[Movie]I, Frankenstein

G(For all ages)
Movie total pnts rank Rank 4,224in 4,867 titlesTotal -2 / Deviation 45.76
Movie rank of 2014 Rank 144in 168 titles
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Stuart Beattie
Tom Rosenberg Gary Lucchesi Richard Wright Andrew Mason Sidney Kimmel David Kern
Cappi Ireland
Johnny Klimek
Aaron Eckhart Bill Nighy Miranda Otto Jai Courtney Socratis Otto Caitlin Stasey
Japan Released:2014/09/06(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2014
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1. http://ifranken.jp/ (Translation)
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2015/07/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a work that was not simple either.

It is neither to delineate Frankenstein nor to depict its unexpectedness in the story and it is not that there is originality such as to show a new Frankenstein unlike the others and it is not one of many Hollywood works It was a feeling that it was not too much.

Although the image has become something to be seen as it is, after all the level is rough in the Hollywood work, there is no scenes with impact that are prominent or striking compared with those , If the Avengers or Marvel work is to be top notch, is it the lower one in the top class?

Overall the plain, dark and less developed so it was said that the image did not live and the only thing that did it was the small battle between the devil and the gargoyle.

Still it was good if I could drill down on the contents and draw a new point of view, but it was not interesting because the content was superfluous without any inconspicuousness.
There was only a superficial setting and there was no ingenuity of the story that would lead to the hero's past, there was no reasonable content, no love, no love, so I could not get excited from inside It was.
Of course there is no thing to say or message nature, and it was nothing left to remember in the memory just by showing the picture for fighting.

Personally I expected to see more fresh Frankenstein or amazing idea, but I thought that I did not have anything but nothing, that I did not have to be another Frankenstein? I will.
Originally Frankenstein should be brought to the center more contentally, but in the main battle between devil and gargoyl, Frankenstein is just like a tool, Frankenstein's on its way disturbing himself I felt like I was going.

Although it may be a work that you can see if it is killing time, it is not a work that you can think that it was good to see.

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