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Other media: Literature:I,Robot
Movie total pnts rank Rank 304in 5,400 titlesTotal 16 / Deviation 60.42
Movie avg pnts Rank 420in 632 titlesAvg 0.41=Normal/39 reviews
Movie rank of 2004 Rank 11in 157 titles
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Voice/Actor1.50(Very good)4
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Alex Proyas John Davis Wyck Godfrey Topher Dow Laurence Mark
James Lassiter Tony Romano Michel Shane WILL SMITH Isaac Asimov
Jeff Vintar Akiva Goldsman Simon Duggan Marco Beltrami Bridget Moynahan Bruce Greenwood
Chi McBride Alan Tudyk James Cromwell
Shia LaBeouf Emily Tennant Jerry Wasserman Adrian L Ricard Fiona Hogan Sharon Wilkins
Japan Released:2004/09/18(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2004/07/15
Official sites
1. http://www.foxjapan.com/movies/irobot/ (Translation)
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2005/11/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5889 Host:5484 Browser: 5234
We will evaluate with spoilage, so please be careful who you are not seeing.
First, the robot should not hurt human beings.
(1) The robot must obey instructions given by humans. However,
This is not the case if it is contrary to Article 1.
(1) A robot shall protect itself, unless there is no fear that violates Article 1 and Article 2 above.
The robot that should be bound by the three principles of harming humans.
Although we make a judgment that some sacrifice is inevitable to protect humans, what kind of logical thinking will it be?
Principle 1 is contradictory that sacrifice is unavoidable.
Further planning that Dr. Lanning entrusted to the hero with his own death. Rather, I was saying that it was slippery or well managed under the control of a robot,
Were you planning to balance your life?

Omoa, there was a bit of a painful development but the scene of confrontation with the robot was magnificent.
Because we brought out numerous NS-5 controlled by a bad robot so that the monolith would simply collapse for quite a while,
I was watching while thinking that there is no durability w
Originally I saw it with CM etc etc. I did NOT murder him and the robot which is exaggerated Because I thought that it was a masterpiece,
I was surprised at the last blackout.
Also, I was touched by the setting where the wink that I make opponents in the meaning of believing was the most usefully used last.

The main character prefers the robot as existence which does not have a thing which can only be discriminated by the calculation of the life survival rate according to the three principles.
A robot called Sunny with a separate circuit incorporated in a form to compare with it appears.
Sunny who ordered Sun to help Dr. Calvin who is about to fall to the nano robot injection and answered it and went to save it.
This answer is because it is sunny who has a heart.
The scene where Sunny and the hero shake hands in the last is a proof that the hero sees Sunny as a friend. It was very dazzling.

I felt that content was incomplete or impulsive.
I guess it is because of the plot of Dr. Lanning which is the source of the story, because it is felt by the accidental product that the way to make a person aware of the robot's idea by suspecting his death as a hero is forcibly felt.
Evaluation was high if this part was convincing.

2005/12/09 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13217 Host:12889 Browser: 5234
Isaac, a science fiction writer and a scholar, may be said to be a movie just borrowing the name of Asimov. That's why this work is not very good-looking, I got tired of getting midway.

There was no such thing as classic masterpieces "forbidden planet" and "day when the earth stood still", just ended up being just a robot and human conflict. If this were to happen, I thought that it would be a good idea to budget as well as create live action "TF".

Asimov's view of the world was good, but the essence of the matter was saying that it was not good. It can be said that "Blade Runner" was better if this was done.

Although it is a Hollywood movie that has not done much adventure, I can not deny that I am a halfway feeling. It is the present situation that classic science fiction is getting less promising because of the fact that I was absorbed in the original novel and was calling it because of the movie.

2005/12/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25986 Host:26070 Browser: 5234
It was interesting normally.
The concept of the story has realism that imagines the future of the future.
CG was also beautiful, the car on which the hero rides is cool.

I just can not understand how to organize the last.
I felt unclear as if I had overwhelmed the big answer of robot and human coexistence.
Impression that it might have been impossible to finish very large problem presentation only within this time.
I want to see it if there is a sequel.

