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Stanley Kubrick
Jan Harlan
J.B. Abajian
Tom Cruise
Sydney Pollack
Todd Field
Alan Cumming
Thomas Gibson
Rade Serbedzija
Leelee Sobieski
Vinessa Shaw
Japan Released:1999/07/31(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1999/07/16
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2014/01/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8210 Host:8637 Browser: 5143
Several years ago, DVD purchase (haha) expecting a scary scene.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Stanley. It is a remains work of Kubrick, and since the director confidence is not so well evaluated, it is treated as an ordinary work, but personally it was very interesting.

A hero who is successful as a doctor suspects his wife's infidelity, his wife is looking at suspicion towards the hero, a couple relationship that is likely to collapse. Such a hero goes into a masked party of a mystery ... ....

Interestingly thrilling is that the hero is wandering around the borderline between moral and amalgam. It approaches one step before cheating and approaches one step before it can drown in peculiar pleasures at a secret party, it is saved by one step before being aimed at life, and the shadow of death comes out from one corner of the intersection when walking in town.

What happened if I had crossed the border between moral and amalgamas can be a glimpse in the second half of the movie. Which is safe and which is out is not consistent, and it is told fragments that things that you could see through in the end were unreasonable gambling.
The hero is toppled between moral (reason) and americ (desire) and suffers. There is an unreal world right next to the everyday of the hero and it is noticed that it was a dangerous thing to even be a double choice whether to live or die. Where was the something that the hero wanted?


In terms of image, I am surprised by accurate photography technology. The street scene of the town passes by the camera, each streetlight as if it is just like CG, it is reflected at the calculated angle of view, and even a trivial scene becomes a meaningful scene. Actually deep meaning may be lurking as a metaphor. Coupled with the feelings of the hero wandering around the boundary line, there is a sense of tension that the metaphor (or the other side of the boundary line) is lurking in some quiet city scenery.

It is Tom, the expression of a half laugh of cruise, that messes that tension at times. When I'm in trouble, the act of laughing smile is not in agreement with the sense of tension of the work, leaving a strange sense of incongruity.
Nicole's role of wife Nicole Kidman also has a bad expression all through the story, which is to say that the filming of this movie was harsh, but as a performance I just made the lines wastefully difficult.
Although there were only two big actors who can receive offer of such movies, it seems that it was not the role that they could play for the two who were couples at the time.

Although there are a few scanty scenes, on the whole it is "a philosophical drama of a man who was touched by jealousy and desire", jealousy and desire are also things that can not be relaxed if it is a man, Because it is also possible that it may seem to have fallen to the side, sooner or later, "the hero who wanders at the boundary line" will be falling asleep to either.
For a man, it is natural to think that "even if this scrub is a bit handy ...", in this movie the losing level losing a life is somewhat missing, and it is impossible to see through in advance.

Also, the detailed setting in the movie is not spoken in the dialogue, it is in the form of leaving it to imagination. Naturally, however, if you investigate "that mask is from anywhere ..." and so on, it will be lost. Distribution which does not speak too much is also excellent.

The thrilling and mysterious drama to the wonderful image beauty is very highly completed, but it is not unusual for the performance acting that the two leading actors are not acting minus.

2012/05/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10195 Host:10288 Browser: 13175
[good point]
On the west side that all marvelous business is illegal (other than Nevada) is a unique country, works only in America. In a society that killed the pleasure of sexual acts from the "front side of society" it became a sociological study that such things appear in shocking. In manners heaven, Japan is difficult to understand.

[Bad point]
As usual I am concerned about the next development Kubrick who is incredibly poor at making a good thriller with a good tempo. It was pretty boring. The more you use boring time to contemplate the theme, the theme is not deep.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2011/08/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7291
Stanley Kubrick's director's work became an impression.
You can see Kubrick's light usage and sexual depiction. Descriptions of the gangbang bar tea felt the first time that he had such a splendid spirit, but I thought that it was a story-like mediocrity other than that.
It seems that the shooting period was long enough to be the Guinness record, but I wonder if the contents did not match that length.

2008/02/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 5773
Stanley. Work that has become a remains of Kubrick.
Also a work that became a topic due to Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise who appeared at that time as a couple.

It is regrettable that it became a remains work, but the honest content itself might not match my sensitivity.
Is this the theme of love and sex ....
Kubrick-like sensibility such as making two people appear in the role of couple and making pursuit of beauty and making pursuit of beauty has come out with a lot in order to produce reality.
Just about contents, is it okay?

In short, it is exagestated. It is not a matter to bother to adventure by taking risks and thrills.
In the end I felt crawl on it, ya ~ metato ....
It is unity to take such inexplicable actions in humans who are satisfied with everything ....
It is said that love can not be bought with money, but there is no way to arrive at that idea.
Honestly feeling bad about that party ... Beauty may have existed But what do you think about this kind of hobby music Ordinary people have a world view that can not be understood.
I do not know what I wanted to tell you after all.
As the director I was making with my sensibility and sense mostly (my skill is amazing, though) I felt that such a message was planted, but I was useless as a theme.
In addition, what is the meaning of the title as it is on the cover?