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Philip Nicholas Outram Pullman
Deborah Forte Bill Carraro
Chris Weitz
Henry Braham
Anne V. Coates
Alexandre Desplat
TV Asahi
Dakota Blue Richards Mariya Nishiuchi Rie Kugimiya
Daniel Craig Hiroki Touchi Fuji Shinshu
NICOLE KIDMAN Tomoko Yamaguchi Atsuko Tanaka
Eva Green Takako Honda Yumi Toma
Sam Elliott Kiyoshi Kobayashi Fubito Yamano
Jim Carter Kenji Utsumi
Tom Courtenay Mugihito Rokuro Naya
Ben Walker Takuya Kaihoko Yumiko Kobayashi
Ian McKellen Ken Ogata Akio Ohtsuka
Ian McShane Tsutomu Isobe Houchuu Ootsuka
Freddie Highmore Riko Narumi Wasabi Mizuta
Kristin Scott Thomas Miki Sakajo
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Japan Released:2008/03/01(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2007/12/07
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2017/05/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4748 Host:4637 Browser: 5171
[good point]
This is a very good link of human and animal life. If there is a connection between modern human beings and animals too, it is easy to keep pets, be too big, listen to stories saying they are buried in the ground at a pet shop, anyway the feelings for human animals are abusive Too much thing is hard, but it is painful ...
When forcibly keeping animals, I wish to make a connection like this movie .. Both sides filling in chips .. too much ... This movie is a connection of affection ...

The story is rather tightly packed, the place where the hero's Lyra is very brave and does not give in to a strong one is really cool. White Bear, who joined Lila's side, also won the boss bear, looking at Lyra's bravery.
When you show the strength of your heart to such a girl, courage still comes after you ....
Laila's face on the last person was already the face of an adult woman ..

[Bad point]
It is a bit disappointing that the story ended on the way. Lila helped the children, but I ended without having to return the compass to someone I want to see doctor of uncle or father, Oh, I wanted to see it until the end ...
I thought.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation was very good halfway, but I will still put the best on Lyra's bravery.
The heart is firm, the place where there is no shaking, the posture with only advancement is best for the best.

2015/10/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
As for the name only I heard from immediately after publication, actually I tried it recently in Gao,
It was a bad meaning of modern fantasy movies that is modern, poor in what is left behind in the mind.

In the beginning, the scenes etc which Lyra was watching were not impressed as to not show Mrs. Coulter who had a thing in something good or bad,
Mrs. Coulter was somewhat stubbornly halfway. I could not feel like something disgusting in a good sense, and I was unsatisfactory as one of the people who was closely involved in Lyra.

On the way, there was also a scene where a cat was about to be killed by that pet, well Well the cat was still pretty because it was a cat lover 'correction' ... ...
There are various other animals, but I do not think that I would like to talk about real stuff if there are such creatures because it seems that sauce has been overworked soy sauce more than necessary with sauce for sauce and sauce for ponkutsu You did it. There seemed to be some aspect that technology bias was over.

Also, another big and subtle point was Lyra's character.
Especially after the midfield there seemed to be a conspicuous speech like I thought it was halfway,
I experienced various events, but the mental state change and the in-depth was a little about it.

The battle scenes of the climax surely feels the goodness of the spring such as movement of the character, but it was not only that the great scales fell out of the eyes, just that. It was a way of finishing like reminiscent of the existence of the sequel, such as saying something like Lilla realized halfway halfway also somehow,
Even though it succeeds commercially for a while, it has been forced to give up due to various adult circumstances.
However, I did not think that it was regrettable because it was conspicuous because it was conspicuous that the screenplay that the built-in was about was contradictory to VFX which made it overly.

If you were looking at the dubbed version of Mr. Kugimiya's etc appeared (Actually this one was also delivered in Gao) but the impression on this work has changed, well the evaluation is "bad" .

2011/06/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11085 Host:11256 Browser: 9831
It is a live-action work of a fantasy novel original which has become a standard nowadays, such as "Narnia's narrative" or "Lord of the Rings of the Rings", a part of adventure fantasy acting girls experiencing girls can notice with advance notice However, when opening the lid, the development of the work is harder to understand than the Narnia which was rough and easy to read, and even if it is made into an action it is not much clogged up, and in content it is monotonous like Narnia It did not become too much style though, but it was not as much as emphasis on the vivid reality due to the character's psyche and grand drama nature as much as Lord of the Za ring. Lila and Polar bear, and Mrs. Coulter just like being good, it is feeling that there was no thing that could only pay attention to it. If it was the same girl hero, I can not believe that there were no other good subjects.

It seems to be a trilogy, so it seems to be a contrivance to make such content, but although I was unread original, I did not think that it was very interesting, and I think that Hollywood's CG too much overutilized work was a litco. Actually, a child actor, Nicole, Kidman, etc had a good fight but it was only ended, even if it was an action, it is not as easy to understand as Narnia, It is not a translation of making it not to rely on it. And Yuka, trying to take these two copies of Ito Koko, it seems that it was a work that seems to have been mossed without going well. And even with the works of those who worked on those works, there is no impression that it could be used in this work.