2006/03/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3432 Host:3389 Browser: 5237
God of the sci-fi world, a masterpiece novel by Azimov "We are robots" as a movie ... I thought that it seemed a bit unsatisfactory, but I was able to see so so soon. Will Smith get out too far in front so it feels like it is too cool, but ... I thought it was invulnerable ?? It was like being die-hard enough to get a bit stuck in, but can not be helped too.
Whether desiring to say robot design did not manage any more ...

The setting that the robot makes a rebellion against human beings may seem obnoxious from the present era. It's a setting that has been overwhelmed countlessly around the world, including "Astro Boy" and "Terminator".

However, speaking of this work, the word clich莨〓is not appropriate. Because the original novel of this movie is almost a thing of original and it is also a novel that produced the word "three principles of robot". It can be said that there are not a few influences of the movie's original novel that there are works of robot things made up to now so far.

I feel a bit surprising that such masterpieces have not been made into films until now. For SF fans, making a movie was obviously a happy incident.

However, as the original novel is a monumental shining sparkle in the genre SF, if you compare it with this movie after all it is still quite inferior, right? Honest place.
Well it may be poor to blame the movie that the original too is too great.

But after only a couple of pieces of works incorporating the settings of this original novel have already been made in countless numbers, this work was the original person who saw this movie that was made in this era People who do not know about certain things will always think that it is a cliche and a stale setting? It is a bit disappointing to think about that.

For those who do not know, a word. The setting of this movie is neither pakuri nor obsolete. The setting of this movie is original.
"Terminator", "Astro Boy" as well as all other robotic works are influenced by Isaac. Asimov's "We are robots" ~.

2007/05/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32482 Host:32376 Browser: 5234
I watched it on TV yesterday.

As the picture is good, the contents are unsatisfactory, and as a comment it feels like Oshii work at all. (Works that might be different meaning ... ... Suman)
I think that it is good to attack the Asimov's original work as a modern future SF action.
That 's the only thing that it is impossible to realize without the current CG technology.
The design of the robot surreal and somewhat organic line is pretty good impression, and the action is also making a point of view in the main points, and it is a fact that it is quite fun to see only there.
(Scenes where Scenes fighting with the enemy Robo of the same type and Spooner bite the prosthetic hands on the pillar of Viki center, while Sunny runs through the corridor, "Make Micromachine" Feed ")

However, as you can say, as you say, as it is said that it is a ghost, while the co-existence of humans and robots, originally the hands of cookers are not reaching deep themes such as what is a robot in the first place, very easy processing The point that the theme is complete is negative.
However, I thought that I was still good. Because from the beginning, I did not want anything such as philosophical elements, so I was satisfied if I could see a good SF action.
Still unsatisfied because the character of Spooner and Dr. Calvin of the protagonists was still too cartoonish and unsatisfactory.

Spooner 's trauma and a robot disliked criminal factor are okay, it' s pretty tough for a detective who just shoots a gun with muscle mukimuki and just jumps with emotion, no manga or novel, in real life (bitter smile) . It's a movie, and if you are caught up with the video so far, I hope that the character tweak another character.
Calvin also comes out with an intelligent heroine at first, but in reality it does not feel too much intellectuals and in the end it eventually becomes an action person.

Sunny and Lanning characters are good, so it is a painful thing that the two of the above main parts are not attractive. I think that it would have been a notch movie if this character was a more convincing character.

It's not bad as a movie that you can easily see, so it is "good".
Even if the notes are wrong, is not it that I do not think that it is the same lineage as "Blade Runner" or "Ghost in the Shell"?

2007/05/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3700 Host:3813 Browser: 5234
I watched it on TV the other day, but it was quite funny.

First of all, other people are saying that image beauty is wonderful.
What is wonderful is where you do not know where the actual picture from CG.
Recently, CG technology is progressing with really amazing speed, and CG is being used in every movie,
Even if ordinary CG is very beautiful, Oh, I understand that this is CG,
It seems that there seems to be few such feelings in this work (Of course, the robot's expression is CG, of course.).

Will Smith and plenty of places to see action scenes.
Scenes that you confront with a lot of robots with cars.
Robot vs. robot fighting scene was also interesting. Sunny's fight sense is a hat off.

