graffiti etc,
Summa who plays a hint of role for the latter half is a splendid production that is full of love and enthusiasm.

2006/07/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36673 Host:36749 Browser: 4483
Although it says that it is a trilogy, the main part of the series is 1 and 2, and 3 is a later talk with Gaiden later.
The content is quite good, I think that it is influenced by "elegy of men". But the story is refined several times and I think that it is not exaggeration to say that it is the Hong Kong version Got father.

The story is a saved story that goes to hell like the original title is "no way".
It is quite interesting that the mafia and police bargaining and the opposite position that the main character says Mafia and police spies are each other,
1 is the last in which the infiltrating investigator in the poor situation dies quietly

2 showed the events that were in the past to complement it. Surprisingly actually Sam was not a ruthless person originally, Tony was also a man of the house of Mafia, Andy was the one who killed that Tony's parent, Andy's fianc莨〓is actually Tony's former I was surprised that she was just surprising.

However, why so I do not know well if I did not notice Tony who was my original boyfriend,

3 is a story where Andy is driven down anyway. If anything, the first half does not feel like being drawn with a little comedy touch in order to brighten the two previous works that became heavy. Andy is really yakuza himself, Tony originally is envy with it being a struggle, I can truly appreciate it, but after all it is also a delusion and it is being driven away gradually,
I am chased by obsession, trying to solve the incident Tony was pursuing ... ...

Well, it is a story that can not be saved in the end.

But I was so moved that the evaluation was "the best"

2006/06/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1908 Host:1703 Browser: 4317
One volume is the current of Lau and Yang, the second volume is the past of the two people, and the third volume was one of the future. It was interesting though time was changed and it was difficult to understand. Especially the three volumes were difficult.

This story is about Yan who is infiltrating the Hong Kong mafia and Maufia's Lau in the police, and I was watching it as if it could be seen (Yang). I was surprised at the end of all. It did not seem like anyone wanted something.

Though I watched it with three volumes, though it was a tragedy, I thought it was good to see.

2006/01/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2375 Host:2394 Browser: 6287
A story about the double infiltration of a mafia member (Andy. Lau) that infiltrated the police and an investigator (Tony Leon) who infiltrated the mafia.
The pain of each of Lau and Yang appeared well. I could not take my eyes and I felt tears came out at last.

The atmosphere of Yan 's melancholy atmosphere, the state of suffering among the good and evil of Lau etc were well depicted.
Not to mention the two leading players, Sam of the boss of the mafia and Kyon of the younger brother are also wonderful.
Even with a smile on the surface of Sam was not laughing sincerely, ruthless expression was well manifested.
Kyon was bright and I understood how she admires Yan from the bottom of my heart.
That's why, even when I realized that Yan was a trafficking investigator (probably), when I saw a dead scene without telling Sam it was a tearful thing.

Finally, although Lau decided to live in justice, he dragged the past,
It was the way of finishing to live in "Mugen Hell" that is suitable for the name of "Mugen no Nakamichi", just as it may be said to be infiltrated from the Mafia.

It is my favorite piece of movie I have ever seen. I watched trilogy at all movie theaters. Everything was wonderful, but I like this one piece the most.
I heard that it will be remade in Hollywood, but I do not want you to remake it. I think Hong Kong's atmosphere is perfect for this movie ....
It is recommended! Please take a look !!

2006/01/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6705 Host:6764 Browser: 4696
I saw the first work.
A thrilling story and exquisite actor's performance are disappointing in the fun of the plot, I think that hard boiled things are limited to Hong Kong movies, I think that it is finished in a work that makes me think so.
Although there are places somewhat difficult to catch up with the story early in the story, the tempo is often seen from the point where both the police and the mafia make it clear that there are employees in the organization.
Although they are two people who flow information to organizations, they are different from each other.
Anyway, I wanted Lau to more clearly describe the background of Yang's formation in the organization.