[Movie]I come with the rain

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Josh Hartnett Takuya Kimura Lee Byung-Hun Shawn Yue Elias Koteas
GAGA Comyunications
Japan Released:2009/06/06(Sat)
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2016/01/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47101 Host:46879 Browser: 5779
It is a topic movie that Asian stars such as Kimura Takuya! I. Byeong Hon! Are co-starring, but if you are interested in the performers like me and you've taken the current work you will be ecstatic.
It has a gloomy atmosphere as a whole, there is no R designation, but R-15 Erogro.
Even as a director, the current and past images come back and forth and it is confusing.
I think that the theme is the passion of Christ and it is what it is like when it does not understand the original story?
I also finally convinced that when I saw the spoiler site "was that something like that"? Still, I am anxious about the lack of seriousness of the main story. Something is not clearly indicated in the answer the last, and the Assassin is over. In the play, since the lines are extremely small, it is necessary to complement the part which is not told, and to supplement it inside of himself, and I feel that it is troublesome personally (lol)
It seems that people taste preference severely, but I do not dislike works of such atmosphere, and occasionally I felt it is good to see such things.
Even so, I wonder what is it that the radio head is touched easily.

2015/10/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21946 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Is that such as Kimuta Takuya Kimura or Hallyu Star star Bee Young Hoong played a dream collaborative action movie?

It was content that drew a struggle for men set in Los Angeles and Asia, but Kimura Takuya dressed as a man named Shitao who had a strange ability to undertake the pain of others instead. At first sight it seems that it is something quite capable, but if I think about it well, it was an impression that it was a frustrating ability not useful for myself. Oh, but maybe it is irresistible for masochists (laugh).

A detective Klein is going on a journey by a former detective hired by his father to search such a shitao, but as Hong Kong Mafia's boss, Danbo also got missing as a parallel with it Looking for a shitao that had a relationship with him, and with such a thing, Klein finds Shitao at the end as he was involved in the fierce struggle between the Hong Kong Mafia and the police while fighting a spectacular escape play , That sitao became tattered and was in a state of fatal injuries and so on, but I think that it was a work that went through without mid-drilling until the end.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2010/08/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15253
It is a class of works that you can sympathize personally and like.
All I can say is what it is to this woman who went to see Kimutaku and Lee Byung Hun eye for this (laugh).
Normally speaking, the story is incomprehensible, there is a glow, it is disgusting, and it seems easy to imagine that there would have been a lot of people standing in the middle.
I never thought that I was such a work.
Such a work is like a work that uses an unnamed actor and gradually increases evaluation from the core people.
There is nothing to wonder why he used a famous actor for such a work, but personally it was such a thing as a non - conceivable thing other than these three people, so it is so famous that an important character stands out for this work I wonder if it was good on three sides.
If there was a problem it would have been that there was no explanation or precautionary story about what might be a grounder in advance notice or propaganda.
It would be unreasonable for the women like men who went to see without knowing it to get angry.

It is a work that I can not keep up with as long as I figured out detailed settings and reasons.
Why has Josh contacted by Kim Taek's father, why B. Byung Hun's betrayal, why Kim Taak does not die or has acquired such ability, etc. Such as things do not matter .
I do not want to say anything easy to do or feel like it, but the reason is that the story is not important but the contents inside the result is important.
There are few lines and few explanations, but there is explanation coming from the story, but you can understand the feelings and contents of the character.
Because there is no explanation, how to understand the feelings of the character will be different for each person.
That is why it is interesting. It is a translation that can not be understood anyway what others are thinking.

Because there is no explanation of the story, there was also a fun that I can not predict what will happen afterwards.
There is a foreshadow that Josh empathizes to the criminal while chasing the criminal, and it overlaps with Kim Taak and gradually faces the past.
The biggest sight of this work is the scene of that object, but before that Josh is said to have problems with the spirit, and in the scene receiving an interrogation Josh says that he is an artist and he is an artist and the investigation team is a murderer It is said to be a criminal.
Josh disturbs and penetrates his pen with a pen.
At first glance Josh is a scene that makes me think that the spirit is going crazy, but this is a good hint and it was really seriously seriously merely emotional to the murderer.
And scenes that make viewers aware of it are lined with disgusting objects in the scene where Josh faces the criminal.
That object was cut off and cropped the corpses of human beings who showed Christ's suffering and it was a very persuasive thing.
At that moment, at least I felt it was an artist unexpectedly thought that the homicide demon was a murderer with the same feeling as Josh.
I felt the feeling of the culprit who completed the passion of Christ, I could have fired the criminal, and since I've been chasing you forever, I understand the most criminal so cut off the criminal's neck and embrace it as important.
If it says such a thing, it was a beautiful scene.
It may be because the story and how to show it is solid.

Lee Byung-hun said, "In the scene where he handled with the boss of the mafia was bangered with a hammer, the dog shot and the vaguely made the tramp with the corpse, and a variety of scary scenes drew and confronted Kim Tak" I have seen hell Bai Hon says, but when you shake hands, you realize the deck of Kimtak's existence and pull back.
Afraid I. Byeong-hon will attach Kim Tak but in a word of Kim Tak Ah. Byeong-hong will shed tears.
"I will forgive you"
It is a word of Kimtak that is far far above herself who has experienced the experience of experiencing various people's suffering by tasting the deep side of a single death and stabbing it in my heart.
I guess Mafia really does not ask for forgiveness, but it is not a problem but Kimutaku and I. It has been drawing so far Person depictions and relationships of Byung Hun have persuasives for dialogue and tears.

In the scene where Josh confronts Lee Byung Hun, this time Josh says he is seeing hell towards B. It is said that he is not afraid of you.
As a result, Mafia's boss Lee Byung Hun knows the smallness of his weakness machine.

And after searching for Kimutaku's father for a long time, Josh discovering the passion of Christ who finally got pasted like Christ as finished finishing the work.

I think that it was a very artistic work, and it seems to be a work that aimed at that it showed only with images without making extra explanation because art seems to be something, even though it is something of art. I think that it was good.

Although there are grooes, I thought that I did not have a direct groom but I was shadowing, scenes to hit, no scenes to cut off my neck, etc. I thought I was doing well.