And then, I felt the likes of Sunny's human beingness.
I felt a sense of incongruity at the beginning of that robot design,
It is mysterious that Sunny will feel like human design as he starts to express his expression.
Sunny said, "I can understand, but when I told you I do not have much mind," she grinned.
I wonder if you can say that (laugh)

As for the story, I did not make it a small difficult work, I think that it was the correct answer with an action emphasis.
Because I think that it will be halfway accomplished in 2 hours if I talk about the significance of existence and the existence value of the robot seriously.

On the other hand, I do not think there was anything prominent as an action movie, so I would like to keep the evaluation "good".

2007/09/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26301 Host:26092 Browser: 6271
Two places; two plans.

Newly Used New Year.

It will be a work impressing the author's philosophy on robots. Now please go and say Shinkawa.

New Sho; Well this is it. First of all there is a case and the robot escapes. Will Smith be patient. Then I hesitate sorry but there is a huge thing and it will be developed.

Two places; Yes, that's pretty cool and it's pretty bad. The image is beautiful though. I can not have actions or anything like this.

Usually, Will. I think Smith thinks that philosophy is water and oil.

Bishop; When you hear what you said you absolutely do not understand. he. I'm going up and speaking.

Anyway, I guess I'm supposed to manage something if I increase my voice.

Do not know if you do not understand.

I do not know the new guy; he knows what he is listening to.

Two places; Akan. Those who do not wish.

New waste; by not recommending it, it means "worst".

Binhodo; I do not understand B class.

New shoes; Yes. To be clear.

2007/09/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17732 Browser: 4639(Mobile)
Although I might have failed because I expected too much.
Because there was not much exciting scenes, no surprising developments.

Just the scene of the future and the expression of Sammy were very good.
Just in the case of only images, the recent CG epic work is a lot better being out.

2008/02/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31926 Browser: 3049(Mobile)
The contents were interesting and there was also message nature.
Where you think that this work is regretful, exaggerated images and actions make me feel that I have thinned this world view.
Although the content was real, the image became fantasy too much.

I wanted to show more about the relationship between the main character and Sunny, drama.
There was too much distance between the protagonist and Sunny and it was hard to transfer emotional feelings.

The story is scheduled to unfold, the settings and descriptions are thin and it has compacted.
The impact of the hero's past also was weak and I wanted more sharpness in the content.

2008/06/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19721 Browser: 7776(Mobile)
Three principles are handled with things dealing with robots but since this work was made based on the original which produced it, expect it and watch it.

If the robot rebelled in the era when science has advanced and the universal humanoid robot becomes one in a family ...
Is it such a work suggesting the convenience and danger of scientific advancement?
Will have a greater emphasis on the action surface than the theme something.If you like smith, you will be able to enjoy it.
I was happy that the dubbed Japanese was Mountain.
Wil among me ... Because Smith = mountain.

I was looking forward to how to overthrow the absolute three principles, but the robot had some sort of ego and expanded and interpreted the three principles.
Considering that human brain and others are the place of electric signal exchange if it sticks to the end, the possibility of becoming such a thing if the robot evolves may not be impossible.
If you think so, you will be told that development of artificial intelligence also has a horrible aspect.
At the same time how to face it?
The last of this work seems to suggest such a point.

Stories themselves are content that is not satisfactory, as it is relieved without being betrayed, as it is a content of the previous complaint such as propaganda, not having a particularly large dragon back, if it says bad, it is somewhat unsatisfactory.
However, the feeling of the hero of the anti robot lacks sympathy at all.
Once the robot is the world premise that there is no mind just machine, the reason why the hero dislikes the robot has no persuasive power.
It seems that the head of the hero is too hard.
It is a regrettable part of this work that the reason why the hero can not trust the robot and the cause of the robot's rebellion are not linked.
I think that I can go up to the next level as a story just by connecting here ...

Evaluation is "good"
Well it is a work that you can enjoy for minutes to think without thinking deeply.
Probably enough to kill time.

2008/06/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11753 Host:11752 Browser: 6287
It is quite a while before I saw it, so I refuse that I do not remember the details.

The story composition was as it was, but it does not remain in impression fairly much.
The action is truly Will. There is only Smith and powerful, the movement of the camera is not so intense, I was watching it because I was not watching the scene change too much.
Also, the movement of the robot was realistic and I was watching without feeling any discomfort.
This point is quite a big thing.

