[Movie]Hearts in Atlantis

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Movie rank of 2002 Rank 42in 121 titles
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Scott Hicks
William Goldman
Stephen King
Bruce Berman Michael Flynn
Mychael Danna
Piotr Sobocinski Allen Daviau Emmanuel Lubezki
Warner Bros
Anthony Hopkins Saka Osamu
Anton Yelchin Megumi Tano
David Morse Takaya Hashi
Mika Boorem Tomoko Kawakami
Hope Davis Takako Fuji
Will Rothhaar Mitsuki Saiga
Alan Tudyk
Tom Bower
Celia Weston
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Japan Released:2002/05/18(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2001/09/28
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2012/12/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
〓〓〓nthony, Hopkins will still perform nice. I think that it was quite a sneaky role, such as acting as a useless adult and meditating like a missing expression.
I also think that acting of children 's actors was also very good. Anton who played childhood Bobby, Mika who played Carroll, Mika, Bolem, etc. It was quite impressive with a childish acting without lies.
〓〓〓he story is a work that often depicts "friendship between people who are away from the year" and "enjoyment of childhood that will be lost when becoming an adult", but the shadows and mothers of gradually creeping black clothes Collection of hints was quite nice, such as the feud with, and Ted and Bobby interaction were also polite, the foundation of the story was pretty solid.

[Bad point]
- Although the way of spinning the story is skillful, there is a considerable gap in the tempo which is relaxed as well as in the midfield with a little difficult ant, and the sudden rushing condition in the final stage has a considerable gap, germination of super powers at the festival and Ted's Elements that were not revealed, such as meditation, are also thriller.
〓〓〓he bad mother has passed away for a moment ...... Although it is also a poor person at the time, coupled with the fact that the incident itself suddenly suddenly, I think that it is difficult to convince the settlement in the last.
Beating at the end of the race The matter of rape (?) Is pretty abrupt. Impression that at the same time it happens to be strangely dramatic and somehow. Was it better after stepping on a bit more?
〓〓〓ven though the setting of super powers was not revealed so much, although it was kept alive with chitin in the work, the impression which was floating from the nostalgic atmosphere of the story is strong. Perhaps, I think that it was more floating if it was not Anthony that I played.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Stephen. King original, interaction between elderly with super power and innocent children and human drama depicting youth. As close as there is "New Cinema Paradise", Taste seems to be King's original.

Anyhow Anthony Hopkins plays Ted's presence is great. It was functioning nicely in the youth 's story of children.
It can not be said that we have just digested all the elements. There are also mismatches between the nostalgic of the foundation and the setting of super powers, but there are the existence of a boy who was bullying mothers, Bidermann, Carol, etc (such as name forgotten ...) and there is also a sudden development of the final stage, and a little to impress I feel like a lack of depiction.
Originally it is because it is composed of five medium short stories, because in the movie only two of them are drawn, I can not wipe things unsatisfactory.

Despite a certain level of satisfaction, it was a story that has never been felt for impression. Anthony, King fans think that it is worth watching.
Evaluation is "good".

2012/12/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
Atmosphere of American countryside town reproduced in the middle of the 20th century.
Because the modern part enters at the beginning and the last, it stands out extra.

[Bad point]
It is a pity that Harrison who became Bobby's homecoming cutout ceased to appear in the second half of the boyhood part.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is no other idea that the boy who grew up in a mother's family and the elderly who exiled by refusing to use the superpowers for government agencies exchanges it (at least once, praise) The setting is definitely Steven.

There is a scene where his telepathic insight propagates while the main character Bobby gets close to Ted,
This indicates that there is a difference in personal qualities, indicating that things that are necessary for supernatural power are the titles "Faith in the world of fantasy" (= I was able to listen to him seriously) It is.
Without the trust in the Force, regardless of the qualities at Star Wars,
Is it the same as not being able to fully demonstrate it and handle it?

And the representative of adults who have painted in reality is mother Liz.
I will take care of myself by lying or turn the eyes of suspicion towards others,
I have to defend a family of one mother alone, and she is still young and beautiful, so I do not even understand that I want to enjoy my youth, and Bobby will see such a mother again and again.
That is why he forgave his mother who taught Ted.
To protect the purity of the heart I believe I have taught from an old friend.

It was a human drama by the story & character that made use of the superior ability well utilized.

2012/08/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7294
"Time is old-fashioned cotton By B. John s"

Director Scott Hicks. S. King of the original is "Green Mile", "Stand by Buy Me."
Anthony of "the silence of the lambs" starring Hopkins.
Inside straight.
The lost horizon
Two-city story

There is such a playing cards.
I feel a meaningful character, content that makes me feel the admiration for the days passed, and the likelihood of King original.
Commercially, the King original work has succeeded in human beings, but after all the horror is more interesting.
I peep at "mist".

If you like this work, "Angel without face" is recommended something.