[Movie]Class of Nuke 'Em High

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Lloyd Kaufman Michael Herz
Japan Released:1987/08/08(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1986/12/12
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2005/06/01 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22732 Host:22546 Browser: 3874
I did not see the poison poison high school itself, so I just added a comment.
The poisonous monster series is okay with it. I mean Tromma movies.
Well, well, it's erotic and grossly unlikely to be a movie, but its vitality and stimulation of acupuncture points for hatchery hatching are stimulated.

Needless to say, Troma movies are easy to find because they can be titled "poison of devil" in the title.
It can not be said that one out of 100 people, but it seems that one in 1000 people likes you. ... No, I wonder ...?

2004/07/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37218 Host:37058 Browser: 3646
At the "Tromavir Nuclear Power Plant", a solution of drums packed with nuclear waste contaminated by radioactivity generated during the process of getting power leaked out and polluted the high school just 400 meters away. Student Dewey of a high school high school student who seemed serious and smart but seemed to be weak but apparently drinking water from a tap water in a school building contaminated by nuclear waste,
Immediately after the start of the evacuation drills, the body suddenly trembled and emanating a terrible squirrel while spitting out a green liquid (nuclear waste?) From the mouth, falling through the classroom window in a state of convulsion, falling as it is I was surprised to suddenly showed me that he was going to turn into a figure that I could not see. The tension rises from the beginning, is not this movie ..............
Because of the incident that the high school student died, a lot of staff of the power station wearing protective clothes from "Tromavir Nuclear Power Plant" come for a lot of investigations, but the power plant of the fat mass who covered the blue helmet The director,
"The high school student who committed suicide and the power plant in our place are irrelevant!"
I was completely stung. Well this irresponsible person, is this guy. Nuclear waste leaking from nuclear power plants, however, steadily eaten high school students. Especially influenced as honor students, students who were decent until half a year ago turned into punk groups that were completely squatted up to pressing selling of dangerous plants that cause class interruption and various violent acts, eventually intense hallucination symptoms Turn off and do it .......... That icecle is not half stuff again.
During the class, however, ordinary students were crawling like chewing elementary school students ... ......... as if totally,
It seems to be a public school in some country!?
One bad staff member of a nuclear power plant wearing protective clothing sold dangerous plants causing hallucinogenic symptoms in high school punk group, which were cultivated with radiation activity and ordinary It was not a substitute. The punk group named the dangerous plants he got from him "Atomic. High" and selling the substitute that made it into a cigar to high school students for $ 10 a piece. When a student who has been forcibly bought sucks a couple of friends Warren and Clichy at a noisy party at night, they will have a dream of inflating the body abnormally as a result of intense hallucination symptoms. At first, Warren seemed to be happy somewhat? I was suffering when the chest muscles started to swell. Warren's girlfriend, Clichy, was so creepy that his belly bulged out and an unknown creatures cut through the skin from his belly.
After all they two suffered from the physical abnormality even after waking up from a nightmare .........................
On the next day, the leader of the example punk group Spike dyed his hands as usual, such as fooling a lady who passed with one of the members to rob the baggage. However, I wonder if it took the trouble to snatch baggage and needed acting that suffered from convulsive seizures and crouched down at the roadside ... .................. ... ....
It was an extraordinary spike that hurts a lady with joy even after taking baggage.
However, Warren was attacked by two members of the punk group who worked wrongly as a result of appearance! Actually Warren at this time sucked the ingredient of the cigar "Atomic. High" that caused the hallucination symptoms. The body became a monster The personality was also becoming ferocious with the extraordinary strength being unusual. Two members of the punk group who have been breathed out quickly after being touched.
Warren attacked the spike, but life was saved. But Warren had no memory of monsterization, when I woke up lying on my bed in the room .... On the other hand, Clichy's strangeness also got sick and ran into the toilet while practicing cheerleaders However, it spits out a creepy creature from the mouth and fainting on the spot of the shock as it is. And it was taken to the hospital as it was. Ecstatic creatures exhaled from Clichy's mouth fall through a sewer pipe into a drum canister that stores nuclear waste and then become a monster again there and wear protective clothing and a gas mask for inspection and wander through the school building It attacks the staff of the nuclear power plant which had been doing! Although it is already incompatible story development somewhat, it is good that you stick to such stupidity.
The punk group got dropped out after overdue of misdeeds, grudging it, thrusting it to the principal's office of the high school, confining the principal and threatening to throw a warning on the school broadcast without permission to make the students evacuate to the outside of the school building And Clichy and others looking for her Warren rushing into the school building which was almost unmanned by the motorcycle and randomly raging it but the growing monster attacked members of the bad punk group and turned into panic. The leader of the punk group.Warren who rescued Clissy of a lover who was captured in the spike as a hostage by being a monster swayed by a monster sway is hitting a monster with a high power laser beam which was developed for research but the monster is still complete It was not dying to me ................... This punch is over with a punch.
Although it is a B class movie made with low budget, is not it fun to enjoy !?
After all the scene at the beginning, the scene where Dewey's breath came out with agony was the most impact.