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James Edward Barker
Danny Dyer Craig Fairbrass Colin Salmon Sean Pertwee Shane Taylor Alistair Petrie
Outside Japan :Released:2010/10/11
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2015/05/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15194 Browser: 7857
* Since it posted to the evaluation version of the movie whose titles were similar by mistake, it is new.

Although I saw it in Gao, 30,000 people, clinical trial subjects went crazy.It was a piece of panic movie that zombies and hit people, but the zombies were pretty easy. Because I tried to triangular jump,
It probably was as a performance.

The snowy scenery of the last stage was somewhat felt like emptiness feeling and sadness, and there was a unique atmosphere, but were those about which they got the eye out? In the meantime, the drama such as "a woman" who grabbed the key of the situation, a savage couple who joined in the middle, a certain man who was a policeman, etc. was also interchanged, but the script was mediocre. It was not such a wonderful empathy. The actors are not particularly miscast,
People in the role of the protagonists were serious acts such as "This guy would do something about" Aura.

The fight against zombies and others, for some reason Tonkachi was the main weapon, as it was thought as it was,
Did not you deny that it was shabby again? There was not a sense of tension or excitement such as what will happen to the next development, but it seems that it is a low budget production, and the attitude that was working as it was transmitted. I think that you can enjoy so much if you do not expect too much.
Evaluation is "normal" on the "good" side.

2015/04/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17658 Host:17502 Browser: 5779
Since "Dawn of the Dead", many zombie-type works have been born and this work is also one example

Subjects became zombies due to side effects of new drugs,
In the process of escaping along with one person with immunity, the main members retire one after another,
It was a work of trend.

I think that the atmosphere was as good as it was,
After zombie formation, it seems that the setting that the physical ability jumps up so that the triangular kick is eaten is pretty useless,
Although there were quite a lot of moving scenes, there are few cases to encounter zombies,
In addition, consecutive drama between humans have reduced the attack scene.

Because we made the opponent too strong, it makes it difficult to describe the battle on the contrary ... handling of the danish zombie is difficult.

Rating: bad