Although it seems that it costed a considerable production cost, but with such production expenses, if the content is this degree ... and so on, it may have been influenced by Japan's recent popular Moe pretty girl, It seems that this work was chosen as a theme to reproduce such a girls hero's painful adventure active thing thing, but it may be that it did not like Japan, (in other words, I do not think that is good).

Dubbing the lyre in this dubbed version was Tsundere Rie Kugimiya Rie, but somehow, in that sense I also received the impression like the live-action version Hollywood Channa. However, regardless of animation, it seems that the dubbing performance in a foreign movie was not good, and I think that it was chosen as a dubbed voice actor in Shana 's nori in the meaning of a bullish little girl hero, but it was used in such a story It seems like it seems like it has become a foreign movie for Kinomiya fans.

However, although Kugimiya is out, there is no difference that this film was not interesting movie though.

2011/04/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17096 Host:17212 Browser: 7132
[good point]
The picture is beautiful.
A girl with a leading character is good.

[Bad point]
Deployment is coarse.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Impression that it is one of common fantasy movies.
The impression that "It is also this" also in that the description is too crowded and the description of the characters is insufficient or development is too early.
Although I understand that it is necessary to draw a story of some kind even though it is the introduction, I do not think that I would like to see the sequel by this.
I do not understand enough terms so it is hard to understand.
Just because it seemed to be something interesting, the degree of disappointment was great.

2010/12/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11592 Host:11831 Browser: 10416
Even when I am doing at a movie theater, even if I am borrowed on a DVD, I did not feel like borrowing this movie. When I did it on television, I think I understand why.
Just being confused even if this series of unique terms of the world view is repeated. When I was watching a movie, the animals who talked about Dimon were all the same as human beings, and it turned out that Daimon would die if human beings died. Other than that, what exactly is it is unknown.
It is beautiful to say that beautiful images are also using CG a lot, but it is only stopping at "that much" that tends to be the latest Hollywood.
The battle scenes in which different races collaborate, there is no fun to fight such other battle with others, there is no fun because there is no idea how to show battle. The battle that everyone is crying while playing gag gear suffers with Narnia.
SF, but let's make more impact like "Star Wars" and "Transformers". I think that it was still interesting if the battle where a certain degree of realism is felt like the history warfare like "Lord of the Rings of the Ring".
After all, this movie is a dishonest work that was made in the most common way and could not escape from there. I do not say that "Our adventure is about to come" in a way that is not bad, but in this movie it is completely indigestion. I was watching while laughing with laughter.
Because it was enough for killing time, I will make it "ordinary" close to "bad".

2009/04/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27677 Host:27816 Browser: 6321
As I was talking about, I watched it, but it is a comment that it was extremely boring among fantasy objects of the same line.
I think the overall atmosphere is nice, I think that the way of opening the opening stage is also good.
However, after going out, it messed up and I did not understand what it was. (I understand the story, but ...)
It is not costly - it was only an image at once.
Later, wasteful use of Nicole Kidman.

2009/04/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 4926
In recent years, due to the improvement of CG technology, fantasy works that talked about its beauty came to appear about once a year (as it is often advertised in a juvenile magazine).
This work is a "Snow Queen" royal road expansion that a victorious girl goes back with the boy taken away The stage background is a mixture of the real world and the fantasy world or a link like that
Is it close to the 'never ending. Story' or 'Labyrinth' in the 1980's?
Although it is the first work of the trilogy, as for the comprehensive evaluation it can not be said at the moment at the moment,
It was an impression of a degree not possible. Evaluation is "normal".

2009/04/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4926 Host:4780 Browser: 4184
Philip Pullman original movie novel into a movie. The first part of the trilogy.
The image is quite fantastic but exciting with a medieval atmosphere and future design. There is no sense of incongruity since CG blends into fantastic without disgust.
However, the story has been advanced quickly on the whole, and the impression that it ended as indigestion remains strong. Although it is sometimes referred to as a trilogy introduction, in addition to the lack of explanation of the setting, the introduction of the characters and the occurrence and resolution of the incident are carried out rapidly, so it is impossible to feel empathy and can not transfer emotions. It feels like I'm showing a full length drama collection. It is only the characters of Bellaqua (Dakota Blue Richards) and Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman) who remain strongly impressed even though there are many characters. Although there are many turns for armor bear 's Iolec, there is nothing like eye catching. Because there is only the minimum conversation necessary for the development of the story, each emotion is almost invisible. This feeling of shortage is fatal as a spectacular work. There is also no excitement about the scene using the compass, but it is merely treated lightly as a tool of the investigation object and there is no interest.
Although it is easy to understand, it is a work that seems to have cut off the overall interest.