However, it is a point that it comes out as a fault, as it is often pointed out, philosophical terms are too many to keep up with.
This was pretty hard.
I remember the fact that my head came out confusingly because I could not understand it because I could not understand it.
Especially in the second half I could not get into the talk as it was a tone as if the conversation was premised on knowing the philosophical term of its meaning unknown.

I understand the rough process, but it would be better to stop trying to see it deeply.
As a whole it is a work where the gap between the content, the action and the degree of completeness of the force of battle was intense.

Well there is also such a thing.
Let's make the evaluation "good".

2008/09/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2436 Host:2498 Browser: 3023(Mobile)
The content is philosophical and difficult to understand. Because Smith says it further, it is unlikely to be convincing. I feel like I am just saying momentum

The theme robot Sammy (who was it?) Which tends to be very robot movies such as coexistence of robot and human being and friendship almost did not feel the inner charm

I can evaluate the video and action quite easily, but as the other people say, there are as many beautiful images as there are so many actions.
It lacks selling points

As I mentioned above, the content is too sorry, I could not remember that I had not forgotten the content in a week when I saw it, because I did not have too much remembrance. At this point it is hard for me to say Ryosaku

"Normal to bad", but I do not want you to mass-produce such movies, so please "bad".

2008/11/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12042 Host:11918 Browser: 6287
I was sorry to hear that the expectation was high but I saw it at the movie theater, but I think that the video, the action scene, the acting was satisfactory.
However, as the contents are religious as drawn by other people Personally, the aftertaste is also bad Honesty It was a movie that seemed to be fly low-flying all the time The criminal also examined too much and started to enter and exhort too much I did not know what kind of keyword that picture was eventually I thought that the world view seemed interesting but it became a tough evaluation

2009/01/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4184
Isaac, a movie made as an original work with hints of SF short stories "We are robots" originally written by Asimov.
Although the theme that the robot has feelings is a worn-out subject matter, this work draws another interestingness by drawing a relationship between humans and a robot in a suspense style. Isaac, Asimov 's proposal in the novel "three principles of robot" to clarify the contradiction lurking in the way, such as how to capture emotions and consciousness as a robot, "handling the mind of the robot" while dealing with "human The mind is highlighted, and its content is philosophical as it is.
The protagonist Dell.Spooner Detective (Will Smith) is a discriminator who sees the robot as dangerous and is drawn as if it is cranky, but I have prepared reasons for that reason and because of this character, the truth of the case You can go on to the story, the skeleton of the story is pretty solid. Moreover, deployment which does not show mid-course is good.
However, while dealing with such social themes, it is related to the actions peculiar to Hollywood works, beginning to clarify the truth with a mystery, so the place you want to see is slightly blurred and the climax's dainten The impression that the return also does not get excited is left.

2009/06/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21304 Host:21498 Browser: 4550
Whew. If this work is a different title, change the one borrowed from Asimov among the names of the characters,
If you remove the credit of Asimov's original draft, I think that you can be given an ordinary evaluation.
However, it is impossible to forgive anything that Asimov changed to the most disliked story by borrowing the subject from Asimov.
Susan still can forgive Calvin getting young. I can accept that Lawrence is drawn for some reason like a bad man. Alfred: Although there is no doubt why Lanning is dead for some reason, it is still unacceptable.
However, it is. It is the worst in the end that I made a robot's revolt, Frankenstein-like story.
Even though the staff did not read the preface of "the age of the robot"? Asimov made the three principles of robot because it got tired of these story. If you want to do this kind of story, after the first zero principle invention by Disquardo. Leventov,
We should set the era per Foundation's new trilogy.
Based on the above reasons, I heavily looked at the point of using the proper noun of Asimov's work, and let me make the evaluation worst.

2009/09/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25090 Host:25050 Browser: 15374
It was good until the first half, but it feels like it has just become an action movie from the second half. I can not help to say that it is cheap compared to Blade Runner.
However, I moaned to Sunny in the second half LOL evaluation is normal.

2009/09/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19525 Host:19437 Browser: 6217
[good point]
The picture is good.
The action scene is reasonably good.
Tempo is good.

