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Don Siegel
Robert Daley
Richard Tuggle
Bruce Surtees
Jerry Fielding
Ferris Webster
Kaneda Fumio
CLINT EASTWOOD Patrick McGooha Roberts Blossom
Fred Ward Larry Hankin Danny Glover
Japan Released:1979/12/22(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1979/06/22
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2015/05/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
A real stories based jail escape play.
It would be unsatisfactory for those who expect entertainment like "Great Escape"
BGM is also rarely used until the time we leave the remote island and the entrance of the last room and intentionally realize that directing is restrained with emphasis on reality.

By clinching Eastwood here as the main clip here, the image of "a lone war against the regime" established in the "dirty. Harry" series is well prominent.
If he himself oversees himself, he will take reins as he wants to put unnecessary entanglement with the girl ....

Although it will be dubbed again, Lupine. Zenigata. Evaluation is "good".

2013/12/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 14102
Because it is based on the true story, the viewer will see the work whose talk is known.
This is one of the drawbacks of this work.

The story begins where Morris is imprisoned in Alcatraz.

First of all, it is attracting attention from the director at an early stage, the batting in the adjacent cell which can be attributed to Wolf, the black staff in the library,
Old prisoners, painting doctors, brothers Anglin, people surrounding Morris.

Jailbreak of Morris started with a notch that saw the cockroaches to leave their cells from the vent holes, start drilling holes in the vent holes by damping nail clippers and spoons,
Working with ventilation holes to hide holes, other prisoners watch for watch, monitor the actions of guards with a mirror, ask them to build their own dummies and put them on the bed,
Morris proceeding with paying close attention to not being able to be directed by the director ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0
I left the flower of chrysanthemum and handed over guidance to Alcatraz I was able to see the producer's sense even in the tapestry last.

The point pointed out at the beginning sounded, so the evaluation is "good".

2012/10/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32746 Host:32807 Browser: 4895
[good point]
The feeling of blockage of Alcatraz.
Kire 's feeling of the head of the hero unexpectedly beaten.

[Bad point]
I did not say this ... but ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I seem to have known well-known works so I watched it the other day.
The story is simple and straightforward. Clint, a jailbreak play of the main character 's main character, dressed as East wood. It uses about that content for about two hours and is attracted to the atmosphere of Alcatraz and bargaining with guards.
First, I was surprised by the wisdom of the hero, beginning with the way to overcome metal detection. Well, well, it's something that comes up one after another ... ....

It is a tense jailbreak drama throughout all the time, so maybe you will be bothered by a strange tiredness feeling when you finish watching. But it is a work that makes you think so if you think that it is about making it to concentrate on the screen so that it will be so, it will take a while to see it. However, as expected 2 hours was too long ......;

Personally interesting was the presence of Wolf. Wolf who only fails trying to kill the hero while it is kept being made to be healed by the protagonists who are planning jailbreak and acting under the water is strangely funny. (I am well aware that it does not make me laugh, but ... .... ^^;)

After that, it is contrast with English and Bats and Morris. Brothers in Anglin.
The strength of Morris and Anglin 's obsession with jailbreak is transmitted, but they have no motivation to want to go out.
On the other hand, English and Bats are clearly revealed the motives for families to visit and jailbreak. However, these two did not jailbreak, brothers Morris and Anglin who actually jailbreaked ...... There is something that makes me think a little about this area.

And this time, I was glad that I personally was aware of the goodness of Clint Eastwood. Previously, when I saw that Clint appeared in another work, I was wondering "I can not seem to act so much that I can not see it", but when I saw this work I noticed my mistake in mistakes It was done.
Before acting and saying this person, atmosphere is amazing. I felt that he contributed greatly to this atmosphere alone by making this atmosphere. I also felt that the work that this person lived is limited to nature, but people who taste so far may be unusual when going out to fit.

2006/12/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11512 Host:11647 Browser: 5234
Although it is a masterpiece of jailbreak thing, content is overflowing with tension, the character of Eastwood glows, the obsession of betrayal on jailbreak and continuous tense scene were interesting work.
I think that the interestingness of these works is influenced by Takakura Ken's "Abashiri-no-kuni outside area" of Japan, etc. Also the work such as late Yoshimura's "Jailbreak" is full of tension and this kind of work is not Even in response, it gets excited.

Violence against prisoners of prison officers has become problematic recently in prison, but even if the boss director character is in such a place and has Matmoic thought, like this It makes me think that it will change. Anyway, nowadays it is hard to live, even if you have Matumo thought, it is a world that is hard to live, and in that sense it is an unforgettable character. (It is a pattern that most directors and prison officials are made a sadistic villain by such a jailbreak.

In the dubbed version, the bad referee 's black librarian prisoner was Kiyoshi Kobayashi and the director was Goro Naya, so combined with Eastwood Yasuda Yasuo, the combination of Lupine, dimension, Zenigei was interesting, It would have been a lot. In the end I was sorry for a neighbor who was unable to jail, who could not jail, and a model prisoner who took up paintings and paintings and killed himself.

However, these works have not been created recently, and most of all, as of this day when the crime has increased, these works can not be created today, and recently crime has not occurred regardless of age or sex like a daily I feel the coldness of contemporary air somewhat when I am awake.

Will there ever be a time like this where entertainment things are created?

2006/10/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12634 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
An escape movie from Alcatraz jail that was said to be unable to escape.
The story goes frantically, but I feel a sense of tension very much In this way, my heart keeps going back.
There is quite a sense of fulfillment when I finish watching until the end.

2005/08/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23439 Host:23373 Browser: 5234
Three prisoners successfully escaped from Alcatraz, a detention island prison camp which is considered to be impossible to escape in 1960.
Despite a massive search for a year, three people did not know where to go. A work that made this historical fact faithfully a movie. Clint: It is okay for Eastwood 's acting to be splashed. Story development is also good,
I skillfully use shots that birds-eye over prisons and I am working out the realism of escape well.

2005/05/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33255 Browser: 5978
This work is a story of a prisoner trying to escape from Alcatraz prison that is said to be unable to escape.
It is unknown why the man of the hero who plays Eastwood got caught, but obsession with escape is considerable.

However, the director was an insanely disgusting guy. When a prisoner of a hobby who draws a picture was present, when he realized that he was painting his own picture, I immediately stopped it.
A pathetic prisoner cuts his finger so much in despair .... It is a terrible story.

The method of getting the metal pieces used to dig a hole for jailbreak was also nice. Prepare a metal that will become a decoy beforehand and get caught on a metal detector on purpose.
Well, I throw it away in front of the guards, and I will take the metal pieces of the favorably back to my own prison.

I was nice.