2009/02/14 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31925 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Anyway it is a one-scene one-scene explanation or technical term, there are too many words (setting, place names etc).
Since there are many explanations of the setting, it is convenient, so I will also enter a description of how to match it. (Scenes to be brought in a 1: 1 confrontation of a bear, etc.)
It explains the expansion by explanation.
The content is shallow and lacks excitement on the image surface. The confrontation of the bear was easy as well.
Some scenes do not seem to be meaningful as there are too many explanations that do not understand the setting or the wake which is not told by only the first talk.
The connection is bad and there is only the scene and the scene, the bear 's past and the story which kidnapped kid and all are light taste.
If only inside this story I have to make the content deepen where I abducted my child.
Because the content is thin, you can not sense the meaning of the abduction itself. I just keep a scene.
That's why I just stroked the hints, just finished setting and showed no clarity.
Even if there is a sequel, we must settle the story somewhere in the story.
I did not know how my father had been, and I was left behind all the time, so I wonder if it was better to bring the scene where my father is caught to the last one.
Although explanation was many, wonder and tempo are good and the axis of the story itself is good.
The character of a strong girl was also good, but I think that this was not too impressive and there was a better way of cooking.
Every one is truly regrettable.
The back part was not shown too much, and the spectacular (in content only in this story) did not have it now.

2008/05/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24194 Host:24076 Browser: 4184
Animal-type movies are quite funny !!!
This is one of them. Iorek and such awesome cool!
But I'm pretty cute ... I like bears, I guess ....
Daimon's idea is good. I am the one who is the same !!!
It was good that the fight between Iorek and the other bear was impressive. "That's it! This is the end !!!" or the best !!

But the number of animals is smaller than Narnia's narrative ....

But I was able to enjoy it quite well, so the evaluation is "good".

2008/02/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 5773
I watched it in the preliminary screening yesterday.
Every year a fantasy epic blockade is always made, and this year it is the best if this movie is said on the scale scale.

The feeling of expectation was felt somewhat on the magnificent scale saying New Cinema Line company which worked on Road. Of the Ring and total production cost 25 billion yen.
It consists of trilogy and this is the prologue work.
A real world, a world view made up of parallel worlds is the stage.
The story of a parallel world where the main character lives now is the story of the parallel world, the next work is a real world, and the last is a configuration which moves to the world set on both.

In a nutshell it's safe and funny movie ....
Although I have not seen the original, as long as I see the content it is definitely a movie for children.
If anything it's more like a Harry Potter color than a ring story.
It is conveniently made, for example, that the production of no blood at all or the story goes well enough.
Work that can be seen with confidence at such a point.

The view of the world is unique as other fantasy, and it is represented by words such as Dymon (guardian spirit) and dust.
In this world of guardian spirit and one co-centimeter, if you say one die, you say that you die as well, it is like setting where you saw, but the detailed description and the existence of dust which is the key to say in the movie is drawn in detail Not.
In that sense, it is this work that can be said prologue, what kind of world view is it?
What is the relationship between the golden compass and Lyra?
I just expanded the wrapping clip that will connect to the next round.

[good point]
As a protagonist of a fantasy movie, the point of saying a bullish girl is privately a good impression.
There are scenes that are active and exciting, but I always feel that there is strength to intend to help my friends want to advance one step ahead.
Because there is nothing raised from parents by orphans, because there is strong ties with similar friends, because they grew up freely, there is one side that seems to be tranquil.
Will it become a catalyst to grow by knowing the real power of the future from now on?
Well, it is good that there is strength and courage that no other fantasy protagonists have.

Just a hero is good, but the character that comes out elsewhere does not feel attractive at all.
Although the cute animals that come out are okay, but the story itself has not been told yet because the story itself is part of the trilogy work, and the characters that come out are not being talked deeply yet so it can not be said anything It is an honest story to say.

The armor bear 's Ileok is hot as he says.
It has a hot samurai spirit while being a polar bear, it is a big success.
While swirling the big body, it is good to have a charm somewhere.
Somehow, strangely a shooting star galaxy came into my mind ....

Speaking of another thing, Nicole Kidman 's intimidation feeling is fossil.
It is a great relationship with the story.
There is only a big actress and its presence is amazing.

[Bad point]
Despite the cost of 25 billion yen in production cost, there was no scenes that made it a point of entering the market.
No, the battle scenes with the head of Ileok and the witch ... The last scene fought by Ileok, Gypsyan is a masterpiece, but it makes me feel quite salty.
Speaking of scale, Road of obscene rings are overwhelming.
The point that it is within 2 hours while paying as much money as Dawn is amazing in this plain again.
It is a sense that the story goes smoothly and quickly and it is over before the end.

[Overall evaluation]
I like fantasy like the ring story and Harry Pota, but I am not good at seeing for a long time ....
It may be a fantasy movie you can recommend to say. (About 115 minutes)
It is regrettable that there is no point to say that this is charm !! It's a movie that can be enjoyed safely.
There are a lot of scenes that are becoming bad digests as it is a trilogy whose sequel has already been decided.
It was a work saying that it was another one as a bargain.