[Bad point]
The story is not good.
Message quality is weak.
There is not much suspense.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Will Smith played the leading role, the tempo was good work of action well.
Although it is easy to see, there was not much depth.
Certainly the theme has been made, but the action is centered, and the message does not come through.
I can read the expansion and there is not much suspense.
It's a movie that simply enjoys actions and CG images.

2009/09/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5941
[good point]
Spooner detective characters.
Initially I thought that I just hated a robot, but for some reason I was acquainted with a doctor of robotics engineering.
In the midfield itself, the past that had been made into a cyborg, the accident that becomes the circumstances will be revealed
It makes Albert. Heinrich feel reminiscent of it.
Rasubato is suffering well in the development of past cases.

[Bad point]
The skeleton of the story is a dishonest way of the terminator series.
The main computer that became an enemy has solved the three principles and the robot who became a friend got twisted around dare to take actions ignoring the three principles.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Contents that are so. It is "ordinary" from "good".

2009/09/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23540 Host:23856 Browser: 5256
[good point]
CG is nice (___ ___ 0

[Bad point]
I do not understand well the last meaning that I was not sure at first

[Comprehensive evaluation]

While I was watching it, I gradually understood the story and it was fun
The last end where CG and genuine composition (?) Were good was something I did not understand something

Oh well, it was fun and so "very good"

2009/09/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51028 Host:50866 Browser: 9576
[good point]
Drawing three principles of robot

[Bad point]
The action element was too big

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the first half of the first half where the robot was accepted as a hero who did not admit the robot in the world that robot was completely accepted by society was interesting although there were elements like suspense but it is regrettable that it became an action movie unexpectedly, I did not think it was fatally bad because I like it

2009/10/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19729 Browser: 6794(Mobile)
[good point]
.View of the world
The action scenes are reasonable
[Bad point]
There are many difficult and boring scenes
Overall the plain
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The view of the world is good, but it is a totally subtle work.
Because there are many difficult and boring scenes, it seems likely to choose a viewer.
I enjoyed the action scene so much so the evaluation is good.

2011/10/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15627 Host:15731 Browser: 12823
What I thought when it first sees that it is a common story.
Besides, I am not surprised that the last main computer-like guy was a black screen. Feeling like swinging in the sky.
Serifs like "There is no mind in the robot" are also something that seems to be good.

However, the production is certainly good. Impact scenes also burned in the brain in many good ways.
The battle between the car and many robots on the truck was good.
And then the last robot gathers on the hill.
The last main destruction scene is also good.
The scene of pursuing humans trying to go out was pretty terrible.

It might be nice to take a look. Although it is "ordinary".

2011/11/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13104 Host:12746 Browser: 5047
Alex of "Crow flying dragon legend" "Dark city." The skill that Proyas cooked up this movie by adding elements such as Will Smith's starring entertainment movie without shaving his own taste is wonderful.

At first it was portrayed as a complicated strange incident, and there is a feeling that there is a somewhat depressed mood, but as the hero's past and the mystery of the incident become clearer, the interest as an entertainment action movie will increase.
In the end, the criminal of robot dislikes and suspect Robo formed a combination, although it is solid, it was also a royal road and it was purely enjoyable.

I'd like to have a lot of action scenes that are too flashy, but I can divide it as if "the main character is Will Smith and it can not be helped" (laugh).
Contrary to Proyas 'black' s dark screen making based on black, it was a fresh impression that it was based on white. The depiction of actions etc was as good as ever, and the last that left mysterious finish was also like the director of Proyas.

I think that there are many unsatisfactory parts for those who desire hard SF work, but since I do not hit hard SF in the first place, I think that this movie is exactly balanced.

2012/05/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10195 Host:10288 Browser: 13175
[good point]
Robot Sony's character modeling was excellent. You can not be too humans, it can not be a tasteless dry AI, and its subtle characters were well done.
The setting of the three principles of Asimov itself is a hint. (I think that fun will be halved for those who know the original)
Will Smith 's star power.

