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Curtis Hanson
Lisa Ellzey
Ridley Scott
Tony Scott
Susannah Grant
Terry Stacey
Sophie de Rakoff
Lisa Zeno Churgin
Mark Isham
Cameron Diaz
Toni Collette
Shirley MacLaine
Mark Feuerstein
Brooke Smith
Japan Released:2005/11/12(Sat)
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2014/03/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23893 Host:24022 Browser: 7911
[good point]
Where the hero looks back on life and plays
Heartwarming ending

[Bad point]
My sister's behavior is too selfish until halfway

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As the behavior of the first half of the sister who plays Cameron Diaz is so selfish, I think that it is a point to be able to empathize on the way. I sympathize with my sister, so there is a part that makes my last result smile, but I did not have any further comments.
I think that the movie as a whole is clear and easy to relocate and understandable movie. It might be a good idea if you want to see a little heartwarming work.

2012/01/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23892 Host:23949 Browser: 5379
I wonder if the theme was "a sister love bond". This movie.

Mr. Rose who is a lawyer and lives at work and Maggie who was not doing a rookie after 10 years since leaving high school was just a wise sister foolish sister,
If it were only to break the shoes (although it also got ruined afterwards)
Everyone had a relationship with her boyfriend, everyone pulled his feet. Moreover, I found that scene in the true Rose himself,
Far away rather than apologize, I abuse her ......... It was exactly "worst" Maggie.

Depending on my maternal grandmother who had been cold-favored by my father, I went to Florida, I tried to steal her money, but I overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder and am converted. One Rose, who was also sleeping with his younger sister, had his valve to say "What are you doing" at first,
It was stylish production that it was good not only to make up but also to marry a good person called Simon, or to wear grandmother's shoes.
If I could see the face of the great-grandchildren, I would have never said that.

Although a dubbed version was broadcasted at a certain road show, Mr. Park Mami of McGee was well matched to the image, the performance was also stable,
Mr. Cameron Diaz I think that it was a rice cake gathered in the film.
Evaluation is "good".

2011/12/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8801 Host:8893 Browser: 4596
[good point]
The cast is right.
Person depiction is polite and firm.
Heartful story is good.

[Bad point]
Especially nothing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is very good that the contrasting life of two sisters is carefully drawn, growing while hurting each other.
There are parts that do not come with pins for myself without sister brothers, but I felt empathy and empathy for the figure seeking shoes that suit my style (way of living).
Everyone is suffering and desperately living.
Well, there are people who are all going well, there are people who live somehow without considering anything, but I think many people can sympathize.

It is a heart - full movie whose heart is warming after watching it.
Especially recommended for women with sisters.

Evaluation is "good".

2006/04/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5792 Host:5872 Browser: 5237
I thought it was a boring movie to say clearly until halfway. The main character which Cameron Diaz plays is too lacking in ethics, I pulled it.

However, by putting a cuff over the so-called life of others, feeling guilty while keeping others' lives crazy, people actually living in the vicinity are actually quite familiar . I do too much to sleep with my real sister's lover at all. My boyfriend is also a poor man.

If anything, I will feel sympathy for the elder sister. However, because it was just a sympathy, since I could not empathize in the movie, I thought whether it was a movie of losers, but as I went to the end I was able to enter the movie.

It is quite a nice movie that makes my heart warm a little if I look to the end.
Personally until the end, however, Cameron Diaz, the older sister was more favorable likewise.