[Movie]Eaten Alive

G(For all ages)
  • Scareful
  • Shocked
Movie total pnts rank Rank 3,520in 5,199 titlesTotal 0 / Deviation 47.67
Movie rank of 1976 Rank 27in 37 titles
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Mardi Rustam
Tobe Hooper Alvin L. Fast Kim Henkel) Wayne Bell
Robert Caramico
Michael Brown
Nihon Helarud Eiga
Neville Brand Chikao Otsuka
Mel Ferrer、 Minoru Uchida
Stuart Whitman Katsuhiko Kobayashi
Marilyn Burns Hiroko Suzuki
William Finley Kan Tokumaru
Kyle Richards Masako Sugaya
Robert Englund Hiroya Ishimaru
Christine Schneider Sato Yumiko
Carolyn Jones Kazuko Imai
Roberta Collins Keiko Han
Betty Cole Tomie Kataoka
Janus Blythe Rumiko Ukai
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Japan Released:1976/12/25(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1977/05
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2017/04/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3936 Host:4044 Browser: 5171
Tobey decorating a brilliant debut with a masterpiece of devil "Satan ni Koe ni" Horror movie produced by Hooper invited to Hollywood.
In addition to the catchy singing phrase "set a serial murder case that actually occurred as a motif", Robert. "Freddie Kruger" at a young age Robert. England and Winslow. Reach William. Finlay to the cast team There is topicality such as having a lot of names, but ....

"Hotel is like a bad guy" that a shopkeeper who runs a poor abarasa ryokan, whose name is a nostalgic nostalgic ryokan, keeps crime repeated as a crocodile breeding breeder who handles guests and disturbing persons. Although the story develops under a simple plot, the fact that ambiguous criminal motives and backgrounds even in the same "Kyu guy criminal" system was linked to "Increased fear of absurdity", "bad thing" Unlike the shopkeeper of this work murmy everywhere, the backbone that the screw of the head blown away due to "war" from the incoherent behavior makes me feel a bit of pity.
This shopkeeper omake this shop owner, everyone in the home ground where it is supposed to be knowing everything inside a crowded inn as it is too bad to be able to secure one young lady, so a dummy ticket that does not seem to be a "bad crime" rather than invites a laugh It is a chacon. Shut up the detained mother, follow the young woman who ran away to the eaves, or even staying at your disposal and adding Tenchu 〓〓〓〓〓o the fun Bakapuri ... Killing everything with killing, depressed stewards who stepped down the groundwork The figure is perfectly a region of gag w The bad "Leather face" bites quite a bit too, but it was too funny to laugh at running fish ....

The shop owner's character was standing too much for good or bad, and the crucial crocodile was reluctant to "a tool for destroying evidence", or a sheriff sheriff like a hero eventually did not get involved in the main line and there was no meaningless existence at the bar The tempo has become distracted due to the spending of unnecessary scenes, such as slapsticks or changing clothes of unnecessarily long heroines ... The director's consciousness of being a "commercial movie", but rather the Director Huper I did not feel like I'm cutting the power of it.

On the other hand, it is not a matter of fear that coloring design which gives atmosphere like 'haunted houses' by unlikely lighting, taking the fact that it is "set shooting" adversely, unstable melody gained The main thing that pushes up the main theme The excellent excitement of the theme, "Kya Guy Frequency" has a scene that draws a lot of eyes, such as the gang of the Hetaree actor who plays the Finnie who showed enough of the shooter to surpass even the shop owner Well, though. Evaluationally it is like "normal".

It is the cause of the death of a monkey kept at the shop that you can not understand what you return. Should it usually be interpreted that "the crocodile was excessively overwhelming, a shocked death" ...?