[Bad point]
A point where fighting scenes made with CG looks like fake.
One-pattern setting of large enterprises = bad guys

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2013/06/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 253 Host:80 Browser: 4179
[good point]
〓〓〓he story attracted with the suspense element, visually entertaining with action elements, attracted attention with the development that treated the three principles of robot well was quite interesting. It is well done from the basic part to the fine parts, such as fine foreshadow's strange and steady protagonist's digging down.
Especially, the action scene was made wonderful, dynamic dynamic camera work which can do because it is 3DCG and synthesis was also scattered and it was quite impressive.
〓〓〓he character of Sunny which is the main character (?) Of the robot is very attractive. In particular I think that his subtle and casual talks were pretty good. Anyway, it is exquisite salt plum of human smell and robot smell.
〓〓〓 think that Converse of 2004 as "vintage" and that the motorcycle of a gasoline engine was rare, SF also seemed to be depicting a world view firmly. Especially, I think that Converse 's crumpling feels SF - like romance in places where you feel uncomfortable if you are from a person living in modern times.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓here is enough fun as entertainment movies, but as a result of the color as SF suspense action becoming too strong, the themes such as the three main principles of the robot became blurred. Therefore, if you look at a work pursuing a philosophical theme, you will find a shoulder watermark.
- Moreover, it is made as if the description of robot handling and the recognition of people in the world view of this work is thin, it is assumed that knowing in advance the three principles of robot in SF work and how to handle it It was closed.
Even if it is a serious suspense movie, it is subtle, and although there is a certain force pulling ahead, it is about seasoning as an element to the last. Even though I expect it there, I will eat shoulder watermark.
〓〓〓lthough 3DCG is a well-made one, it is hard to say that it is completely integrated with live-action photography when you look at it now. Synthetic odor, wire action odor is also felt in many parts, the overall smell of product smell is noticeable.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
SF's father, Aizimov's short story "I am a robot" based on the original work, a movie that inspired and talked about the story. While having a making as an entertainment action, it was a work that developed a story that used the robot rule "robot 3 principle" that Azimov bore successfully.

The charm of this work will be in the story which held firmly on the point as robot SF as well as suspense action of criminal goods. While treating the "3 Robot Principles" with a strong philosophical character as the main theme, it is inevitable that the compatibility of entertainment as a suspense action without losing its elements is impressive. There are also good nature of Sunny's character character to say as the second hero, skill of lively ending of the final stage, Nikui directing bringing hints in small places, and has a quite complete degree as one movie I think.

Although it is said that although completion is high, it is also a fact that you have to put a preamble "as an entertainment work", and you can see scenes that look like cheap in delicious taste as you see now. In addition, because the emphasis on making as an entertainment work, the underlying philosophical message nature has not been transmitted to the straight very much. The suspense element is also a sub-matter to the last, the main action element is rather the action element.

Although it is not a science-fiction film of high message quality, I think that it is a work that has quite fun if it is viewed as an amusement work dealing with SF themes. Is it rather a piece that entertainment science fiction film fans see pleasing than a work that is pleasing to see the classic SF fans.
Evaluation is "very good" rather than good.

2013/07/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21787 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Although it is the cut that I watched the movie just by starring Will Smith, I was able to enjoy it surprisingly surprisingly.

From the beginning, Spooner of the main character seems to be aversion to robot which is convenient and safe exist for some reason, but I think that this area is miso.

Sightseeing with Sammy, the robot I met at the murder scene, when the doctor was murdered is the highlight of the first half. Sammy reveals anger 's feelings to Spooner who comes in contact with high pressure with an attitude like interrogating scene in an interrogative scene. From the encounter, the two who were like water and oil in the end, they finally came in hands and as Sumy 's speech responds to it, saying "You will be friends" It can be said that the theme in this work is the moment to shake hands firmly.

Spooner's own heavy past is well deepened and you can feel the catharsis at the moment you climb over it while clarifying it.

However, personally, the face of the robot was realistically reproduced on the human facial expression itself, it looked creepy and was not very attractive in terms of design, but even if the robot's large army was in the final stage scene The scenery climbing the building steadily watched and it was awfully scary.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2013/07/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18589 Host:18685 Browser: 5345
[good point]
As expected, as a robot lover I'm really excited when watching movies like friendship with such robots!
As Will Smith appeared, the director was also imminently familiar, and the goosefles stood by a lot!
Sunny's character is good! I want to make robot like this kind w
The reason why only Sunny differs from other robots was clearly understood, and the flow of the story was also good.

