[Movie]Comrades: Almost a Love Story

Other media: Drama:Love Song
Movie total pnts rank Rank 1,840in 5,395 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 48.99
Movie rank of 1998 Rank 44in 88 titles
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Peter Chan Hoh-San
Raymond Chow Man-Wai
Ivy Ho
Leon Lay
Eric Tsang
Christopher Doyle
Teresa Teng
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Japan Released:1998/02/07(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1996
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2009/06/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The original title of this work is taken from the hit song of "Teresa Honey", Teresa Ten, but as it is, in this work, Teresa Ten is playing an important theme.
Reiki who is ambitious and intends to become a Hong Kong person while being from the same continent with Siu Kwan who came to Hong Kong from Tianjin. In this work, the composition of Hong Kong = Urban, Continent = Country comes out a lot, but the impression among the episodes was the scene that failed to sell Teresa Ten's cassette at the stalls. In Hong Kong at the time of the 1980s, it was interesting to say that he liked Teresa Ten, it was a tendency to be felt by being a continental person. This kind of thing will not be told first in Japan.
The story never drew two people's romantic love. In Shiqwan there is a lover left in Tianjin, suffering between her and Reikiu, while Reiki is also attracted to Siu Kwan, she chooses her life with a yakuza's boss for ambition and debt. Both of us, while passing each other, will make their own decisions in their own way and will survive strongly. However, it is Reiki for Siu Kwan that is sustained somewhere in the heart, it is also Sikwan for Reiki.
Although it depicts the course of the years over 10 years, the exact balance balance that the first half is slowly folded and the second half folds at a stretch is taken naturally without getting bored at all in a way to draw it. Also, I thought that how to use props was also good. Teresa Ten, as well as ATM of the bank, bicycle, William. Holden, Mickey Mouse tattoo ...
In addition, a lot of encounters and parting are drawn in the play. English teacher and girlfriend of Siuqwan, Oyaji of Chinese restaurant working at Siu Kwan, Pau of Yakuza's boss and characters other than the leading characters came to Hong Kong from various countries and will soon travel again. I think that the encounter and parting is swirling at any time, I think that it expresses the nature of the city of Hong Kong superbly.
The scenes where Reiki and Siu Kwan who lived their lives in the last, New York, are reunited with the news of Teresa Ten's sudden death triggered reunion just by seeing the same direction is symbolic. And the scene from the beginning of the train arriving in Hong Kong will be refrained. Then I will pass along and Rei Kiwan ... I thought that no matter how estranged it is, the message that the edges surely have contacts somewhere in my life.