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Movie rank of 2004 Rank 136in 151 titles
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Jane Campion
Susanna Moore
Dion Beebe
Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson
Beatrix Aruna Pasztor
Ken Ishii
Meg Ryan
Mark Ruffalo
Kevin Bacon
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Nick Damici
Japan Released:2004/04/03(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2003
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2014/11/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14043 Host:13846 Browser: 7455
Even in Gao, it was in the top plays, but it was pretty delicate among many Meg.Ryan starring works.

The hero who plays Mr. Ryan who was not very good at exchanging with others, maybe it was saving well that she did not paint such "darkness of the heart" as seriously as I expected.
I got acquainted with a criminal named Maloy due to the fact that I saw a murder case,
Even in a more realistic scene it did not convey imitative feelings, honest actor's mark. Mr. Rafaro's performance was unsatisfactory.

In the first place, the intercourse scene was also inconvenient halfway, but I also thought that "Does not Mr. Ryan look like this wet place?" While talking with such scenes somewhat poorly, the story went on, but the death of the sister who was the understanding person of the hero was not even temporary excitement because it was surface layering with the hero and the surface layering.
The black man who tried to face sexual intercourse with the leading character while also busy abusing with the white man's brother, who wanted to deposit the pet in the hero, is also halfway around. But even if the last ... ... then it was still ... but that was also "Wow, it was over here?"

At the end, it would have been like saying "sex" such as sexual desire as "woman who can not escape", but it turned out to be a bad example that turned around idly in an attempt to draw a theme at a strangely small level It is feeling. Not only Gao, but also everybody's review review site called cinema review nods it is not nor reputation, the evaluation is "very bad"
It is a place that is reasonable.

2010/10/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31931 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Anyway, after finishing watching it is only a matter of becoming Pocahn.
Just sticking out various hints or something like a mystery will just be scattered and thrown down and finished.
Did you want suspense or did you want love affair?
Because I wanted to do romance from this punch, but since I can not understand romance at all, I do not solve any mystery and I am running into a meaningless love affair so I can not go on without making any progress and what I wanted to do It does not come to anything.
The content itself is simple and it is just a spirit of a mere pretense mystery and it seems to be difficult, but the story is not that strange as it is, and someone who is the real culprit is almost always the first person to read.
For those who have been watching various suspense things, I think too deeply and think that it is a coin, but simple person knows immediately.
In my case I never thought that it was definitely definitely something is waiting for me! If I thought that there was something else coming back then it ended without anything.
For the time being, nothing is found and nothing is gathered.
There is no explanation such as motives of the criminal, how to kill or why they were killed.
Before the criminal is confined, the hero kills as much as possible, so it does not even know whether he was really the culprit in the first place.
Because the hero follows a cute little guy, it is convenient overall because it is convenient and indifferent, so it will not be attracted either, so it is meaningless without having to use nothing at all, such as memorizing words you like.
The reality is because it does not know what will happen, and the real culprits also do not know what they talk about themselves, and there are many things they do not understand ... Maybe they wanted to draw things, but they are too lazy to leave the viewers behind.
There are a lot of works that do not make explanation as usual, but in this case there is no description of the criminal at all, so even the "damn" that I can not even think of motivation or psychological state can not be understood.
Black people do not even know what they wanted to do, they do not mind separately, they have no meaning at first meaning, there is not any nice scene, there is nothing to do with the scene where the hero is attacked, no matter what the attack was done on, the hero It was just a drop of things that would serve as markers of the crime, even if it was a tool to misunderstand as a criminal or to make him aware of it, it was simple with a random schedule and I saw it for 2 hours but it did not feel anything so far left behind It is also rare.
It can only be said as a waste of Meg Ryan. Or just because Meg Ryan is falling down ...?