[Bad point]
There was a scene a little scared of the robot, but it was engraved deeply as it is calling attention for making a robot w

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was very good!
The shape of that Sunny's dream came true at the end, it was sanny that stood on the hill, and it was clear that it was a convincing way to finish!

2013/07/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Understanding the three principles of the robot, simulating the results that pursued the three principles which were not thought much in Asimov 's era with extreme reality.

[Bad point]
For those without knowledge of engineering, trying to have it enjoyable as entertainment, there may have been too much to hide themes and messages.
As a result, there are many unjustifiable negative opinions, but it is not a difficult theme or message, so it's fine, so I think that it was okay to put out themes and messages straight.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluate on reviewing recently for evaluation.

This work is made with the three principles of robot as its axis, but do you all know that these three principles actually can be paraphrased into certain three words?

If it is a bright person to knowledge of engineering system, I think that I will understand immediately, but the three principles of robot, in other words,

It can be paraphrased into three words of safety, convenience, long-lasting.

Well, what if you pursue these three to the limit?

The answer is simple, human beings do not need to do anything.

Because they are doing everything in the ultimate convenient robot, it is because they are making people so that all things human beings can do to robots as well.

Ultimate freedom is the ultimate inconvenience.

Disability, inconvenience to eat, inconvenient to move, but losing all such inconvenience, even living meaning is lost.

In this movie, many people think that the cause of the runaway of the robot is because the mother computer has misunderstood the Three Principles, but in fact the mother computer does not misunderstand the Three Principles, and it is very faithful to obey the Three Principles It is.

The robot must be convenient, otherwise the robot will have no meaning to be born.

They thought they wanted to know the meaning that they were born,

However, as long as the Three Principles are absolute, they are only convenient for showing the meaning that they were born, surprisingly there is no way to show the meaning that they were born.

Even if it gets to it, even if it takes away his / her profession from a human being and takes away the meaning of living ...

In the Asimov era, it was hard to think that the robot would be useful to that extent, but in modern times the humanoid robot is no longer just a fantasy, the theme and message of this movie is extremely important It can be said that it has a meaning.

In the world of engineering, although absolutely I learned the three principles of robot advocated by Asimov, this movie clearly showed that the three principles of robot are no longer absolutely laws anymore.

It can be said that this revolutionized the world of engineering, it is amazing thing in general.

And the solution of it is like America, in a good way to understand the meaning of freedom correctly.

The solution is "diversity"

If everyone is the same, a fatal flaw is born somewhere.

Diversity is necessary to prevent it.

In other words, the composition of this movie will eventually become obsession vs free unification vs diversity perfect vs incomplete.

Well, in this movie people are questioned about how to live.

For Mother Computer's perfection, Sunny refutes that there is no mind.

And since the robot finally got the freedom

Since it was human beings who ultimately destroyed the mother computer,

Heart, freedom, action, it will be "will".

The future is not given, it is to build with our own will, building a future with our will is the way people live.

Although the robot had judged who to help only with numbers, if that person is a person,

If you are a human being, if you are unlikely, you would have thought of ways to increase the possibilities, you probably tried to grab a brute force whether it was a low possibility.

People's will sometimes repain numbers, sometimes 0% to 100%.

There is a great possibility for human will, abandoning its will is abandonment of living thing.

Finally, the robot got freedom and gained diversity, but that also means incomplete.

Perfection there is no diversity.

From now on, the robot may commit a crime.

However, that means that the robot is incomplete, that is, it has become life, and the possibility of opening up a better future with the will of the future also was born.

This movie can be said to be a masterpiece that tells the way the robot is and the way people are, while being a bit solid and prestigious.

Many parts were not transmitted to many people, but I would like to say that the evaluation is very good.

2013/11/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I do not have much impression, but I think that the action scene was good.
However, it seems that it seems to have ended without understanding well whether it is an action or a suspense as a whole, or a satire movie depicting the relationship with a robot.
Because I do not know what kind of stance to watch it, I could not keep up with the first one and I went straight to the end. Therefore, I think that it is not left in the impression.